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Eating the right food boosts your stamina for sexual activity. It increases happy hormone serotonin, which increases your sex drive. It finally kicks the ‘Love Hormone: OXYTOCIN’ that creates healthy and positive feelings of intimacy in a relationship.

  1.  Sprouts (preferably eat raw) |अंकुर चना, मुंग आदि मोड आलेले कड धान्य (कच्चा)
  2. Green leafy vegetables. | हरि पत्ती कि सबजीयां
  3. Pulses are a rich source of protein. A mix of various proteins combines to give first-class proteins, that is proteins with all essential amino acids, just as in meat.
  4. Fresh fruits | ताजे फल (केला, चिकू, आदि)
  5. Raw vegetables like carrot, cucumber have fresh vitamins and nutrients that are easily digestible.
  6. Soya (Nutrela) | सोया न्यूट्रेला
    Chunks Soya has the highest protein content, almost double than that of meat. It is available as ‘NUTRELLA’.

Soya 100 g contains:
Energy value 336 kcal
Protein 54.2 g
Fat 0.4 g
Carbohydrate 28.9 g
Calcium 533 mg
Iron 21.2 mg


Protein Content

The following consumable products have the mentioned percentage of protein. 

Milk 4 %
Wheat 12 %
Egg 14 %
Meat 22 %
Soya 52 %
So choose whichever you like and have a proper food intake.


What is beneficial for sex?

The simple dictum is: What is good for the body is good for sex.

It is also true that what is not good for the body (alcohol/tobacco) is not good for sex