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Masturbation Treatment

How to stop hand practice habit addiction

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Masturbation Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions

Masturbation Hastamaithun FAQ


Masturbation Treatment

Sperm count does not decrease because of masturbation.
Masturbation does not cause difficulty in having children.
Masturbation does not cause damage to penis.
Masturbation does not cause difficulty in sex.
If you do blood tests or any other tests all the tests will be normal.

Mike writes: Hi, I’ve been researching this topic for awhile and I must say the information is great. Thanks!

DOCTOR’S REPLY: Hi Mike B., Thank you Mike. I am glad you appreciate the scientific educational details given on Male and Female Sexual Health. On Fast Track with Dr. Ashok Koparday


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  1. i have a query that meine suna he sperm continuously banta rehta he, to phir jo pehle ka sperm hota he vo kaha jaata he.
  2. mein 23 years ka hu, mein pechle 5 saal se masturbate kar raha hu, mujh mein bahut weekness aa gayi he aur brain bhi jayada active nahi hi , kya mein phir se healthy ho sakta hu.
  3. agar jo sperm nikal raha ho aur use aage se rok de to kuch reproductive problem ho sakti he.

please help me and answer my query.
thank you


  1. Sperm jo banta rahta hai woh sharir may baher nahi nikalenge to pigal jata hai. Stree ka beej bhi isee tarah pigal jata hai. Sharir may liver, lungs, skin (chamdi) k cells hamesha bante rahte hai aur purane nikal jate rahte hai.
  2. Masturbation ki wajah say kisi ko bhi sharir may koi bhi haani nahi hoti

    Ap ko jo weakness lagti hai woh is galat samaj k karan ki dhat nikal raha hai to kamjori ani hai. Galat jankari say bhay hota hai. Masturbation aur night fall rok nay ki koshish karne par bhi nahi rukta. To mind may aur dar hota hai. Ees pareshani k karan log kahtey hai, “Muzey kamjori hai.”.

  3. Ap jabardasti say sperm nikal nahi denge to koi reproductive problem nahi hogi. Actually ap k anjane mein jab ap sote hai sperm apney ap nikal jata hai. Fir bhi ap masturbation nahi karenge to problem nahi hoti. Masturbation karenge to bhi problem nahi hoti. Jo stree k yoni may sperm girtey hai sex karte samay us say bhi kamjori nahi atee.

Please read carefully the details given in
Ap ko shanka ho to aur bhi ap puch sakte hai.
If still you have doubts or questions feel free to ask me. Dr. Ashok Koparday
Medical Director
Samadhan India: Center for Therapy, Education, Research in Sex, Marriage, Relationships. Ex Teaching Faculty
Seth G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital
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How to stop excess handpractice?
How to stop masturbation addiction?

Here is an important and interesting question regarding masturbation. Even doctors are often stumped by this manifestation of forcibly withholding masturbation.

Why am I facing lower abdominal pain on sexual arousal?
hi, i have a problem with severe pain upon sexual stimulation . Every time im aroused, but not performing sex, my lower abdominal area feels severe pains afterwards. i think it s semen accumulated causing the pain. therefore, everytime i need to masturbate to release whatever there s inside the relieve the pain. what is actually the problem im facing?

Reply mydoctortells:

Is it necessary to stop masturbation?
If “yes” why? If “no” why not.
Here you will find medical science facts about masturbation.
Sexologist Dr. Ashok Koparday

The semen consists of spermatozoa manufactured in the testis. The viscous liquid that is ejaculated does not come from testis. It is made in other glands, predominantly the seminal vesicles. Spermatozoa from the vas deferens and the seminal fluid from the seminal vesicles meet and through the prostate via ejaculatory duct it reaches the urethra. During sexual arousal there is semen, which is just waiting to spurt out. Congestion thus caused is sensed as pain in the lower abdomen (in your case) or in between the scrotum and the anus. There is stretching kind of discomfort that is peculiarly relieved on masturbation.
This does not need any medication. It requires that you clearly understand that masturbation does not cause any harmful effect whatsoever. It is the best method of practicing ‘safe sex’. With this scientific knowledge you will not force yourself to avoid masturbation. Then there will be no congestion and stretching or pain sensation.
At you can see this: picture-all-male-genital-parts-named/.

If you have further doubts or additional queries feel free to ask here.

Best wishes,
Dr. Ashok Koparday




my name is xxx pp yy,age is 22yrs,sex male.i am unmarried.can u tell me what are the detailed symptoms of weakness which is occured by excess of manstrubation?and how it can be recoverd from many years i have been mastrubation alot and now i dont know wheter i have sex weakness or not i did it due to lack of sex age at present is 22yrs. i control myself not to manstrubate but i fail every time m addicted….i haven’t consult any doctor because m very afraid and shy to go to doctor.

There are lot of questions on masturbation. Myths (wrong belief) related to masturbation and scientific facts are also given here:
Please look here for perfect answer to your question.

