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Sex Positions Video Honeymoon Suhagrat

This is adult content. If you are below 18

Sex Positions Video Sexual Health Education

This is not videossex as x videos or seks or funny video showing des positions or kama sutra videos film.

This is sexual health education video.
The sexual positions can be effectively used in the treatement of

  1. Premature Ejaculation
  2. Anorgasmia
  3. Female Sexual Dysfunctions
  4. Sex Joy Therapy
  5. Situational Erectile Dysfunctions
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5 thoughts on “sex-positions-video-honeymoon-suhagrat

  1. sohab

    Dr sahab mai 16 ke umar se he hastmaithon karta tha ab mai 26 saal ka hu aur mere shaadi Hoke 5 shaal huwa hai aur mujhe ek ladka hai leken mere Lund ka size bahot kam hai aur patla bhe aur viray bhe kam hai iska acha as koi ilaaj batana plisssss Dr sahab

  2. Sex Positions

    So my ex and I got back together, we always had while apart, but the first position is one he uses now and it’s “new”. I like it, but can’t shake the thought of who he learned it from. Help!!

    Sex Positions

  3. sophia

    Dear Sir mere shadi ko kuch he din month hue hai maine aj tk kabi be phle sex nhi kiya tha or maine first time apne harband se he kiya hai or mera hasband ka wo bahut chota hai or mujhe us se maza kam ata hai ab unho ne sanda oil use kar ke dakha hai kyu ke hum ko doctor ne kha tha ke app us ko use kro to 2 oil ke bottel use kar le hai par koi fark nhi hua hai fir ek hkim se baat ke the us ne kha tha ke jab be wash room main bathroom karte ho to bathroom karte karte use rok liya karo fir kara karo us se wo lamba ho jye ga par koi fark nhi pada ye app ke id mujhe mere frd komal ni de hai jo ke ek beatique main kam karte hai or us ke koi ladies problem the us ke white pani niklta tha mil are or koi easy or simple trika btye main app ke mail ka wait karo ga.pls mujhe email kar dena ji

    1. Premier World Class Best Treatment Sexual Health Center Samadhan India By Ashok Koparday, Sexologist and Marriage Counselor, Sex Therapist, Accredited

      Hi Sophia (name changed),

      I disagree with what you have written.

      maine first time apne harband se he kiya hai or mera hasband ka wo bahut chota hai or mujhe us se maza kam ata hai

      Either you are a male writing this query using a female name or you are a girl who has had sex with boy(s) earlier.
      How do you know the size of normal penis?

      Presuming you are a virgin female here are

      Sexologists practical tips to have erotic sensual sex.

      • You can enhance sexual pleasure by using the mantra


      • Tell each other what you sex and romance.

      • Do adequate foreplay.

      • Do after play. Sex does not end at discharge of semen. As some one said, sex begins after discharge of semen.

      • To prolong sex,, delay ejaculation practice Kegel’s exercise and follow the

        5 top most treatment methods for satisfactory sex


      If you have any additional questions kindly feel free to ask.

      Happiness doctor,

      Ashok Koparday
      Sexologist Marriage Counselor


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