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Reviewed by: Steven Dowshen, MD
Date reviewed: August 2011
Penises come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. These traits are hereditary, like eye color, height or foot size, and there’s nothing you can do to change them. Despite what you may hear or read, no special exercises, supplements, or diets will speed up the development process or change a guy’s size.

Also, like his feet, a guy’s penis may appear smaller to him just because the perspective is different when he’s looking down.(compared to when he looks in front at another boy’s penis.). And there’s a lot less difference in penis size between guys when they get an erection than when their penises are relaxed.
Retrieved on: 10 August, 2013

There are no Ayurvedic medicines, oils or injections to increase penis size. There is no need to increase penis size. Not the size of pen, but how you use your pen to write correctly and beautifully gives full marks. Not the size of penis, but how you use your penis to make love correctly and beautifully gives maximum satisfaction Maximum SatisfactionClick to know the trick of how to get and give maximum sexual satisfaction.

Medical science and technology can artificially make penis look bigger, though bigger is not better. There are only six possible methods to increase penis size. None of them is advisable.

2nd most common Sex Problem:

“The angle of the dangle is directly proportional to the crest of the breast.”
I quote this in my lectures. It just means that more the sexual excitement the more is increase in size of the penis.

sir please can you tell me you have that treatment for increasing the size of penis? you can enlarge the size of penis by your treatment without any side effect???

“Do you want penis to be as looong as that of bull elephant, stallion horse, bull, dudhi, bhopala, cucumber size – 30 cm in length?
Increase in size of penis:
Science and Technology uses some sure shot methods for this purpose. With skillful use of Technology one can get to see awesome penis size, the “Wow! Size”.
How long* do you want it? (*pun intended)

1. SurgicalOperation Fix a new penis by surgery

Method to Increase Penis Size

to give a woman orgasms
1. Best foreplayArt of Making Love Trust Talk Touch Techniques – Art of making love – click here
2. Giving face Sex with Tongue Giving face, cunnilingus or eating pussy blasts a female into orgasms. Click here.
3. Female Orgasm Tips on OrgasmYou don’t need to increase size of your penis or duration of sex. Click to know how to give her a big Orgasm
4. Female masturbation Her private secret Let the woman share how she masturbates. Make it a part of your sexual play. Both have fun. Click here.
by Sexologist

The Surgical Method that Medical Science makes possible today is use of penile implants (artificial prosthetic material) inside the penis. This is useful for those who have erectile dysfunction due to broken spine as in accident. All parts below the belly button up to the toes are paralyzed. He is a living man and wants satisfactory sex. This is called the “Imp Size”.
This guy can have good erection and father a child.
Wonderful, isn’t it?

2. Porn star method to increase penis size


The “Wow! Size” is accomplished by using special effects like
3-D Computer Generated and Art Graphics and Special Effects of Cinematography to show on screen enviable sizes that one gets to see in porn films.

The “Imp Size” is accomplished by Surgeons who specialize in Penile Implant Surgery.

3. Medicines Viagra © Sildenafil works chemically and can make penis appear bigger in length and girth. Click to read to increase penis size

Medicines – PGE5 inhibitors – with their chemical action give a stiffness more than NORMAL.
The emerging problem is people who take it for recreation get used to it. They come for treatment later on.
How can I get my normal erections? I do not get erection without taking the medicine.
This is the sad story of those who take the medicine for fun. Will you take Tuberculosis medicine or Diabetes medicine for fun? Imagine the consequences

In the methods described, see the risks involved, because
you wanted to know method that does not have SIDE EFFECTS.
So make a choice when you are reading the details.
Why do intelligent people want increased penis size?

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4. USING INTRAPENILE Injection on penisInjection in the penis of vasoactive drugs like Papaverine, Alprostadil INJECTIONS TO INCREASE PENIS SIZE

Injections containing vaso active medicines are given in the penile
tissue in the Doctor’s office.
The dose most effective is titrated
by the Doctor. You can take home
these medicated injections to use
before sex. Just as people with
diabetes can give themselves shot of insulin injection, so too a male can give himself these injections.
Dose and Method

5. USING VACUUM DEVICE Video Vacuum DeviceSee video of how vacuum can mechanically cause erection and elongation of penis TO INCREASE PENIS SIZE

6. USING MUSEMUSEClick to read Medicated urethral System of Erection using Alprostadil to increase penis size

Medicated Urethral System for Erection.
A pellet containing vaso active drug is gently inserted in the urinary opening.
MUSE did not become popular and hence failed in the marker.

