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Best cure erection problems without medicines-10 Solutions


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Date last updated: April 08, 2020

By TOP SEXOLOGIST in Mumbai Dr. Ashok Koparday

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Erection Problems 10 Best Cure without Medicine

Erection ProblemsHow Erection HappensClick to see how erection normally occurs in the male. have a definite treatment. You have arrived at the right place. Please read on.

Animated image erection problem cure treatment top sexologist mumbai Ashok Koparday

Erection Problem Best Cure Treatment Sexologist Mumbai Ashok Koparday

Here I will tell you how to get powerful hard on (erection) without the use of any medicine.
These 10 best cure methods are effective and useful even for those who have no erection problem. If you have some fear, lack of confidence, new girl friend, or first sex these 10 best cure methods given by Sexologist is all that is required. If you are taking treatment for your Erectile Dysfunction from any sex doctor kindly follow the advice of your sex doctor.

Top Female Sexologist, Dr. Hetal Gosalia, tells [click] how even with ED or PE man can fully satisfy a woman

Erection Problem Treatment Specialist Top Sexologist Mumbai, Samadhan Health Studio, Ghatkopar East

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10 best cure erection problems without medicines

The Sex Mantra is 3 S
self confidence
shamelessness and
These bring fullest erection
in the man and the woman gets
fullest samadhan / santosh / trupti / joy.

Do you want to know how 1-fellatio-benefits-mydoctortells Download
can cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Erection problems

“i am 37years old having some erection problems… can u suggest any house remedies for full & tight erection?”
— Anonymous, United Kingdom


1. Best thing for erection

THE BEST THING FOR ERECTION: Best Cure Erection Problems Without Medicines

The best things for erection are 3 ‘S’

  2. SHAMELESS and

  • How to get strong hard erection naturally?

    Young people, as well as elder people, sometimes lose erection during sex due to some interruption.

    Those men who get nervous may have long-lasting erection problems and get diagnosed with situational erectile dysfunction.

    Sexologist tells technique to regain stronger erection naturally without using medicines, without side effects.
    Erection can be lost and regained.

    This is called waxing and waning of penile erection.

    Some men misunderstand and panic.

    This leads to recurrent erection problems.

    Erection Problems Solutions Natural Without Medicine by Best Sexologist Mumbai

  • Kya JANANA jaruri hai

    लिंगात कोणते ही औषध न घेता ताठरता येऊ शकते


    Erection Problems Solutions Natural Without Medicine by Best Sexologist Mumbai


    BEST ℞ Honeymoon Tanav pahele jaisa nahi hai to yeh Knowledge kaam aayega. सुहागरात पर अच्छा सेक्स करने के लिए जानकारी यंहा मिलेगी। (क्लिक कीजिये)

    Ling may tanav kabhi kabhi stree kay saath hone par sex karne kay liye jate hi chala jata hai.

    Yeh darawna hai.

    साधारणत: लडके घबरा जाते है|

    ध्यान मे रखना ऐसा कभी कभी किसीकोभी हो सकता है|

    फिर से चुमना आदि आरंभ करने पर दुबारा तनाव (इरेक्शन) आ हि जाता है|

    तनाव जाना इसे वेनींग कहते है| वापस तनाव आना इसे वॅक्सींग कहते है|

    Kya karna NAHI chahiye

    डरना नही चाहिए

    Kya karna chahiye

    Ling khada
    Land tight Land may power aayega aur tight hoga yadi aap dhyan say padoge to
    khada karne kay upay achi tarah say samjna.
    [Upar CLICK kijiye Hindi may padne kay liye.]

    मर्दाना कमजोरी – क्या हैं, कारण, लक्षण, घरेलू दवा, योग और इलाज।

    लिंग में बढ़िया तनाव ला सकते हो ध्यान से पड़ोगे तो।

    नामर्दी, नपुंसकता से बाहर खुद को निकलने का तरीका जान लो।


    तनाव चला जाय तो थोडा बातोंमे, मस्ती मे समय बिताना|

    फिर वापस किसींग आदि शुरु करना|

    यदि आप बिंदास हो तो दुबारा लिंग कडक होगा|

    सही जानकारी से आत्मविश्वास बडेगा|

    यह आत्मबल काम आएगा|

    तभी दवा कि आवश्यकता नही|


    Erection Problems Solutions Natural Without Medicine by Best Sexologist Mumbai

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Obviously, you have to shed foolish self doubt about things like
penis size Fact Penis SizeClick to know the medical fact that penis size is NOT RELATED to woman’s sexual pleasure. and quick discharge.

