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Solutions to almost ALL the sex problems are given on

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Sabhi samasya You will find evidence based solutions to all common sex problems

and you will find treatment to your sex problem.

The doctor personally replies to each person's sex related problem. Hence, if you ask questions that already have been answered on doctor's website than you may not get a reply.


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You will find here the same medically proven solutions that have relieved distress of 1000s and 1000s of people.


Now on this website the secret to take maximum pleasure without harm and give maximum satisfaction is laid open for you.

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The medical expertise that you see on the website comes from thousands of hours of clinical experience in the treatment/cure of sexual dysfunctions spanning over two decades.


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I spend hundreds of hours a month researching and revising the information that thousands of people come to see each day. Besides keeping the treasure trove of
medical information and the graphics updated I keep learning

web technology so that anyone, anywhere in the world can read easily whether on pc or mobile handset.

I enjoy every bit of styling and updating, a one - man labor that humbly began in 2005 as a simple email helpline. On these web pages I am sharing my expertise with love. Come one, come all. Let's have fun.