If you still have doubts or queries, suggestions or comments send them to ask[at]mydoctortells[dot]com.

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50 thoughts on “how-to-increase-penis-size-without-side-effects”

  1. hi
    sir I m 27 to 28 yr old unmarried boy my peni size 4″ small size i used small size condom with my g f intercourse. pls suggest me no side effect medicines.pls sir

  2. hello sir,
    my penis size is very small. so I want increase
    my penis size, please send advice on my email
    plz help me sir plz plz

  3. hello sir,
    my penis size is very small. so I want increase
    my penis size, please send advice on my email plz sir help me plz plz

  4. sir
    I hv 5″ dick small and thin. during intercourse I become free within few seconds.
    kindly suggest treatment for increase intercourse time as well as dick size

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  6. Dear Sir / madam

    I am 41 yars old and i have tight force skin problem still 4 yars please advice me what to do and also i am diabetic peasant .

  7. Dear sir,
    i am asok kumar pillai at paschim medinipur from sex life is not time is spend at 5second long and my penis size is short.pls advised me best treatment for sex time long like 15 minute and penis size is bigest.i want to best medicine and your partner not happy for sex life.

    1. Hi Asok Kumar,
      If you give more details as requested here I can give more personalized reply.

      Please find several methods that increase the duration of sex here
      The information about penis size is beautifully given here
      partner to be happy about sex life this will do the magic

    1. sir,
      mai jab 15 year ka tha tabhi se maine galat aadate pakad li thi mai roj sperm out karta tha aur kabhi to 1 din me do bar ye sab 2 years tak chala. mai kamjod hone laga dosto ne bataya ki istarah karne se kanjodi hoti hai aur energy loss hoti hai tab jakar maine ise band kiya aaj mai 21years ka hun aur mera bhai mujhse chota hai lekin sir uska penis mere penis se jyada bada aur mota hai dost kahate hai ki tumne jo galti ki uski wajah se tumhare penis ka vikas nahi ho paya.
      please sir mujhe kya karna chahiye ki ye lamba aur mota ho jye aur mai ye bhi janana chahata hu ki achi sarir se bhi penis ke size mein antar aara hai?

    1. SIR I m sagar i m 19 Yrs mujhe sex photos or movies dekhta hu toh mujhe night fall karna ka mann lagta he so i cnt control how to stop diz aur mere penis size bhi bohot chota he how to increase aur mujhe weakness feel hota he plz

  8. dear sir, please help me . mai 22 year ka hu. my sperm come out within one minute,that is normal, i want to some tips to inrease my sex time,

  9. meranam arun hai meri age 23 years hai aur mra ling bhut chota aur patla hai kya kise medicen se isko mota aur lmba kiya ja skta hai please tell me in hindi please help mr

    1. Hi i’m Guru plz tell me some home/naturtal tricks to increase penis size i want to increase 3 inches more plz write me on my id!!!

  10. hello guys is there anyone who can help me. . . actully i want increase my penis upto 3 inches please in form me


    You will find lot of people selling techniques/kits/tools/medicines with guarantee that it will increase size of penis.

    They will earn money. You will not benefit.
    Your size of penis, which is God given, is always sufficient and you can have enjoyable sexual life.

    Nowhere else you will find such collection of correct scientific knowledge about increasing penis size as here:
    See this.

    If you still have questions you are free to ask. Use to ask your question.

    Choice is yours,
    Best wishes,
    By Ashok Koparday

  11. ASKED BY likeahorse Male, married, 39 years

    > What is the best pill/liquid non-prescription for penis enhancement and
    > enlargement? I want to get erected fast and have it last for hours, and get
    > bigger.


    The best pill/liquid non-prescription for penis enhancement and enlargement is the same one that is used for enlargement and increase in size of the little finger. It means there isn’t any such pill that is perfectly safe and sure cure just as there isn’t any for enlargement of your finger size. All products advertised & marketed may have potential side effects and they are beneficial to seller who makes money out of it. They are useless or sometimes harmful for you.
    The problem is not with your penis size, but your low self esteem about your penis size and function on comparison with porn, XXX films. Both your penis size and function are normal. Don’t compare and try to get results as you see in porn movies. They are as fake as fight and adventure scenes of Salman Khan, the screen hero.