This SELF CONFIDENCE comes from knowing correct medical facts. Throw away false silly beliefs that your penis size is small or that once when you attempted sex you came quickly so you are not good enough.
Restoring powerful self-confidence is best done by repeatedly reading topics given here on
See all topicsDON’T MISS
Check which topics you have not yet seen. Excess masturbation video, PE Cure, Secrets of female satisfaction.
here, including videos, pictures and photo gallery.

Your erection is best when you have a desirable, willing and cooperative partner. Cultivate romance by using the right keys of intimacy. In love making the sex mantra is self confidence, total shamelessness and secrecy. These bring the fullest erection in the man and the woman also gets fullest samadhan / santosh / trupti / joy.

Dr. Prakash Kothari says the best aphrodisiac is an attractive, willing partner.

2. Mood

Best cure erection problems without medicines.

MOOD GENERATION:Best Cure Erection Problems Without Medicines

Mood generation, by choosing the place, lighting, the perfume, the lingerie are important for arousal so too, specific variations in sex play (such as fellatio) immediately kick in powerful erections in men.


3. Honeymoon

Best cure erection problems without medicines.

HONEY MOON : Best Cure Erection Problems Without Medicines

Nothing can replace another playful honeymoon. Rather than sex as the goal, keep ‘carefree fun and outing’ as the theme of this picnic.

How to regain powerful erection
How to get erection without the help of medicine?
Get Powerful Erection How to Get Erection Again How to regain stronger erection if you lose during sex play.Click to download Naturally.
Natuaral Erecion .ppt .pdf slideshow

4. Misconception

Best cure erection problems without medicines.


Drive away all traces of lack of confidence. Not having confidence is a poor show even if you do good sex.

If you goof up what is the maximum loss? It is not a crime. It is not a sin. It only means you are not experienced. It means you are not one of those despicable boys who has done sex before a lot of times, with a lot of girls. So it is okay if you do not do as you expect yourself. Keep away from foolish, unrealistic, porn like expectation from yourself.

Drive away the ghosts of thoughts like, “What will she think of me if I am not able to . . .?”; “Will she think that I am not a good lover if . . .?”. Remember once for all that she never measures love by the size or the erection of your penis. She is not the penis thirsty porn girl of the blue films. It is a misconception projected by the blue films. She is not thirsty for full erection and insertion, but of full romance and pure love.

Why Do You Have Erection Problem? Read this topic explained with real examples
It is useful to know why on certain occasions you have erection problems (erectile dysfunction). To know the causes of situational erectile dysfunction with practical examples click the link below.

5. Sex Joy Therapy

SEX JOY THERAPY: Best Cure Erection Problems Without Medicines

SEX Joy Therapy of Samadhan Center of Sexual Sciences brings full erection.
(Sensate focus therapy, nongenital erotic play)


Sex joy therapy distills sensuous pleasure and removes the interfering inhibitory brain signals thus bringing about full erection using your own power, without medicine.
Sex Joy Therapy eliminates the need of taking medicine to bring about erection and is easy to do.
To know more about Sex Joy Therapy, which is perfected by Samadhan India ask Dr. Ashok Koparday.


requested sir,
meri shadi last month hui he so meri prb he me apni partner k sath daily sex krta hu n us tym me protection use krta hu n mene 2 tym viagra ki tab li n last
week se mere penis bilkul tight nh hota he n nahi excitement hoti he pls esa kuch prb to nh hena pls guide me n me apne partner ko fully satisfaction dena chahta hun
isse koi prb to nh ho sakti henapls reply me n pls suggetin me hw can do sex long lasting period? pls tell me


viagra jaisi dawa nahi lena.
Kab tak goli khate rahoge?
Khud ki power say ling may tanav aa sakta hai.
Janne kay liye please DHYAN say padna.
Dil khush ho jayega.

