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Female Sexologist in Mumbai Dr. Smt. Hetal Gosalia

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In this post, I will touch upon some topics in brief.

  1. Female Sexual Dysfunctions
  2. 1st sex: difficulty in insertion of penis
  3. Body aches and pains
  4. Bothersome white discharge
  5. Girl turns in to woman

Why female sexologist?

  • A) Female Sexologist knows what TRULY bothers a woman
  • B) Female Sexologist knows what women crave from men – but they don’t know

Pain is not always painful…..
Pain is a pleasure 2.V get married…leave our parents house 4ever…is so painful emotionally….but lot of happiness n pleasure of starting new life vt our soul mate.

V get our chums at Puberty…vt cramps n stupid pains radiating down….but a feeling of becoming young n getting sexy curves is a pleasure.

Delivering a child is horrible nightmare vt agony of pains…but v bear pleasurely as it makes us complete… birth 2 a mother.

The sight of the child out of my womb…takes away all my pains n brings me pleasure.

My just born little God cries attempting taking his first breath….pains me…but

His Cry Fills Me vt PLEASURE…

SO…some pains r beautiful 2 bear n gives us pleasure.
Universal female RECEIVING Universal male….
Vagina RECEIVING Penis.
I + U = V.

So No question of VAGINISMUS…

Especially by
Female Sexologist in Mumbai Dr. Hetal Gosalia for you

Female Sexologist in Mumbai Dr. Smt Hetal Gosalia

1. Treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunctions


Careful history taking tells us what exactly is bothering you.
This enables us to give effective therapy appropriate for your particular condition.
Modern Science assisted by innate common sense makes treatment of various female sexual disorders, including the common hypoactive sexual desire disorder, far more easier than before.

Female Sexologist in Mumbai Dr. Smt Hetal Gosalia

2. 1st sex: difficulty in insertion of penis

Usually, a newlywed woman is not able to conceive. She also mentions that sexual intercourse is painful and there has been no insertion of penis in vagina. Getting proper details from the couple by making them comfortable to communicate their sexual intimate experiences helps in addressing the situation.
After listening, counseling for guided therapy to treat vaginismus becomes easy.
Most women quickly learn self-pleasuring exercises. During the orgasmic peak the lubrication is abundant and insertion of a finger, then insertion of the penis is easy. A systematic approach cures vaginismus Clitoral Stimulation New Therapy that promotes clitoral stimulation either by self, partner or doctor gives quicker results in the treatment of unconsummated sex (CLICK TO READ) completely without the use of lubricants, dilators or surgery.
The couple is happy and is able to experience higher dimensions of sexual bliss. Pregnancy becomes natural.

Female Sexologist in Mumbai Dr. Smt Hetal Gosalia

3. Treatment of body aches and pains in a woman

Many somatic complaints such as chronic backaches, pains, migraines can be better addressed by teaching or giving permission for self-pleasuring resulting in orgasm and release of endogenous morphine-like neurotransmitters. People with cancer can also benefit from sex therapy.

Female Sexologist in Mumbai Dr. Smt Hetal Gosalia

4. Changes of Adolescence in Girl

Here you can see the changes happening in a girl as she grows to become sexually mature woman during her teen years.
This is a video depicting Adolescence/Puberty changes of a teenage girl. It also shows how and when ovulation occurs in woman

Puberty Girl Video

Puberty Girl Video Sexologist For Female in Mumbai

Video Puberty in girl showing stages

Breast, Menses, Sex Organs Female
Video puberty adolescence teenage girl secondary sexual characteristics changes external reproductive ogans genitals and internal reproductive organs growth development
Puberty Girl Video Sexologist For Female in Mumbai

5. How do you treat white discharge Dhat in women?

Sex Problems in Women and Solutions By Dr. Smt. Hetal Gosalia


Female Sexologist in Mumbai Dr.Hetal Gosalia

This requires first and foremost proper history taking to know the cause.
Most often normal discharge from the vagina gets misconstrued as a debilitating illness and the cause of backache, joint pains, weakness, and other body complaints. [3][4][5]
There are good medicines in Homeopathy that can address the underlying cause as well as reduce persistent white discharge.

