image nightfall say nuksaan weakness nahi hota. Weakness ho to MBBS docor say treatment lo


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How to stop Nightfall

- Best Treatment Cure Nightfall

FREE DOWNLOAD best medicine to stop nightfallMedical Facts NightfallGalat dharana Wrong belief about nightfall and Medical facts

Last updated May 16, 2014

Doctor, I want treatment to cure Nightfall. Tell me best medicine.

What is the best treatment? Tell me good medicine to stop this.

Best medicine = BURN WRONG beliefs about nightfall NOW

BEST MEDICINE TO PERMANENTLY CURE NIGHTFALL WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS IS CORRECT KNOWLEDGE. People have taken natural, ayurvedic, charak, homeopathy home remedy and various therapy treatments yet nightfall नाईटफ़ॉल does not stop. People waste money on ayurvedic treatment. Ayurvedic remedy does not work because नाईटफ़ॉल swapnadosh is not a disease.

Night fall is not an illness. It is normal, physiological process. It does not require treatment.

Nightfall is also called as Nocturnal Emission, Wet Dreams, Swapnadosh
Best treatment to stop nightfall is correct medical knowledge about nightfall.

Nightfall is not an illness
What is the treatment for my weakness?

मुझे विकनेस अौर अन्य तकलिफ क्यों है ?

***Weakness is caused by guilt, tension, worry, hopelessness. After knowing correct medical facts young person starts feeling better. It is advisable to download this and read again and again.

FREE DOWNLOAD best medicine to stop nightfallMedical Facts NightfallGalat dharana Wrong belief about nightfall and Medical facts

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What is the treatment for my weakness?

मेरी कमजोरी दूर करने के लिए सही ट्रीटमेंट इलाज बताइए

***Weakness could be due to other causes. So for treatment of weakness and all the other problems you have please

go to M.B.B.S. doctor nearby and take proper treatment from the doctor.
The doctor may do blood test called C.B.C. खुन की जांच कम्प्लीट ब्लड काउंट Complete Blood Count=Hemoglobin, Red blood cells, White blood cells and ESR
This shows blood levels of Hemoglobin. If hemoglobin is low a person feels weak. If the hemoglobin is normal and yet the person feels weak then the weakness is because of

  • weakness
  • backache
  • kamjori
  • shigrapatan
  • kuch khata hu to pachta nahi
  • ankeh andar gayi. ankhon ke niche kala
  • der baad fressh ho ata hu
  • aswagandha or shilajeet capsul or youvan churn khaya koi frk nahi pd rha
  • padai may dhyan nahi lagta
  • mar jaun aisa lagta hai
  • sir penis ekdm small ho gaya hai…..

These boys are not lying. They are really suffering. The suffering is not because of nightfall or masturbation, but because of stress, frustration developed due to WRONG beliefs. These types of aches and pains are called as psychosomatic illnesses.” excessive worry and extreme mental tensions.

Very good medicines are available to treat weakness.
Usually M.B.B.S. doctor gives course of medicines containing Iron, Calcium, Multi vitamins and also medicine for deworming. This brings fantastic results.

  1. What is the best medicine for nightfall नाईटफ़ॉल

  2. What is the cure for my weakness and other problems

  3. What is nightfall नाईटफ़ॉल

  4. Why do I have nightfall नाईटफ़ॉल

  5. Why is nightfall normal

  6. Does everybody have nightfall

  7. Why do I get weakness

  8. Will I have problem in sex/getting children later on

  9. How to stop nightfall

  10. मुझे नाईटफ़ॉल हिंदी में पड़ना है nightall in hindi

  11. I want to know more medical facts about नाईटफ़ॉल nightfall धात dhat

BEST MEDICINE NIGHTFALL-Keep cursor hereThere is no yoga, herbal or ayurvedic remedies, natural therapy treatments
to cure swapnadosh.

Is swapnadosh/wet dream sex problem?

No. Swapnadosh is not a problem. People don’t know true medical fact. Hence, they believe swapnadosh / wet dreams is a problem. Children of these people in next generation will be surprised and mock at this false belief.

What is the permanent cure for nightfall?

Cure for discharge of semen in night/swapnadosh/wet dreams is masturbation or sexual intercourse. There has to be a way for the dhat to go out of body.
To stop release of dhat/swapnadosh there are NO MEDICINES. People have spent years taking all sort of medicines Ayurvedic/Jadi butti/Hakim. Natural therapy treatments, ayurvedic treatment,
ayurvedic remedies does not stop it. Instead these people become more distressed and frustrated. Medical fact is night fall is not a disease. NIGHTFALL IS TOTALLY HARMLESS.

Is there nightfall in girls the way there is nightfall in boys/men/males?

What are the causes of nightfall?

Semen is manufactured 24 hours continuously. Semen is made for and meant to come out. There are only three ways it can come out of the body.
1) Sex
2) Masturbation
3) Nightfall Wet dreams

Why is nightfalls/swapnadosh problem for so many people?

