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How to space pregnancies: Effective Contraception

Already had a little miracle? Thinking of bringing into this world, another bundle of joy? One of the most important things that cross the mind of new parents is whether to space the pregnancies and if so, figuring out how to do it. Contraception isn’t as straightforward as it may seem, its important to get your facts straight about all the methods and their success rates and whether they’re safe.

How to space pregnancies

Traditional Methods of Contraception

1.The Calendar Method

In this method, the woman charts her cycles diligently and keeps track of the days when she is most fertile. The couple then abstains from intercourse on those days. Between day fourteen and day sixteen of the menstrual cycle, is the apt time to steer clear of sex. It is not as reliable as it may seem, tracking can get tedious and slack; And the success rate drops just as the diligence does.

2.Withdrawal Method

Withdrawal method or coitus interruptus is a contraception method wherein, the penis is extracted before ejaculation. This prevents any sperm from being released into the vagina, completely avoiding the fertilization scenario. There might however, be some viable sperm present in the pre-ejaculatory fluid that may do their bidding. This again does not prove to be 100% dependable.

3.Lactational Amenorrhea

Menstruation is delayed after childbirth, Lactation or the production of milk is responsible. This lasts for about six months while the lactation is intense. During this period of time, it is almost a given that there won’t be conception but there are slight chances that this method may fail. Due to the short duration of time for which this method is effective and its slight risk of failure, this method does not prove to be efficient as a contraceptive.

How to space pregnancies

Artificial Methods of Contraception

1.Barrier Methods

These methods work towards preventing the sperm and egg from meeting. Condoms, diaphragms and spermicidal creams and jellies qualify as barrier methods of contraception. Along with being top notch methods of contraception, these barriers keep sexually transmitted diseases like HIV at bay! Barrier methods have unprecedented success rates and should be your first choice, so as to rule out a pregnancy.

2.Hormonal Methods

Certain hormones are made use of to avert conception. Birth control pills, shots, patches and the vaginal ring are all examples of hormone guided contraception techniques. Their success rates know no bounds but they’re given out on prescription alone. Some women, however, are not well suited to this method due to health conditions.

3.Permanent Methods

If you no longer wish to conceive, even in the future, you should opt for these methods. Surgical methods are, at any rate, final and will lead to no further conception. Vasectomy for men and Tubal Ligation for women is what needs to be done. They are both routine procedures and pose no threat.

Deciding on the size of your family boils down to the decision of your partner and you. A visit to the doctor will do no harm. Whatever you decide should be taken in light of your health.

Happy Planning!

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How to space pregnancies

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