Let me know if you have further questions.
Dr. Ashok Koparday



Hi Sir.. Myself.. Nishant Jain 22 Male From India Delhi .. sir mostly mastrbuitn ke bare m yhi info mili ki ise koi problm ni hoti but ek do jgha dr.s khte h ki ise hair fall .. weekness .. child problm .. ho skti h .. etc .. so wt is exctly true or false … kindly plz help m ..

Hi Nishant,
It is true that most people have wrong belief that masturbation is harmful. People assume it causes weakness, kamjori, hair fall and so many things they wrongly believe that a book can be written on it. The scientific truth is that

Masturbation does not cause any harmful effect even if you think you have done it in excess or started at early age.

You don’t have masturbation addiction.
You have masturbation habit.
What is masturbation addiction?
Masturbation addiction is very rare mental illness.
Masturbation is so compulsive like in gambling addiction or alcohol addiction when person sells everything, goes in debt, resorts to crime to get money to gamble or drink alcohol.
On sudden stopping of addiction there are physical problems like tremors, restlessness, headache, dizziness, confusion.
Do you have such a mental illness?
If you do not go to school, do not study, do not go for work, do not do sexual intercourse with wife, but only do masturbation then then you can say you have masturbation addiction. Not otherwise.
Addiction = nasha and habit = adat eh alag hai are two different things. Chay ki aadat hoti hai. Daru, charas, ganja, brown sugar ki nasha hoti hai.
Aap ko haatamaithun ki nasha addiction nahi hai, hastamaithun ki adaat hai.

Please read carefully the details given in (Some of these topics are available on request. To make a request click here.)

If still you have doubts or questions feel free to ask me. Dr. Ashok Koparday
Medical Director
Samadhan India: Center for Therapy, Education, Research in Sex, Marriage, Relationships. Ex Teaching Faculty
Seth G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital
Grant Medical College and Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals


Name- Satish, Age-23,gender-male,to be married soon Pranam Doctor,
I have been masturvating from past 11 years(from 13 yrs and now till date 24 yrs,reason for which was incomplete knowledge of sex health and now easy access to porn sites) due to which i lost my health completely but got some 40% improvement(in swapnadosh) after homeopaathic treatment of 4 months in 2010 but left due to very slow progress and shame to go every month -doctors clinic and now my condition is getting worse–
1. desire for masturvation is troubling me and it sometime get even 6 times a month aur ajeeb si badboo toilet ke baad penis se aati hai.
2. This habit has ruined my life and career.Due to my bad habit average penis size is only 5-6cm and in erection is only 8cm .Also penis shrinks to an inch and bends after bath and also during public toilet it looks very shameful, thin and weak down there.
3. Finally the biggest mistake which i did was that i shaved my pubic area during teenage years and thus it grows like jungle down there,so i had to clean the genitals with veet(hair removal cream) after every one and half month due to which few red spots and severe burns appear. The whole genital area (Penis and scrotum) at first looks perfectly nude (clean) and later as if it had been shaved with razor, and if left uncleaned then grows down like a jungle-dirty and itchy. Kindly guide me doctor the solution to increase my length and girth(fatness) of my penis and even if i dont apply cream out there it looks naturally healthy and strong,or if there is any good solution for my pubic hair down there,then plz plz guide me doctor as i’ll be getting married within 6 months or year. Expectation-through your kind guidance and treatment may i regain my lost health and sex power completely, so that later i can join the gym or take some health supplements for getting muscular physique. I’ll be grateful to you throughout my life doctor. (I HAVE CHANGED YOUR NAME AND REMOVED YOUR EMAIL ID FOR ENSURING PRIVACY FOR YOU. – Dr. Ashok Koparday)

It is so unfortunate to read your story. There are thousands and thousands who have similar suffering. This suffering is TOTALLY AVOIDABLE. What you require is correct scientific sexual health education. I have said earlier, I repeat again,

the scientific fact is masturbation or loss of dhat does not cause any harm.

If masturbation is not harmful then why do I suffer?
The harm is caused by the wrong belief that something very bad is happening. Galat adat, bachpaan ki galati buree adat are the wrong names given to natural phenomenon of discharge of semen (dhat).
EXAMPLE: If you have simple viral cold cough, but you suspect you have TB Tuberculosis then you begin to worry. If after taking medicines the cough still persists you wonder whether you have cancer. Slides are sent for special histopatholgy investigations to famous University in the US. Till the report arrives, the fear of cancer can make your life hell. You may feel weak, you may think your height, your hair growth, this and that are all related to cancer. When the report of the test arrives, it clearly confirms that there is no cancer. ONLY THEN your fear subsides and improvement begins. PENIS SIZE INCREASE MEDICAL FACTS Just keep the pubic hair (hair over sexual organs) clean when you take bath. Your problem will not affect your sex. If still you have doubts or questions feel free to ask me. Dr. Ashok Koparday
Medical Director
Samadhan India: Center for Therapy, Education, Research in Sex, Marriage, Relationships. Ex Teaching Faculty
Seth G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital
Grant Medical College and Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals


sir one last question how masturbation help in life

Hi Raza,
Masturbation is beneficial. See the topics on benefits of sex on this website. Same benefits are there with masturbation. There is release of sexual tension by doing masturbation. So for an unmarried boy he does not feel the strong compulsive urge to go to prostitute. Even married guys who are not staying with wife may feel compelled to indulge in risky sex behavior with prostitute or girl friend if they do not release the sexual urge with masturbation.
Masturbation is safe. No sexually transmitted illness. No risk of pregnancy. It can be done as sex play with wife also. Also type “Masturbation” in the SEARCH BOX on Right Top of this web page.
Please read carefully the details given on this website. If still you have doubts or questions feel free to ask me.