Swapnadosh/Wet dreams is a problem because there is a wrong belief that it is harmful and causes ill effects. Quacks (Bogus doctors) have kept this myth alive because they earn money from people who carry the misconception that swapnadosh/wet dreams is damaging.

Wow to cure nightfall disease?

Nightfall is not a disease. So there is no need to cure swapna dosh wet dreams.
JUST AS EXAMPLE: What is the cure for sweating? Sweating is not a disease. There is no cure for sweating.

Tell me best nightfall treatment?

Best treatment for nightfall is correct scientific knowledge about harmlessness of nightfall. Distress, trouble, worry, anxiety is caused not by release of semen/swapnadosh, but by the false belief that losing semen in swapnadosh/wet dreams or masturbation causes harm to the body.


sir mai nightfall se bahut paresan hu mai sex ke

bare me sochta rahta hu ,age 30 yrs bahut medicine liya par …?
नाईटफ़ॉल से आप परेशान हो तो आप को नाईटफ़ॉल / स्वप्नदोष के बारे में जानकारी लेनी जरूरी है। यह जानकारी आप के नाईटफ़ॉल की समस्या को हमेशा के लिए ठीक करती है।
आप को शंका हो या अन्य सवाल पूछना हो तो डॉक्टर अशोक कोपर्ड़े को पूछ सकते हो। माय डॉक्टर टेल्स डॉट कॉम पे सवाल पूछने के लिए कोई फी या पैसे नहीं देने पड़ते। नाईटफ़ॉल की सही मेडिकल साइंस द्वारा प्रमाणित जानकारी अभी पड्लिजिये।
Hi Sir,
I get night fall every week twice.
This has made me very unconfident and dont let my gf touch me.
I never faced such problems before.
Can please help me with this?

नाईटफ़ॉल से कोई नुक्सान नहीं होता

mydoctortells REPLY

What is नाईटफ़ॉल night fall?

Nightfall is nocturnal emission. It is involuntary discharge of semen during sleep.
This is as prevalent and as harmless as masturbation.
Swapnadosh/wet dreams is usually pronounced when male has not masturbated or not had sexual intercourse for quite some time. The pent up sexual drive causes semen to come out in sleep with or without erotic dreams.

Why do I have Swapnadosh/Wet Dreams?

Night fall is a good sign. This tells you, you are normal and semen is being constantly produced. If you pour more water in a cup the water will overflow. Similarly, if you are not having regular sex semen flows out. Dhat/semen is made by the body to come out not to preserve.

Chai k cup may paani dalte rahoge to paani bahar nikal k girega. Usi tarah say dhat, jo hamesha bante rahta hai, woh aap regular sex nahi karte to raat ko bahar ata hai. Dhat baher nikal nay k li a hi banta hai. Andar rakhne k li a nahi.चाय के कप में पानी डालते रहोगे तो बह जायेगा। इसी तरह धात बह जाता है। धात हमेशा निर्माण होते रहता है।

Why is nightfall normal?

Nightfall in boys/men is a type of normal sexual process of human body.

Masturbation is hasta maithun. Hasta(hands) maithun (sex) is sex with help of hands.
Nightfall is swapna maithun. Swapna (dream) maithun (sex) is sex in sleep, which may or may not be associated with erotic dreams.

What is swapna dosh?

Night fall is popularly called as swapna dosh (fault in dream). There is no dosh (fault) in semen that passes during sleep.

Does everybody have nightfall?

All those who don’t masturbate or don’t have sexual intercourse will have nightfall. So nightfall is extremely common before marriage. After marriage it stops.

Does nightfall cause impotence?
Does nightfall destroy capacity to produce children?

I need pimple cure treatment. How to cure hair loss because of swapnadosh?

No. Night fall does not cause impotence. Nightfall does not cause failure of getting children. Nightfall does not cause hair loss or pimples.

You can take pimple cure treatment from Dermatologist/Skin specialist.
Ask Skin specialist how to cure hair loss. Swapnadosh does not cause these things.


How to stop nightfall?

Why stop it? Why to stop wet dreams/swanadosh?
You don’t have to stop wet dreams/swapnadosh. You cannot stop passing urine. You cannot stop passing dhat (semen), which is made to come out. It can stop if you have regular sex or frequent masturbation.

Wet dreams/swapna dosh does not cause any harm whatsoever no matter how often it happens or for how long it has been happening.

Wet dreams, nightfall, swapnadosh kabhi bhi koi nuksan nahi karta.

Then why do I feel weakness?

Will I not lose dhat, which is full of energy? Will I not feel weak? I get backache and feel dull. I cannot concentrate. I am worried. I have taken many medicines. Spent lot of money. I fear now.


