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Female Masturbation

How & Why

3 sexiest ways of female masturbation

7 benefits of female masturbation

12 myths of female masturbation

How to masturbate?

3 Sexiest Tips for Self Pleasure

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Nature has bestowed each of us with ability to enjoy ecstatic pleasure.
How to take solo sex to mind blowing heights?
1. Female Masturbation: Shameless fantasy
2. Female Masturbation: Secrecy
3. Female Masturbation: Sensuous Rub
Above 3 create heavenly bliss, your birthright.
The method you personally like is the sexiest method for you.
Each woman has a personal method to pleasure herself.
No method is good or bad, right or wrong. Female masturbation does not have to culminate every time in orgasm to give satisfaction. Experience not just clitoral orgasm, but deeper orgasms. Fondle the cervix.
Below are some methods of solo sex that give ecstatic bliss

1. Shameless Fantasy

When to pleasure oneself?
Feeling horny is nature’s prompting, “It’s time to love.”
Set the mood
Choose the light, perfume, flowers, music, and lingerie or nothing at all. Sheer naked in front of a mirror. Hold the mirror between ankles to see vulva and worship the vagina temple.
Read erotic stories.
Watch titillating pictures.
Pick your porn.
Imagine an exciting man, Sharookh or Shaan.
You have the freedom to be with any handsome hunk even forbidden guys. Don’t feel guilty. It’s mere imagination and does not get translated into actual reality.
You can cross of your legs tightly and contract your thighs when you are lusty. You can do this publicly in the park or even railway station or the airport.

Fast Fact
Clitoris See Clitoris Click to see Clitoris – the pleasure trigger button of female” has about 8,000/- sexually sensitive nerve endings, more than any other part of human body. Twice as much as the glans penis.

2. Secrecy

Find time and place that gives you privacy. No one knocks the door.
It could be bathroom or bedroom. It could be when you snuggle under a sheet in bed before you sleep.
Play unhurriedly under the shower or in bath tub.

Fast Fact
Most women are unable to have orgasm by vaginal intercourse alone.

3. Sensual Rub (Friction)

Below is the immense variety that tells you how to get rocking pleasure.
No friction
Only fantasy my dear! Just imagination, seeing, smelling.
Without stimulating any body part, sometimes just with lusty thoughts, you can go to dizzy heights.
Fly to heavenly heights in your private turf.
Just uncensored imagination may be enough at times.
To this you can quietly add pressure on the pubic mound by crossing the thighs and contracting muscles of thighs and legs. You can do this even in office or park.
(i) Fondling in various ways, with
(ii) varied objects,
(iii) erotic zones of body
(iv) Different positions
(v) Changing place

(iii) Erotic zones

Vulva, breast, for some women insertion in vagina. Clit is magical.
Some women stimulate anal region. Some discover selective erotic parts of your own body.
Example: Stimulating armpit heightens sexual arousal in some women.
Massage the breast. Stimulate all knots and spots inside the vagina. Go deep to fondle the cervix.

The Merck Manual says that 97% of men and 80% of women have masturbated and that, generally speaking, males masturbate more than females.

Experiment all variations of masturbation.

(ii) Sensuous Objects: Finger or any object of your choice for pleasuring.

Your finger is the handiest and safe. Apna haath Jagannath.
Vibrators and dildos.
Some girls like additional lubricant jelly, lube, oils.
Lubrication is great if that gives you kick.
Clean your finger and cut your nails for a germ-free experience.
You may use any handy object for sensuous stimulation, like hand shower.
The water jets in the shower or jacuzzi
Humping with pillow

(i) Sexiest Ways of Fondling yourself:

Rocking rotating in circle around the edge of some furniture like table or bed
Rubbing on private part down below is a common way. You could hover your finger anywhere in the vulva. Rub the labia majora and play with labia minora.
Massaging the clit or around the clit gives you crazy orgasms. The touch of massage is very specific, soft like a feather or hard amounting to pain.

Don’t hesitate to get help for sensuous back massage, calf massage, head massage gliding on the nape of your neck. Self-massage any other erotic body part that you have discovered.
Massage with vibrator or toys
Stroking the colored areola
Pinch erect nipple. You can use cloth hanging clip.
Finger movement can be different for different women so also
How much pressure is your choice.
Intense or light pressure, whatever delights.


Insert in vagina finger or fancy toy or anything that you can easily find at home.

(iv) Positions

Lying on stomach, back, side, face down, kneeling, standing or squatting.
Lying on back with knees pulled up and outside in diamond position

(v) Place

Change the place when no one is in home.