Dr. Ashok Koparday
Medical Director
Samadhan India: Center for Therapy, Education, Research in Sex, Marriage, Relationships. Ex Teaching Faculty
Seth G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital
Grant Medical College and Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals


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Masturbation Treatment

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Masturbation Treatment

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16 Replies to “FAQ-MASTURBATION”

  1. ajmertam

    main daily muth marta hu mere hath ki nase dikhni lag gyi h kya iski yhi waja h mere penis ka size 8inch ho gya h biwi krne s drti h pr main jbrdasti krta hu uske mu mein deta hu uski vagina chatta hu kya ye bimari hai

  2. Keerti

    Hello sir,please answer my question.I am not interacting with any person.after handjob(sorry for using language)leaked my sperm may cause any harmful disease or side effect to me.

  3. Rakesh

    Sir .i am very problem this to life , to masterbation ,call me medicine name sir pleas call mo .no.9xxxxxxx87

    Submitted on: Sep 24, 2013 @ 23:20 Edit

  4. k.s.

    Hello sir…mera nam amit k. s., 13 sal se masturbation karrahahoon..avi mujhe 21 year he..mujhe ehi masturbation ek habit hogaya weak health me dikh raha he..mera health devlop nehi horahahe..mujhe….jaldi h sperm nikal jata bahat control karneka kosis karraha hoon..ish bad habit ko…par e possible nehi horahahe…mujhe ek acha health ish adat ko stop karna chahta hoon…so…is ke liye pls…kya karna padega… me..sir..

  5. pankaj singh

    sir me jaanna chahta hu ki 7 saal se regular masturbation kar raha hu.ab mujhe problem ye hai ki mera penile me dhilapan or tedapan aa gya hai phele jaisa ab tight nahin hai kripya mujhe jankari de or mujhe koi samadhaan bataye jisse me apni masturbation habit chod du or mera penis sahi ho jaye . abhi tak mene koi ya sex pills use nahin ki hai…………………na koi treatment liya hai. bus aap sahi se mera margdarshan kijiye………………………


  6. MP

    Sir.g mera nam mxxxxx pxxxxx sir mera ling bhut chota h..or sir jab m sambhog karta bhut jaldi free ho jata hu…sir inka ilaj kya h….plz reply….

  7. hamza

    hey doctor
    i didnt masterbate before because iam affraid of losing my power and feel shever ,also i want to know its advantage and disadvantage specialy when i marry is it good or what
    also i hope to know my penisis14.5 cm is it good and how to increase it ?

  8. raju

    sir does mastrubation leads yo memory loss/unability to memorise studies(in my case)? i read somewhere that during masturbation due to loss of zinc our memorizing power decreases.please reply sir….fast.i will b very thankful.

  9. ravikant

    I am 17 yrs old boy. from last 1 month i have noticed that , after masturbating i am not able to ejaculate, no sperm releases. but after watching some porn clips or some photos, i can see some precum on my penis skin. I am a patient of stone. I have 2 stones one of 3mm n sencond of 5mm. and i am taking regular medicine of that..! So i am literally very dipressed n tensed. Plz plz suggest some help.sir.!!”

  10. Imran

    Sir mai kuch saal tak hand job kiya tha… Ab nahi karta hu plz told me that isse mushibat ko face karna parega and itska cure v snd kr jigiyega….
    Mai bahul patla hu mughe koi saalo se night fall hoti h kya yeh essi ka natija h….?
    Hand job krne se mera sex time kab ho gya hai so plz koi drug or method bataye to mera help kr sake…
    Plz Reply to my id…

  11. Shubham Raj

    I am a 18 yr old boy with a quite healthy fixture…,
    height- 5.5 ft
    weight- 65 kgs
    i’ve habit of masturbating since I was 12 yrs old.
    I don’t smoke and drink alcohols. And I drink 1/2 litre milk and fruit juices like mausambi,mango,banana ,papaya daily.

    In the normal state, my penis size is only 2.16 inches and when it is erect it gets to 5 inches….,!!
    I doubt if I have MICRO-PENIS…!!

    plzz sir, tell me if I am okay or not….or some cure is needed….,

    sir, also tell me the diet to have a healthy and quality sperm..,
    sir, plzz also tell what should be the frequency of masturbation….??

    Does excessive masturbation leads to hairfall…??

    Sir, i need ur help….!!

  12. sonu

    i am 23 yer old hast manthun ke vajahse mera penis ki nase kamjor ho chuki he aur uski length aur thichness bhi nahi badhi muze dar he ki mze life me marage ke bad problem na ho muze stamina badhane ke liye aur perfect sex ke liye pz solutiön dijiye Dr.

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