Dhat does not contain energy. It is old myth. Wake up.
You have feeling of weakness, aches and pains not because of dhat flowing out, but because you believe like thousands of other people that it is very very bad. Some people think swapnadosh/wetdreams/fall in night causes mental illness, sexual or pregnancy problem later in life. Some think night fall causes paralysis. Many such fears are in the mind due to WRONG BELIEF.
If somebody tells you, “You have cancer”, will you not feel depressed.
Your wrong belief about loss of dhat is equal to loss of energy causes you problem.
Then you get more frustrated because even when you want to stop wet dreams it doesn’t stop. You have gone to hakim and quacks, taken medicines, yet swapnadosh/wet dreams has not stopped. Will this not make you frustrated, worried?


Nightfall does not cause any harm whatsoever no matter how often it happens or for how long it has been happening.
Wet dreams swapnadosh kabhi bhi koi nuksan nahi karta.

To ask doctor ask [at] mydoctortells [dot] com. send your problem in detail in your language.

I want to know more about धात dhat, नाईटफ़ॉल nightfall
इलाज – हिंदी में नाईटफ़ॉल – स्वप्नदोष धात की बीमारी – बेस्ट मेडिसिन
रात को धात निकलना
नाईटफ़ॉल हिंदी इलाज
स्वप्नदोष -आयुर्वेदिक दवा
रात को धात निकलना Sperm semen dhat release in sleep
नाईटफ़ॉल – वेट ड्रीम्स – नोक्टरनल एमिशन

Do you have any questions? To know how to ask doctor click here.

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112 thoughts on “nightfall”

  1. good morning sir..
    meri age 22 hai..muje 2 month se nightfall ho rha h..pehle 2-3days between hota tha..ab weekly ek baar hta h..muje 18 se 21 k age m aisa kuch nhi hua..mne porn movie b deki aur only 2 se 3 din m ek baar mastuburation kiya tha bt uske baad kbhi ni kiya…to ab ye problm kyo ho rhi h..17 to 21 age m nightfall hue bt 1 month ya2month m lekin ab weekly ho rha h..aur sir normally nightfall month m kitna hona chaite.. maine apka pura article pda bt kuch doubt hai …jo clear krna chata hu..isse future m meri sex life pr koi effect to nhi pdega…nd sir meri aap plz help kijiye…nightfall se cure kese ho…thankyou….

  2. hello sir,
    i have nightfall problem since 5 years. my age is 23 now.
    i have 3-4 times nightfall in a week. i am very thin in physical health.

    please tell me whats the remedies to cure from this.

  3. Nıghtfall problems since 6 years.pehle maine mujhe nf nahi hota 14 age maine pehli br hand practice kiya tab mujhe acha lga.phir mujhe iski lat lag gyi 1 saal tak.phir jb mujhe iske harm ke bare me pta chala to maine is aadat ko bdi mushkil se roka.phir şir mujhe nf hone laga.plz help sir.waiting for your reply.thanks sir.

  4. hi sir,
    how to gain health due to over masturbationf.
    what is sperm made of and what vital nutrients it contains?
    if lost semen occurs frequently, does it causes health issue due to mineral deficiency?
    which foods are having high nutrients for fast recovery of lost sperm?

  5. hallo sir ;
    sir main pichle 3 salon se night fall se pare saan hoon maine sare hakim doctors ko ajma kar dekh liya lekin koi fayeda nahi hai
    please koi upaye bataiye help me please

  6. sir 2 saal pahle hastmathon ke karan mai nightfall ka sikar ho gaya hun 1 week me 4 baar nightfall ho jata hai mera body weak ho chuka hai mera sex power sex time bahut kam ho chuka hai mai 19 saal ka hu please help me please

  7. mujhe 4-5 saal se nightfall ki problam hai aur mene ilaj kiya lekin koi solution nahi nikla aur me kabhi sex se related soch ta hu to mere patlapan nikal jata hai aur mera ling khara and hard ho jata hai mere ling ke niche sukra hua pan aur tirchha pan hai plz mujh achhi medecine batay aur meri help kare
    me kota (rajasthan) se hu

  8. hello…my all frendzzz….mai koi doctor ni….par tmhe batana chahunga…semen 24 hours banta h..isse interal or external kamjori feel hoti h..kyu ki tum mentally depress feel kartë ho…masturbation ya nightfall agar hota mentally depress mat ho..bas itna socho 24 hours me ye dubaara ban jayega..masturbation karo but socho mat khate pite reho…mardo ko hi nightfall hota h thik h..i have great experience or mai bilkul fit hu…why…kyu ki mai mentally sochta nahi hu…! i hope tum b fit rahoge.

    1. AAp sahi kah rahe ho Karan. Thanks.
      Jo nightfall ki shikayat karte hai woh sab chinta, chinta kar k, dawa kha, kha k mentally kamjor huey hai.
      200 saal purane khayaalon ko sahi mante hai aur samjte hai “meri shakti jaa rahi hai”. Jo dhat nightfall say, ya hastamaithun say jata hai woh hi to shadi k baad bhi jata hai. Dhat jane say nuksaan, weakness, dard yeh sab hota to sabhi shaadi shudda logonko kamjori honi chahiye.
      Jaise Karan nay kaha dhat 24 ghante bante rahta hai. Marte dam tak woh banta hai. Dhat khatam nahi hota. Bahr nikalne k li a hi banta hai.

