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Last updated 23 April, 2014
(updated 05 July, 2013 )

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Learn the Art of love making

Secrets of Maximum Female Sexual Satisfaction

99.9% Men have WRONG stupid belief that a woman’s sexual satisfaction depends on his penis. Women don’t love penis. They love him.How to prolong sex period?
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Did you know:
*** Most women do not Orgasm during penis vagina penetrative sexual intercourse.

By Rudy / wikianswers

Art of making love: Best foreplay techniques

for her orgasms
1. Best foreplayArt of Making Love Trust Talk Touch Techniques – Art of making love – click here
2. Giving face Sex with Tongue Giving face, cunnilingus or eating pussy blasts a female into orgasms. Click here.
3. Female Orgasm Tips on OrgasmYou don’t need to increase size of your penis or duration of sex. Click to know how to give her a big Orgasm
4. Female masturbation Her private secret Let the woman share how she masturbates. Make it a part of your sexual play. Both have fun. Click here.
by Sexologist

Foreplay is the key, so start early with suggestions to create anticipation , getting emotions and desires heighten ed for the day. If you plan an evening of bliss, start with a promise as you leave for work, then call during the day saying what you have planned, such as a shower or bath together, music and a massage with scented oils, etc. You can even leave little love notes for him/her to find during throughout day, increasing the anticipation. Think of each others’ desires and not yours alone.

4 thoughts on “best-foreplay”

  1. Rohan says:

    sir mera ling ptla hai size s bhi kam hai or discharge bhi bhot jldi ho jata hai maximum time sirf one minute hai ..mene suna hai ki penis ka size bda nhi ho skta .. sir please mujhe kuch esi medicin ya koi advice btaiye jis se me satisfie ho jau or koi side effect bhi na ho….. please sir please…

    1. By Ashok Koparday, Sexologist and Marriage Counselor, Sex Therapist, Accredited Sexual Health Center - World Class - Premier - Best - Samadhan India says:

      नमस्ते जी,
      (naam aap ka badal diya hai guptata rakhne k liye. aap ko alag say email bheja hai. check karna)

      Greetings from

      आप को

      पेनिस साइज़


      स्त्री समाधान

      के बारे में माय डॉक्टर टेल्स डॉट कॉम पर पड़ना जरूरी है.

      padne k baad treatment k bare may wapas puchlena.

      Doctor ashok koparday

      विदेश जाना हो तो वंहा की सारी जानकारी लेते है. आप को अपने सेक्स के बारे में मेडिकल साइंस द्वारा उपलब्ध सही जानकारी लेना जरूरी है यदि आप सेक्स सम्भोग क्रिया की यात्रा में ख़ुशी चाहते हो तो यह जानकारी लेने से लाभ होगा। ख़ुशी की बात यह है की आप को अभी माय डॉक्टर टेल्स डॉट कॉम पर सही मेडिकल जानकारी सहज हिंदी में उपलब्ध है.

      पूरी जानकारी दोगे जैसे यंहा बताया है हाउ टू आस्क
      तो इस से अच्छा जवाब हम दे सकते है|

      To get more personalized reply it is necessary to provide details as given here how to ask

      Please feel free to ask or tells us if you have additional questions or doubts related to sex.

      Happiness doctor,
      Ashok Koparday

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