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If you have brains you don’t have to wait for three months to get well. Just read attentively for 1 hour. Stop being fooled by pills and oils that don’t work. Stay away from fake sexologists.

Our aim is to put a smile on that face without you having to visit any clinic by curing your sexual problems permanently.


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Why do mere tablet, capsule, oil or spray not solve sex problem permanently? One of the most common things observed is that sexual problems aren’t just limited to physical conditions.  The problems run deep leaving an imprint on the mind and seriously affect our emotions. We understand the critical nature of your problem. We therefore not only solve your problem, but also restore strong self confidence in you.

Your search for the best solution to your sex problem ends here.

How to Get & Give [Ultimate] Sex Satisfaction?

Samadhan Clinic stands tall with more than 15 years of ingenious work. We have a solid foundation of modern, evidence based medicine wisely blended with eastern wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga and Herbal therapy to find the perfect solution for your problem. With our no nonsense ethical medical practice we aim to permanently solve your sexual problem without any side effect.

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10 Sexy Suhag Raat Secrets you never knew

The greatest day of your life is just around the corner and more than the day what sends jitters across your body is thinking about the night. The wedding night is what a lot of people long for while others are skeptic about it. Being confused about what to wear to what to say to

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image 31st National Conference Sexology 2015 Kochi, India

National Sexology Conference

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Conference Secretariat
Dr. Promodu’s Institute of
Sexual & Marital Health Pvt. Ltd
Edappally P.O.
Kochi – 682024
Kerala, India
Website :: www.drpromodusinstitute.in
Email :: info@drpromodusinstitute.in

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Smegma is natural secretion between the foreshin and the glans meant to act as lubricant during sex. If ssmegma is not cleaned daily it accumulates giving bad smell. Smegma is seen as curd like substance when the foreskin is completely retracted.

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