      Socho yaar. Dimag kanha rakh diya hai aapne.

    2. i think mai aapki baat se thoda agree karta hu. kyunki mai bhi bahut sochta hu. I am 26 years old and suffering night fall problem from last 5 years. I want to stop night fall. please help me out. I cann’t concentrate on my studies due to this problem.
      Sumit khera

    3. doctor muje night fall hota hai , jab main 14-15 saal ka tha tab se hoo rahi hai.aab mai 22 sall ka hu, abi tak hoo rahi hai….kahete hai ise filling nahi karne se thik hota hai..par mai sex ko filling nahi karta hoo par bhi hoorahi hai…hafte mai 2 barr to chodiyee..muje ek rat mai 2 bar se jaayada bhi hota hai…….kya is ka ilaj nahi mil sakta?…….maine bhaut dr ko dikhaya par ilaj nahi mila… plz muje emil mai iska iilaj send kare………ye koi umar ki karan se hoota hai to kya hotahi raahata hai?….yese hone se mera mentally aur saririk kaysa hoo ga?
      plz help me plz help me

  9. Dear
    mujhe 2sal se nightfall ho raga hai.. Aur ye 1 month me 20 din ho gara hai..
    Aur sex time bhi bahut kam hai 1second ne sex time khat ho gata hai
    Aru bahu jaldi kada bhi ho gata hai ..
    please help me sir

  10. hello sir,
    Kya aap meri help kroge ,meri age 20 year h or mujhe 4 -5 salo se nightfall ho rha h or peshab me dhaat ki shikayat b rehti h ,sir ye meri kamjori ban chuki h..
    Plz help me plz plz.

    1. Hello Rohit (name changed),
      Jaroor madat kar sakte hai.


      Weakness kyon hai yeh jan ney k liye yeh chitr dekhna.

      Padne k baad bhi shanka man may ho to puchna.
      (Aap ko email say alag say jawab bheja hai. Email check karna.
      Happiness doctor

  11. sir
    im 20 years old.sir oneday I had lot of masturbation.after that im having night falls every day.n im having a back pain this harmfull?

  12. Hi sir, I am suffering from night fall from last 2 yeara, it make me very frustated, sometime it happen 8 times a month , after night fall I feel very week.i cant concentrate, I AM loosing my cofidence , even in my face all the pours ha
    ve open.please help me
    I feel like killing my self

  13. sir namste

    Please help me sir “hamara daily night me so jane ke baad atomatik masterbation ho jata hai .jab sir dard karne lagta hai to malum hita hai sir plese bataiye

    1. अफ़सोस कि बात है कि आप जैसे बुद्धिमान लड़कों को ६०० साल पुरानी गलत फैमी कि वजह से आज भी परेशां होना पड़ता है। जो देश अमेरिका यूरोप पुरे दुनिया में कामसूत्र के लिए सुप्रसिद्ध है वंहा यह अवस्था!!!
      आप यह विडियो देखिये
      इस के अलावा अन्य उपयोगी मेडिकल जानकारी आप को माय डॉक्टर टेल्स डॉट कॉम पर मिलेगी जो ध्यान पूर्वक पड़ना।
      आप यंहा आये हो तो और अधिक जानकारी कर लोगे तो आप को बहोत लाभ होगा। जो विषय अच्छा लगे पड़ लेना। ऐसी जानकारी और कंही नहीं मिलेगी।

  14. SIR,
    M tired of nightfalls it occur’s 4 or 5 times in a week,frm dis my health is too weak,loosing my confidence,my sex tym is too low for abt 1 or 2 min,i mastrubate alot pls save me

  15. Sir,main 27year old unmairage hun mujhe 5 saal sa nightfal ki problam hai.1 moth mai 14 sa 15 bar ho jata hai,please help me sar

  16. sir mere penis se liquid aa rha tha…check kraya to pta chla ki protien aur puss cells aa rhe h…maine 1 weak aayurvedic treatment kraya pr faida nhi hua…uske baad mai check kraya or doctor ko dikhaya to kuch faida h pr mujhe bhut dr lg rha h kyuki ye liquid niklna km ho gya h pr bnd nhi ho rha aaj char din ho gye dwa kha rha hu…pls btaye ki aage mujhe koi problm to nhi hogi …our acchi dwa ka naam btaye…mai bhut preshan hu…

  17. sir
    i fill weakness after nightfall dark surcle n i m so thin also whts reason for that plz suggst to me wht to do wht not to do

    1. Hello,
      (AAp ka naam badl diya hai aap ko alag say email may jawab bheja hai)

      Greetings from

      Nightfall does not cause the symptoms you mentioned, but worry about the nightfall can cause.

