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When and how did it begin?/ समस्या कैसे शुरू हुई? कब से है?

What treatment you have already taken and its result?/ आप ने क्या क्या इलाज किया

According to you what is the cause of the problem?/ आप के अनुसार इस समस्या की क्या वजह है?

How many times in a week/month do you have sexual intercourse? /कीतने बार सेक्स करते हो (हप्ते मे/महिने मे/साल मे)?)


What is your period cycle?

How many days are there in one cycle?

Are you periods irregular or regular with variation of how many days?

Is it very irregular?

Number of pregnancies?

Number of pregnancies?

Samadhan Hindi May

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