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  1. What is ESWT?
  2. ESWT stands for ‘Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy’

  3. What is the use of ESWT?
  4. These shockwaves have been found to cure Erectile Dysfunction when given to the penis.

  5. What does it consist of?
  6. ESWT consists of giving shockwaves to the penis. These shockwaves are types of sound waves. Low-intensity shock waves are transmitted from a pad to the skin. The shockwaves are given from outside, hence, called Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy.

  7. How does ESWT work?

    ESWT repairs damaged penile tissues and thereby restores the function of erection. It causes the regeneration of new blood vessels and nerves. It causes microtrauma that triggers inflammatory and catabolic processes causing regeneration of damaged microvessels and micro nerve endings. It stimulates wound healing.

  8. What are the advantages of ESWT?
  9. ESWT works when Viagra and other medicines do not work.
    It is Non-invasive.
    It has no known side effects.
    It has long term healing


ESWT has been already in use in, Orthopedics use it for the treatment of conditions like tennis elbow. Cardiologists use it for the treatment of angina. Urologists use ESWT for the treatment of kidney stones. The procedure is called lithotripsy, where high-intensity shock waves are used.

ESWT treatment is approved in Canada and some countries in Europe. But has not yet been FDA approved for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in the United States of America. It requires more clinical trials before it can be considered safe, easy, and affordable in India.