      1. Know correct medical fact about nightfall – very important

      2. Meet MBBS doctor. He may do CBC blood test and give you medicines that will help you greatly.

      3. Don’t forget to read about nightfall. very very important why you are thin

      (पूरी जानकारी दोगे जैसे यंहा बताया है हाउ टू आस्क
      तो इस से अच्छा जवाब हम दे सकते है|)

      (To get more personalized reply it is necessary to provide details as given here how to ask)

      Please feel free to ask or tells us if you have additional questions or doubts related to sex.

      Best wishes,

      Dr. Ashok Koparday

  18. Great site you have here but I was curious about if you knew of any forums that cover the same topics talked about in this article? I’d really like to be a part of online community where I can get opinions from other experienced people that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Bless you!

  19. Sir i have also the same problem. night fall going tom much in month. sir i want to stop that cause of that i cant do my religious urine flows. i am fade up. i think of my feature now.sir plzz help me out.

  20. Sir meri ye problem 5 sal se hai par ye khatm hi nhi ho rhi hai ab to mera stamina bohot kam ho chuka hai ki mai 2 mint bhi kuch nhi kr pata hu mere teatical loose ho chuke hai pls mujhe kuch upay bataye

  21. sir ma 8 saal sa hand-practice kar raha tha par aab mein sab chod diya hai par mera nightfall nahi ruk raha hai or mera sperm bohot hi kam nikal raha hai bilkul naa ka barabar nikal raha hai meri age 20 yr hai mujha ek month sa night fall ho raha hai or ruk nahi raha hai plz help me sir ma bhut hi tension ma hu plz help me sir

  22. sir , from when I was 15 .. still I m facing problem . seldom I face night fall problem and sometimes because of my own .
    sir really I am so worry about this matter . will you please tell me sir “will it effect on my future ” now my I m 18 . still also facing this problem .
    sir I also feels weekness ..
    I hope so sir you will understand my problem and reply me as soon as possible ..

    Shridhar M.

    1. Namaste Shridharji,

      Aap ko nischit definitely future may koi bura asar nahi hoga.

      Aaap ko sari taklif is li a hai kyon ki aap ko sex ke bare may sahi jankari kisi nay di nahi.

      Aap naseeb wale ho ki aap ko yeh medical facts (free) ka labh lena sambhav hai.

      Aap k doston ko bhi
      dekhne k li a kahna.

      Happiness doctor,
      Dr. Ashok Koparday
      Sex Education Consultant
      Sex Therapist Counselor

  23. hello sir.meri age 19 year he.sir before 1or2 years me hand practice karta tha.ab mujhe night fall week me 2 tak ho jata he.aur sir jis din night fall hota us din me kamjore sa mahesoosh karata hu .aur sirkoi sex movie dekhta hu to penis se automatic kuch sprum aa jata he.sir me bahut dukhi hu issh baat se.sir meri help kijiye please..i will always hammle to you.

  24. Sir i am suffering from night fall(swapnadosh)problem in last 8 years. now my age is 23 .in a month 12 to 15 time discharge so how to cure in this prob.i read all of ur suggetion and believe that but plz sir tell me any 1 remadies for cure that prob.

    1. Hi A n (name changed),

      The one remedy is to understand that nightfall is not an illness.

      If you are burdened with heavy guilt and worry, then there is a good remedy for you.

      Please visit M. B. B. S. doctor near your place.

      Request the doctor for a blood test called C. B. C.

      Depending upon the C. B. C. report the doctor may start medicines for you.
      The medicines that are useful are
      1. Iron
      2. Calcium
      3. Multivitamin
      Doctor advices to take the above three for three months.

      There is one more medicine
      4. De worming medicine.
      Doctor advises to take this medicine for three days only.

      5. Read repeatedly to get correct medical facts.

      The above course of medicines bring excellent results.
      Consult your doctor before taking any medicine.
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Ashok Koparday

  25. sir i am facing nightfall problem when i was 16 years old .my age is 19 and height 6.2foot and weight 46 kg how can i gain weight

  26. sir, mujhe lagataar 4 din se nightfall ho raha hai aur koi porn sapne bhi nahi aa rahe hai phir ye kaise ho raha hai sir pls help me about this….

  27. Dear sir
    Mai Jayant age-24, un maired.sir mujhe 7 Sal se nightfall ki bimari h mai pahle hastmaitun (hand prektis) karta tha gb hame malum chala ki nahi krna chahiye to mai chor diya or tbse nf ki sikayt ho gaya mai bahut kamjor ho gaya hu or mera pet v thik nahi rahata. Mai bahut hi upchar kiya pr koie phayeda nahi huaa kyoqi mai ek dehat ka rhane wala hu or din prati din kajor hote ja raha hu or kuchh home problem se AVI 3 sal sadi v nahi krna h ple upchar batay .dhire-dhire mera wajankam hote ja raha h.