सेक्स जॉय थिरपी

इसे ठीक से समज लेना

सेक्स जॉय थिरपी में आप को एक हप्ते तक सेक्स का पूरी तरह से आनंद लेना और देना है|

सिर्फ एक बात: एक हप्ते के लिए लिंग अन्दर नहीं डालना। बाकी सब माजा करना|

इस हप्ते में यदि आप का पेनिस टाइट हुआ तो भी अन्दर नहीं डालना। लेकिन किस करना, बाकी सब मस्ती करना।

७ दिन के बाद आप को क्या करना है मुझे बताने की जरूरत नहीं। आप लिंग योनि में डालके बढ़िया सेक्स कर पाओगे|

सेक्स जॉय थेरेपी करते समय और उस के बाद भी आप दोनों को बहोत आनंद आएगा| आप सम्भोग ज्यादा बार, ज्यादा समय कर पाओगे|
सब कुछ बिना दवा के.

6. Porn

Best cure erection problems without medicines.

PERMISSION FOR SSM:Best Cure Erection Problems Without Medicines

Giving permission to oneself to enjoy the sexually stimulating content (triple X movies, erotic stories) is part of sex therapy. It enriches ‘fantasy’ that contributes to fantastic erections.

7. Sex Tonic

Best cure erection problems without medicines.

SEX TONIC: Best Cure Erection Problems Without Medicines

People are fond of sex tonics or supplements to bring vigor and get stiff penis.
‘Anything that is good for the body is good for sex’ is a simple rule for choosing sex tonic. Thus, physical exercise becomes the topmost health tonic.


8. Diet

Best cure erection problems without medicines.

BEST FOOD FOR IMPROVING SEX : Best Cure Erection Problems Without Medicines

Intake of nutritious Sex Power Diet What diet is good for sex energy, stamina, sex power without drugs to get strong erection like teenager. Click to see power point slide show food

SEX POWER Sex Stamina Fooddiet food for sex power sex stamina grams, germinating pulses, soya, fresh fruits, fresh uncooked thoroughly washed vegetables CLICK Sex Stamina Home Remedy Diet Nutrition Sexology Click Here

(1) such as germinating pulses and grams, raw, cleaned vegetables , fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and

(2) soy beanMaximum Protein Highest source of protein in food is soya chunks. it is more than twice the protein content of meat. Click to see picture. chunks, which is the richest source of edible proteins is beneficial to sex.

9. Alcohol

ALCOHOL : Best Cure Erection Problems Without Medicines

Alcohol enhances erection and sexual joy, if taken in small amount by removing inhibitions. Alcohol taken over a long period of time is detrimental for erection.

10. Exercise

EXERCISE : Best Cure Erection Problems Without Medicines

A. Regular physical exercise. Keep fit.
B. Pelvic floorKegel’s ExerciweHow to do perineal muscle or pelvic floor muscle exercise explained by Sexologist Ashok Koparday. Click to read. muscle exercises are added to this.

life syle changes to improve erection

Non medicine method/Natural method of treatment of ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION

To get the most benefit, you should exercise at least 20 to 30 minutes, preferably on most days of the week. Current studies suggest that at least five times a week is best. If you are a beginner, exercise for a few minutes each day and build up to 30 minutes.

5 Killers of good erection


  • smoking
  • alcohol dependence
  • lack of exercise
  • excessive stress (tension)
  • inappropriate outlook about events in life

benefits of exercise

  • Strengthen the heart.
  • Improve the flow of oxygen in the blood.
  • Build energy levels.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Improve muscle tone and strength.
  • Strengthen and build bones.
  • Help reduce body fat.
  • Help reduce stress, tension, anxiety and depression.
  • Boost self-image and self-esteem.
  • Improve sleep.
  • Make you feel more relaxed and rested.
  • Make you look fit and healthy.

Important message

Best cure erection problems without medicines.



Remember that if for some time, any time in the last two months if you have had good erection even once, even when alone, while masturbating, or while watching blue film or just after waking from sleep (nocturnal penile tumescence) then the sexual apparatus between your legs is absolutely fit and capable of full erection. Knowing this scientific fact boosts confidence, which enables you to have powerful erections.

If you have read so much then you deserve to know a special secret. Click above to find the secret.

Dr. Hetal Gosalia
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Best Cure Erection Problems Without Medicines
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