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masturbation video

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Masturbation 100% Permanent Cure

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MASTURBATION 100% cure hand jobHand job hand practice hastamaithun 100 % cure is possible permanent best treatment correct scientific in English
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Best Treatment Permanent Cure Masturbation Nightfall Video

Masturbation 100 % Permanent Cure Best Treatment Excess Nightfall

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Masturbation 100% permanent cure Hindi name of medicine How to stop hand practice addiction Top Sexologist in India Dr Ashok Koparday Samadhan Health Studio

Masturbation 100 % permanent cure

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Masturbation is harmless

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What you did not know about masturbation

  • Masturbation does not cause weakness, difficulty in sexual intercourse or getting children.

    Masturbation Nightfall 100 % cure best treatment permanent cure is Correct Sex Education because handjob hand practice muth marna hastamaithun never causes weakness or any problem
    The problems like weakness are not because of masturbation, but because of WRONG out dated beliefs about masturbation.

    Doing masturbation lot of times is not masturbation addict.

  • You can never do excess masturbation just as you can never eat beyond a certain maximum limit due to body’s automatic mechanism.
  • No medical textbook (allopathy, ayurveda, unani, homeopathy) mentions masturbation or nightfall as disease.

Masturbation 100 % Permanent Cure

by knowing that masturbation is safe and beneficial for health and society.

Masturbation Nightfall Video

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14 Replies to “masturbation video”

  1. Dhananjay Singh

    Hello Sir,

    Sir mai pichle kayi saal se masturbation kar rha hoon aur avi kuch saal se zyada kar rha hoon ek baar mai kayi baar ho jata hai aur meri age 26 saal hai aur avi kayi dino se band kiya hua tha control ho gya tha avi pichle parso se kayi baar masturbation kar rha hoon porn videos dekh kar aur mere dimag ka vikas ruk gya hai aur ptla bhi kafi kosis karta hoon ki na karoo fir bhi kar deta hoon videos dekh kar
    sir kuch guidance dijye
    mai depressed hoon
    kya meri shadi shuda zindagi normal rehgi ya koi problem hogi.


  2. Ravi

    Hello sir me 7 years se hastmethun kar rahahu …
    mera very gadha nikalta hai ise koi nuksan ho sakta hai orr hastmethun karne su father babe ki takat khatam ho jati hai ??

  3. Uttam kumar

    Hello sir mera name rakesh hai main bi sex problam se jujh raha hun men shadi shuda jab sex karta hun to 1min men samapt ho jata hun or mera birya bi bahut patla hai or shadi ho ke bi kafi time ho gaya hai karib 10saal lekin abi tak bache bi nai huye hain bahut doctron ko bi dikha diya hai par koi farak nai pada kyu ki muje pata hai ki mera paani patala plzzz aap koi achi dawa bata dijiye.thanks

  4. Kal

    Sir i need ur help please
    I masturbation in my childhood time then my veins come weak & fast shame , fear there are my proplem i need a medicine please

  5. Vinayak

    Sir mera age hi 23sal
    Muje 14sal ki umra me hasthmaitun ka shikhar ho gaya tha
    Ab muje 5sal ho gaye night fall ka shikar ho gaya hu
    Sir ye muje month me 10-15 bar night fall ho
    Jata hai
    Is karan mai bahuth patala ho gaya hun
    Our sar dard our heart beat badagaya hai
    Aisa lagata hai
    Sir pls muje iski medicine email pe send kijiye

  6. Mariam

    hey, bro, be4 this ive been masturbating alot and i think its coidnsered over masturbating,so, its been like almost half a year that i try to myself to masturbating once every 1- or 2 weeks or sometimes 3 week. so i feel good, i really want to know, everytime i watch porn or get really excited( fully aroused with erection, my penis starts to leak coz of getting excited, but it wont leak any if im not aroused or erected,, is getting leakage during the state of fully aroused, is coidnsered leakage from penis, or is it just normal?

  7. shubham

    Ser mujhe night fall 3 yr se hi raha hai or Mai bahot kamjor Ho chuka Hu or mujhe bahot kamjori mahsus hota hai or mera eye ke niche kale dhabe as rahe hai so please see koi upay bataye Ki mera eye niche kale gadhe na pare pls pls see koi upay bataye

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