  28. Sir mujhe week me 1 bar night fall hota hai or me bahut he kamjor feel karta hu or me 1 week me 2 dys masturebate bhi kar leta hu Kua mujhe ya adat kabhi nahi ja a sakege plz plz help me Sir

    1. Hello Mustafa,
      Hi Jayantkumar,

      (Names changed. Personal reply already sent.)

      अभी भी, मतलब २०१३ साल में, जब आदमी चाँद के ऊपर भी जाके आया है पुराने ज़माने की गलत फैमि दिमाग में बैटी है. उस को कैसे निकालोगे। सच तो यह है की hasthaithun और swapnadosh हर लड़के को शादी के पहले होता है. यदि किसी को नही होता है तो वह पुरुष (मर्द) है या नही यह टेस्ट करना पड़ेगा। या तो फिर वह झूट बोल रहा है.
      दिमाग में चिंता घुस जय तो नुक्सान करती है आप खुद अनुभव कर रहे हो.
      मेरे पास लड़के आते है, “मै ने ९० हजार से ज्यादा रुपये दवा में खर्च किये है. ५ साल से जो वैद हाकिम बाबा मिले जो दवा दे आया. डॉक्टर, आप मुझे ठीक करिए। मै बहोत उम्मीद ले कर आप के पास आया हूँ.”

      इस लडके का hastmaithun swapnadosh दुनिया की कोई दवा बंद नहीं कर सकती। इस लिए क्यों की इसकी दवा बनी ही नहीं। दवा इस लिए नहीं बनी क्यों की यह बीमारी ही नहीं है. मेडिकल साइंस के किसी भी किताब में hastamaithun इसे बीमारी नहीं कहा है.

      Happiness doctor,

      Ashok Koparday
      Sexologist Marriage Counselor

    1. Namaste,

      yah pakki baat hai ki nightfall ya hastamaithun say kamjori aati nahi.

      आप यदि खुद को कमजोर समजते हो तो हस्तमैथुन के वजह से कोई कमजोरी नहीं आती। कुछ लोग एक्टोमोर्फिक (पतले) दीखते है। यह उनका नार्मल कुदरती प्रकृति की वजह से।

      फिर भी आप को यदि लगता है की शरीर अच्छा स्वस्थ होना चाहिए तो आप को व्यायाम (एक्जर्साइज) नियमित रूप से करना चाहिए। सेल्फ रिस्पेक्ट (आत्म सन्मान) बड़ने के लिए अच्छी किताबे पड़ना जरुरी है।

      अपने डॉक्टर को भी आप कमजोरी की बात बता सकते है। ब्लड हीमोग्लोबिन टेस्ट करने के बाद आयर्न की दवा जरूरत हो तो वह आप के लिए देंगे। उससे शक्ति बढ़ेगी।

  29. sir., 1 year se night fall ho ja ta hain sir maine isse bahut pareshan hu ……??? isse mujhe bad feeling aati hahin plz sir ,,, koi madisine bata ye

    1. Namaste Ramesh, Jhon

      yah pakki baat hai ki nightfall ya hastamaithun say kamjori aati nahi.

      आप यदि खुद को कमजोर समजते हो तो हस्तमैथुन के वजह से कोई कमजोरी नहीं आती। कुछ लोग एक्टोमोर्फिक (पतले) दीखते है। यह उनका नार्मल कुदरती प्रकृति की वजह से।

      फिर भी आप को यदि लगता है की शरीर अच्छा स्वस्थ होना चाहिए तो आप को व्यायाम (एक्जर्साइज) नियमित रूप से करना चाहिए। सेल्फ रिस्पेक्ट (आत्म सन्मान) बड़ने के लिए अच्छी किताबे पड़ना जरुरी है।

      अपने डॉक्टर को भी आप कमजोरी की बात बता सकते है। ब्लड हीमोग्लोबिन टेस्ट करने के बाद आयर्न की दवा जरूरत हो तो वह आप के लिए देंगे। उससे शक्ति बढ़ेगी।

  30. mujhe karib 4 salao se night fall ho raha hai aur .
    face mai pimpals zada ho raha hai .. & i have feeling so
    i want to stop my night fall plz help me sir

    1. Mera kabhi kabhi raat ko swapndosh hota jis ke karan mai kamjor sa lagta hun aur MERA LING BHI CHHOTA HAI aapse anurodh hai ki n8t fall band hone ka aur LING BADHANE KA ilaaj batayen thank you sir

  31. NF Cure capsule is a unique blend of herbs that are beneficial in curing nightfall problem from the root. It is made up of natural ingredients and safe.

      1. Sir,
        I am a very thin boy. I am 25 years old. Now i really think that my body needs perfect health. So i want to increase my body. that means i want to be little fatty. so please help me.