Top Female Sexologist in India

Dr. Hetal Gosalia Samadhan Health Studio

Novel ways for eccentric Female Masturbation

image Female Sexologist in India Clitoral Stimulation Therapy Dr. Smt. Hetal Gosalia, Female Sexologist, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai Samadhan Health Studio Navi Mumbai Thane Pune Bengaluru Treatment Female Sexual Dysfunctions

Female Sexologist in India Clitoral Stimulation Therapy
Dr. Smt. Hetal Gosalia, Female Sexologist, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai

Kegel‘s Exercise
EdgingStop and Start
Phone on vibrator mode. Vibrating Toothbrush.
Shower and Jacuzzi
Beads or necklace
Magic wand: Vibrator of different shapes.
(Note: If possible avoid getting hooked exclusively to vibrator. Vibrator isn’t available at all times, in all places.)
Dildo of erotic shapes, colors and styles.
Rocking on chair with rolled towel between legs
Use your heels
Stuffed soft toy Cuddly Panda bear or heart.Please share with us in the comments below your solo sex method.

Fast Facts:
In the US, masturbation was a diagnosable psychological condition until DSM II (1968). The American Medical Association consensually declared masturbation as normal in 1972.

From curiosity to truth
From pleasure to fulfillment
From desire to cosmic bliss
From knots to clearing of emotional blocks
From dirty to worship of beauty

Why mydoctortells to masturbate

7 Benefits of Masturbation

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1. Relationship
Female masturbation makes a woman comfortable and cognizant of her own sexuality. Female masturbation improves relationship with oneself. You know what turns you on.

2. Safe
Female masturbation relieves sexual tension. Female masturbation is safe, independent and self controlled outlet for heightened sexual desires.

3. Sexual intercourse 21
Female masturbation increases physical and emotional satisfaction during partner sex.
Female masturbation enables to guide the partner to incorporate clitoral stimulation in partner sex. This assures orgasmic pleasure during sexual intercourse. Brings harmony as it is useful when sexual needs do not match that of partner.

4. Happy
Female masturbation makes you feel good. The happy hormones oxytocin, dopamine and natural endorphins released during Female masturbation are beneficial for the body and mind. No need to get a high with drugs.

24 Fast Facts:The medical consensus is that masturbation is a medically healthy and psychologically normal habit.
According to the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, “It is considered
abnormal only when it inhibits partner-oriented behavior,
is done in public, or
is sufficiently compulsive to cause distress.”

5. Health
Health benefits of Female masturbation
Female masturbation offers following health benefits.

  • Stress buster. Antidepressant. Mood elevator 22
  • Prevents migraine
  • Relieves menstrual cramps
  • With female masturbation you do not get sexually transmitted infections
  • With female masturbation you can avoid unwanted pregnancy
  • Health tonic. Vitamin O
  • Female masturbation relaxes tissues from top to toe. Rest, relaxation and sleep improves.20
  • Reduces urinary tract and cervical infections
  • Tones cardiovascular system. Lowers Blood Pressure 23
  • Improves Breathing
  • Lowers risk of Type II Diabetes mellitus
  • Increases pelvic floor strength
  • Sex Therapy 21


  • No side effects.

6. Self image
FM improves self image and Increases self esteem. Sexual energy opens door to cosmic connection Higher levels of self worshiping.

7. Independence
With female masturbation you can do away with Pscho-Social and Moral Stresses of Affairs
Female masturbation liberates you from need to impress partner. So you don’t have to shave pubic tuft, no need for perfumes or self grooming. Independent of anybody else to enjoy

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Secret of ecstatic anand?

12 Myths of Female Masturbation

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1. Sexual pleasure can only be derived with a partner
2. Vaginal orgasm is “natural” orgasm
3. The sexual climax occurs every time after sexual intercourse (real-life experiences. More than 70% of women who are sexually active report not having vaginal orgasms) during intercourse.
4. Both partners climax at the same time
5. Self-stimulation is harmful
6. Bad habit
7. I am no more a virgin
8. My sexual desires will flare up
9. promiscuous
10. Problems in sexual intercourse
11. If you don’t you are not abnormal
12. If it isn’t thundering explosive climax it’s okay

Once we know our bodies then we can transfer that knowledge to our partners. This way if an orgasm doesn’t happen during intercourse Female Orgasm Tips about Female Orgasm – clitoral and vaginal orgasm [Click here] you can incorporate masturbation into the bedroom.

Real Question asked by Real woman


Asked at WikiAnswers.
How many times should one masturbate depends upon personal choice, availability of privacy and erotic thoughts? You can’t masturbate in excess. The body has auto stop the same way that it has auto stop when you are eating food during meals. After a certain quantity, you can’t eat anymore. Similarly, there is auto shut and the body does not allow excess.

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Female Masturbation
How to masturbate? Benefits of Masturbation. Misconceptions
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