image tablets dapoxetine best medicine in India Prematue Ejaculation

Medicine to Stop Premature Ejaculation in India Dapoxetine

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Best Medicine – First medicine – Only approved medicine

to Stop Premature Ejaculation in India is Dapoxetine

  • Dapoxetine is the only officially approved medicine for the treatment of Premature Ejaculation.
  • How much delay in ejaculation can I expect on taking Dapoxetine?
    Three to eightfold delay in discharge is seen with the use of dapoxetine.
  • Can I take Dapoxetine along with alcohol and with Viagra and other Viagra type of medicines (Tadalafil)?
    Dapoxetine’s efficacy is unaffected by concomitant use of alcohol or Viagra and PDE 5 group of medicines.
  • Is Dapoxetine better than other medicines that were used in the treatment of Premature Ejaculation?
    Other medicines belonging to the SSRI group of antidepressants that were used for the treatment of PE and are still used especially where Dapoxetine is not yet officially approved, as in the United States, have to be taken daily. This increases the possibility of side effects, which include decreased erection and decreased sexual desire.
  • Waldinger’s metaanalysis showed these conventional antidepressants increased IELT from two to ninefold above baseline in comparison to three to eightfold increase in Dapoxetine.

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Brand names of Dapoxetine in India

9 thoughts on “Medicine to Stop Premature Ejaculation in India Dapoxetine”

  1. hi
    I am 33 years last 13 years weekly two time masturbate .now if my penis enters vagina sperm come out .dapomax is ok for me if take2 hour before to avoid premature ejaculation .

  2. Hi
    I am 33 year last 13 weekly 2 times masturbate.after marriage pre mature ejaculation problem only vagina entry sperm come out.I purchased dapomax it is ok.for me two minutes sex enough for me .give me solution.

  3. helo sir, i am sufring from premature erajuculation and also i have not more power regarding sex , what i do for this kindly suggest me .
    i married last month so plz help me


  4. Hello sir, I was searching for the Indian medine which can prevent PE. Atlast, i saw this website and found the medicine which I’m searching for a long time. So, just want to ask some question. I’m 29 age now and i also suffer from PE, so if I use this medicine i can have sex for a longer period say for atleast 20/30 mins.??? One thing, I’m not strong as every man, so will it be no sideaffect if i use this medicine.? Even in future?? When and how to take this medicine please tell me step-by-step, sir. Thank you

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