      2. Sir,
        mai 25 yr ka hun or mujhe 5-6 saal se night fall hota hai mai ab hastmathun nahi karta hun par pichle kuch mahino se maine ye paya hai ki mai jab bhi koi sex vedio dekhta hun to 2 se3 min me hi bina haat laggaye hi semen nikl jata hai iss se mujhe badi tensen hoti hai upay kya hai

    1. sir mujhe karib 4 salao se night fall ho raha hai. aur nigth fall month me 10 se 15 bar ho jata hai or mai weak mahsus karta hu or mai
      confidance less mahsus karta hu aur . .please help me

    1. Namste Surinder (name changed to respect your privacy),

      Aap k samasya k uttar may personal email bheja hai.
      इस में अच्छा हो सकता है। आप को धात के बारे में ठीक से पता करना जरूरी है। यह जानकारी आप कॉ
      Hastamaithun k barey may aap hindi may pad sakte hai yanha.
      और शंका हो तो जरुर पड़ने के बाद वापस पूछना।

      If you have additional questions feel free to ask.

      Best wishes,
      Dr. Ashok Koparday

    1. Dear sir u r god 4 me sir my age now 24 years and i have problem nightfall 3and 4 times in every seven days plz give me solution

  32. . Am 18 years old. Am not married. I have a problem of releasing sperm during my sleep. It making me worried and am losing all my strength. Please give me the remedy to overcome this problem. Please! Reply me Soon doctor. Am getting atleast twice in a week.

    Hi Bala,
    You will be happy to know that night fall does not cause any problem at all. Wrong belief that it is bad/sin causes worry and therefore leads to problems.
    Dr. Ashok Koparday

  33. Dear doctor,
    I am in problem with night emition since last 4 years about 3-5 times
    in a month due to excessive masturbation. I became too weak.Main
    problems are-
    1.low sperm count
    2.thin, short, bent penis
    3.low amount of semen
    4. Digestion problem..body became too lean
    5.premature ejeculation
    6.sunken eyes
    7.excessive weakness
    8.excessive Night fall
    9.memory loss, weight loss, body growth loss.
    10.i ejaculateglue/water like material even on touching a female or seeing a pornographic clip.
    Male, 20 years old, unmarried.
    Pls help me Dr.
    Prescribe me the medicine for all my problems so that i get rid of
    these problems soon..thanks.

    This is an example of what people believe is caused by night emissioon/ night fall/ night discharge/swapna dosh.
    It is important to remember that night emission does not cause this problem.
    What causes this problem?
    The false belief that I am losing something valuable energy rich substance at night gives rise to fear and depression and causes such problems.

    If doubts persist please ask again, but do read the details given about night fall here

    Dr. Ashok Koparday
    (For appointment call 9969377881)

  34. Dear Sir,

    I am masturbating since I was just reached at age of 14 year. And simultaneously starts Nocturnal Emission. Now I am turned 35 years old and getting very heavy pressure for marry. But due to so longer nearly 20 years of masturbating I am suspicious about my Sexual capability and temperament.
    Should I marry ? or is there any solution of my problem ? I never touched girl so I am very depressed and suspicious. Sir help me.

    You will definitely not have any ill effects due to masturbation or nightfall even if it is done for many years or started at early age.
    Your inexperience makes you tense. Some amount of tension is always present before marriage. From sexual health point of view you can certainly go ahead and marry with confidence. You will benefit greatly by reading this website

    Please read carefully the details given in
    If still you have doubts or questions feel free to ask me.

    Dr. Ashok Koparday
    Medical Director
    Samadhan India: Center for Therapy, Education, Research in Sex, Marriage, Relationships.

    Ex Teaching Faculty
    Seth G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital
    Grant Medical College and Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals
    [For meeting the doctor prior appointment is essential.
    You will have to call 09969377881 for appointment.]

  35. Does Night Fall or Masturbation effects once skin i mean does we get pimples bcoz of that.?as when ever i masturbate or i have night fall i found a new Pimple on my face..!

  36. sir ,
    mujhe week me 1 ya 2 bar nightfall hota hai,uske baad me thoda week feel krta hoo.
    aur me jb koi porn dekhta hoo to penis erect ho jata hai aur me masturbate krne ki try krta hoo to foreskin poori peeche nhi jati aur ejaculation bhi nhi hota..
    plz suggest me how to solve the problem

  37. sir muje sopndosh hai mere age 17 .shadi ke baad sex kar sakta hu kya? reply fast

    swapna dosh say kabhi bhi kisi ko bhi koi bhi nuksan nahi hota.
    Shadi k baad sex karney may kabhi uski wajah say nuksan nahi hota.
    Please read carefully the details given in
    If still you have doubts or questions feel free to ask me.

    Dr. Ashok Koparday
    Medical Director
    Samadhan India: Center for Therapy, Education, Research in Sex, Marriage, Relationships.