    Learn art of love making. Intensify through sex joy therapy sensations you give and sensations you receive in love making. That way you can have a rocking love life with powerful hard on.

    To find solution to your problem please read the valuable information already given at I repeat, before you ASK DOCTOR please read

    If you still have doubts or questions feel free to ASK DOCTOR.

    Best regards,
    Dr Ashok Koparday
    Ex Teaching Faculty
    KEM & JJ Hospitals

    Medical Director
    Samadhan India: Center for Therapy, Education, Research in Sex, Marriage, Relationships.

    Fellow: Council Of Sex Education and Parenthood International

  12. How i increase penis size my penis is to small, and even my sex power is so less. i cant do intercourse because without doing anything my sperm come out early.

    1. Krishy,
      You have to give me more details such as whether you are married or not. See
      Please read details about penis size and how to increase penis size given on this very post.
      If sperm is coming out even before doing intercourse it is called “premature ejaculation”. Please read the details of premature ejaculation treatment given here:

      If problems still persist or you have more queries feel free to ask. You can directly send query to my email also,

      Dr. Ashok Koparday

  13. dear sir,
    i have no idea panice size, mera penice about 4 inch h, kya ye normal lenth h ? Kya mera partnr setisfect ho paega, dr. mujhe dr lgta h, me sex se drta hu ki khi mera size chota to nhi h, videos me dikne wale penise se to mera penice bahut chota h, or agar chota h to kya panice size ko increse kia ja sakta h if yes then how?
    Sir please reply me soon. I m weting.

    1. Dear Ankush Kumar,

      Ap ka penis size normal hai.

      Videos may jo penis size dikhate hai woh special trick photography (Special Effects) kar k batate hai. Woh sach nahi hota.

      Jis tarah say Salman Khan, ya ap ka pasand ka koi hero, daswe manzil say kud k das goondo ko hakikat may nahi mar sakta phir bhi special effects shooting k aise hote hai ki ap ko woh sach lagta hai.

      Ap ko aur koi sawal ho to ap jaroor puch lena.

      Dr. Ashok Koparday

  14. Dear Sir / mam
    my porn lenth and wieth is very low, i am 28 year old so now i want increase my porn lenth and with pls give me some solution.

    Is k barey itni achi jankari di hai.
    Please read carefully the details given in
    If still you have doubts or questions feel free to ask me.

    Dr. Ashok Koparday
    Medical Director
    Samadhan India: Center for Therapy, Education, Research in Sex, Marriage, Relationships.

    Ex Teaching Faculty
    Seth G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital
    Grant Medical College and Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals

  15. i want to increase the size of my penis , but without any side effect . is this possible ? if yes then how ?

    Please read carefully the details given in
    If still you have doubts or questions feel free to ask me.

    Dr. Ashok Koparday
    Medical Director
    Samadhan India: Center for Therapy, Education, Research in Sex, Marriage, Relationships.

    Ex Teaching Faculty
    Seth G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital
    Grant Medical College and Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals

      1. sir i need a help i m 20 years old my penis size is 2 inch and when it get tight it become atlest 3.5 or 4 inch can u tell me some medicine which having no side effect …and 100 percent guaranted ……

        i m waiting for ur reply

  16. Dear Sirs,
    How can I increase my penis size and width and sexual stamina, without any side effects?
    I had radical prostate surgery in 2002, and since then I have leakage/incontinence problems and E D problems..
    What oral medicines do you have that has no side effects?
    What are your prices?
    Whats your delivery time?
    Thanks for your help and any literature on the product/s I will need.
    Hi Hubert,

    I have given the necessary information on this web site.
    Please read carefully the details given in
    If still you have doubts or questions feel free to ask me.

    Dr. Ashok Koparday
    Medical Director
    Samadhan India: Center for Therapy, Education, Research in Sex, Marriage, Relationships.

    Ex Teaching Faculty
    Seth G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital
    Grant Medical College and Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals

  17. doctor i am a 18 year old boy i want to increase my penis size and lenght.i have tried the stop and flow method yes my erection was strong bt my penis lenght has not increased.pls sggest some medicines to increase it.naturally cannot opt for surgery

  18. hi sir ,
    i am getting weeker and weeker after sex and having problemof premature ejaculation ,i want to increase the size aswell

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