image showing Precum Pre ejaculate is lubricating fluid secreted by Cowper's gland. Precum is not semen


What is precum

Click to see picturePrecumLiquid coming from penisPrecum pre-ejaculate is liquid coming from Cowper’s gland. This pre-ejaculatory liquid is not semen.

Pre-ejaculate is watery colorless slightly sticky fluid that oozes out of penis during sexual excitement. Pre-ejaculate is not semen. People often get scared and immensely worry due to the wrong belief that semen has discharged before sexual intercourse.

Precum is not semen

Why does precum come

  • Nature has designed the discharge of pre-ejaculate to act as lubricant.
    In both male and female such watery discharge happens when sexually aroused. Sex means friction. What a smart way thing? God has designed this lubricating fluid called pre-ejaculate to come out at the beginning of sexual activity.
  • Pre ejaculate also acts as acid neutralizer. The acidity in urethra due to urine and the acidity of vagina are neutralised by precum.
  • Precum has a role in coagulation of semen.

Importance of precum

Pre-seminal fluid is lubricant as well as acid neutralizer.
When you wear a condom this pre-ejaculate is not available for lubrication. So all condoms manufactured now come with lubricant in it. This shows how necessary is pre ejaculatory fluid for enjoyable sexual act.

When does precum come

This pre-seminal fluid or pre-ejaculate or pre-ejaculatory fluid or Cowper’s fluid comes during sexual arousal. This may be when you are sex chatting or doing foreplay.

image showing Precum Pre ejaculate is lubricating fluid secreted by Cowper's gland. Precum is not semen

Click to see bigger picture Precum Pre ejaculate is lubricating fluid secreted by Cowper’s gland. Preejaculate is not semen

Other names of precum

Other names are pre ejaculatory fluid or pre-ejaculate or pre seminal fluid or Cowper’s fluid.

From where does precum come

Cowper’s gland (see in the picture above) secrete watery fluid. Bulbo urethral glands (Cowper’s glands), glands of littre release this watery fluid. Preejaculatory fluid is also called precum or pre ejaculate. This is not semen.

Can precum cause pregnancy

Some evidences have shown that pre-ejaculate does not contain sperms. (Study by Killick SR, 2011)
A study by Jones, R.K., Fennell, J., Higgins, J.A. and Blanchard, K. (2009) shows that precum does not contain sperms and in fact coitus interruptus or withdrawl method of contraception is as effective as condoms. This is debated. It is preferable that precum should not come in contact in or around vagina to avoid possible risk of pregnancy.

Can precum cause HIV STI

Studies have found presence of HIV (the Human Immuno-deficiency Virus that causes AIDS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome).
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