Female Sexologist in Mumbai Dr. Smt Hetal Gosalia on White Discharge in Women

श्वेत प्रदर या सफेद पानी का योनी मार्ग से निकलना leukorrhea कहलाता है
यह हमेशा रोग का लक्षण नही होता. सफेद पानी का निकलना दो प्रमुख कारणोंसे होता है.
अधिकतर महिलाएं इस गलत फैमी मे होती है कि सफेद पानी के जाने से शरिर मे कमजोरी आती है, बदन में दर्द होता है. शरिर से तेजस्विता चली जाती है ऐसा भारत अौर पडोस के देश के कुछ प्रांतोमे गलत मान्यता है. (culture-bound dhat syndrome in females) [], [][]
१. स्वाभाविक
सफेद पानी निकलना प्राय: स्त्रियों मे स्वाभाविक रुप से कुछ मात्रा मे होता है
विशेषत: माहवारी (मासिक धर्म) के पूर्व, माहवारी के बाद, अण्डोत्सर्ग (Ovulation)के समय अौर कामेच्छा उद्दिप्त होने पर स्वाभाविक है
२. बिमारी

[1] Physiological increase in discharge, leukorrhea, is seen

  1. Two or three days before periods due to premenstrual congestion.
  2. During pregnancy there is vaginal transudate as a result of general pelvic congestion
  3. At the time of Ovulation from endocervical glands due to peak in estrogen levels
  4. During sexual excitement fluid comes from the Bartholin’s glands
  5. In newborn girl due to the influence of mother’s hormones
Female Sexologist in Mumbai Dr. Smt Hetal Gosalia

Pathological Leucorrhea
Vaginitis, fungal infection or bacterial infection or mixed infection, causes foul smelling, greenish discharge, which may be associated with itching and burning during sexual intercourse. Appropriate treatment is given to both the partners.

Female Sexologist in Mumbai Dr. Smt Hetal Gosalia

Physiological Leucorrhea [2]
Physiological leucorrhea is encountered pre or postmenstrually, sometimes at ovulation and sexual excitement; during early pregnancy before coalescence of the decidua capsularis with the decidua lateralis obliterating the uterine cavity. It occurs in some women before the onset of menarche and in some women after menopause. This requires no special treatment; reassuring the patient of the innocence of such leucorrhea is all that is necessary.

Pathological Leukorrhea:

Vulvo vaginitis presents as:

  • yellow, greenish from pus
  • white due to mucin
  • bluish from desquamated epithelium
  • watery from serum
  • very offensive putrid odor due to infection

Local causes and systemic causes:
Vulvo vaginitis

  1. Bacterial
  2. Trichomonal
  3. Moniliasis
  4. Candidiasis
  5. Infection of Skene’s & Bartholin’s glands
  6. Irritating douches, tampons, pessaries
  7. foreign bodies in vagina
  8. Sexually transmitted infections
  9. Endo cervicitis
  10. Uterine fibroids
    • Endometriosis
    • Carcinoma of cervix

Normal secretion of vagina is acid 3.8 to 4.5
Read more here


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Video original source copyright BBC Interactive video

Female Sexologist in Mumbai Dr. Smt Hetal Gosalia

Dr. (Mr.) Ashok Koparday
M.B.B.S., F.C.S.E.P. (International)
Accreditation: M.M.C. of India
Ex. Teaching Faculty
Seth G. S. Medical College
King Edward Memorial
K. E. M. Hospital

Grant Medical College
Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals ,
University of Mumbai
Dr. Ashok Koparday is practicing over 20 years as
Consultant in Psycho-Sexual Medicine &
Marriage counselor
Member: Indian Medical Association
Fellow: Council of Sex Education & Parenthood (International)
Ashok Koparday
Senior Sexologist (Experience 20 years)
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Rated 4.9 out of 5 Based on 118 Google reviews

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Female Sexologist in Mumbai Dr. Smt Hetal Gosalia

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