    Ex Teaching Faculty
    Seth G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital
    Grant Medical College and Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals

  38. sir,
    i m suffering frm night fall or nocturnal emission frm the last 3-4 years…….i have night fall approximately 3 times in a week.frm previous year only i started feeling weakness,memory losses,lack in confidence nd vibrations in my palms after doing some physical work.
    I,therefore request you to please suggest me cure of this…
    .please help sir.

    IMPORTANT: Nocturnal discharge never gives rise to any health problem.

    Incorrect information about sexual matters causes feelings of guilt and consequent problems. Please read the details given about masturbation
    [], nocturnal discharge [] on this web site.
    There are other very useful topics.

    If doubts persist please send details of your problem directly to my email.
    Dr. Ashok Koparday
    Consultant Sexual Medicine

  39. hi,sir
    i am pintu
    i am 16 years old
    i have some problem when i see a xxx movie and talk with any girls.then my penish would go stand.and i fell much weakness.i have done night fall once a week .my health is very sex time is only on 1 or 2 minutes.please sir save me.and give me suggistion

    1. REPLY

      It is natural for penis to stand (become erect) during sexual arousal. Night fall and masturbation are healthy and do not cause any weakness or any body or sexual problems.

      Please read the scientific information given on this website. If the doubts persist send me an email.

      Dr. Ashok Koparday
      Consultant in Sexual Medicine

    2. Hi Pintu,

      Nightfall does not cause any weakness. If your health is weak just do a simple blood test to check Hemoglobin (Hb). Tell the pathology laboratory that you want to check Hb. If your Hb is low it means your weakness is because of anemia. It is not because of nightfall or loss of semen/dhat.

      The normal time when having sex is from 1 minute to 3 minutes only.
      Please see

      More details on timing on premature ejaculation or early discharge is given here also

  40. hi,sir
    i am pintu
    i am 16 years old
    i have some problem whe i see a xxx movie and talk with any girls.then my penish would.and i fell much weakness.i have done night fall once a week .my health is very sex time is only on 1 or 2 minutes.please sir save me.and give me suggistion

  41. Sir i suffr frm night fall abt 6~7 tyms a month, i go to gym nd take extra protein food, does bcz of tht these night falld happens??? and evn i cant get easily sperm in hand masturbate, does its huge mattr of concern???

    1. try to remove ur negative idea regarding nightfall if excessive nightfall then try to masturbade it is as natural aseverything of ur life

  42. Sir i suffr frm night fall abt 6~7 tyms a month, i go to gym nd take extra protein food, does bcz of tht ths happens??? and evn i cant get easily sperm in hand masturbate, does its huge mattr of concern???

    1. doctor ji mere ko nightfall ko problem hai .muje nightfall 1 saal se ho raha hai. mera ager abhi hai 15 saal .mere ko nightfall ek week me 2 se 3 bar hota hai. please help me sir

      1. dnt watch Xxx movies and dnt think about sex during night dream this will definately help u in ur night fall try it guy

      2. JAWAB
        Nightfall say KABHI BHI KISI KO BHI KAMJORI NAHI AATI HAI. Dhat jo nightfall mein ya hastamaithun may jaata hai us say nuksan nahi hota. KYON KI DHAAT MAY KOI TAKAT NAHI HAI. Dhaat hamesha bante rahta hai aur ya to stree say samband rakne k baad, yaa nightfall, yaa hastamaithun is raste say nikal ta hai.

        Ap ko aur bhi shanka bani rahi to muzhey siddha email bhejiye.

        Dr. Ashok Koparday
        Consultant in Sexual Medicine.

  43. i get nightfall every week thrice can it affect the health.. my weight is around 53 kg and my thighs are too thin …and i think this is due to nightfall is it true?

  44. i suffer nightfall continously for four days n day after it or two days after it this again happens four next days
    i feel tied n deppresed for whole day…i had also taken medicine for about four months bt had no result

    1. sir help me i have big probalam my life me 10 saal pehle hand practice kiya karta tha par ab sab kuch chod diya lekin us ka asar mujhe ab ho rahahe nightfull ke roop me kam se kam week me2-4baar ho jata he kabhi to peshab karte waqt bhi ho jata hemera sparm bahut hi patal ho gaya he aur pennis ka size bhi kam he aur sextime bahut hi kam he is ke liye koi upaay shadi shuda ho sir me ni bahut dr ko degaye hy mai baut dubla hu mai mota hona chata hu aur khata sahi hu par mujhe jab lagta hai to mujhe turant night full ho fata hai my email

      1. Hello Asif (name changed for privacy),
        I have sent personal reply to you through your email. Please check your inbox.

        आप ने पूछा जिस बारे में उसकी सारी जानकारी माय डॉक्टर टेल्स डॉट कॉम में दी है। बहोत लोगों को इस का लाभ हुआ है।

        आप की परेशानी १०० % ठीक हो सकती है।

        आप प्लीज पड़ना फिर वापस कोई संशय हो तो हमें पूछना।

        डॉक्टर अशोक कोपर्ड़े

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