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How to get pregnant using ovulation test kit?

Why to use ovulation prediction kit for pregnancy?

Only one ovum is released on only one day in entire one month of the monthly periodic cycle of menses.
Meaning: In 3 months only 3 ova will be released. Therefore there are only 3 chances of conception even if sexual intercourse is done daily for 3 months.
Some couples desirous of pregnancy want to know that precise date when an ovum will be available for conception so that they can do sex when it is most likely to result in pregnancy.

How to use ovulation prediction kit to get pregnant?


How to use ovulation prediction kit to get pregnant?
Most women ovulate within 24- 48 hours of a positive result of the urine test. So, timing sexual intercourse for getting pregnant on the day of the LH release as well as successive 2 to 3 days after will maximize your chances to conceive.

i sure© detects these 2 days of maximum fertility with 99% accuracy.

Test to detect the day when ovulation occurs. Most fertile days for pregnancy detection kit. गर्भधारणा के लिए कौनसे दिन सेक्स करना चाहिए? घर में टेस्ट कर सकते हो| स्त्रिबीज कौनसे दिन निकलता है?

How to get pregnant – Ovulation Test Kit – i sure©

“Doctor, I want to get pregnant. What are the best days to get pregnant?”

The best time to get pregnant can be found accurately by you at home using ovulation test kit. Semen has to get in the vagina in your most fertile days. Semen can be put in vagina even by a finger if there is any difficulty in sexual intercourse.

“Doctor after sex liquid comes out of my vagina”

This is normal. The liquid portion of semen may flow out. The sperms present in the semen rapidly swim from the vagina through cervical mucous to go in upper genital tract up to the Fallopian tube in search of the ovum. Sperms survive for 4 to 5 days in the genital tract.

How to get pregnant: Main Points at a glance.

i sure ovulation kit review by best sexologist for female mumbai Ashok Koparday
CLICK TO SEE BIG IMAGEi sure ovulation kit review by Best Sexologist Mumbai Ashok Koparday

  • In entire one menstrual cycle only one ovum is released. That is there is only one chance of pregnancy in a month even if you do sex daily.
  • Egg (Ovum) survives only for 12 to 24 hours after release.
  • Sperm survives in upper genital tract for 3 to 4 days (sometimes even a week)
  • Actively Motile sperms that swim swiftly in a straight line are healthiest.
  • Minimum sperm count has to be 20 million sperms in one ml of semen.
  • Chances of getting pregnant are only four to five days, which are the most fertile days.
  • The amount of luteinizing hormone increases by about two to five times. It is more in the afternoon between 12 noon to 5 pm.
  • Sex on other days is unlikely to result in pregnancy. For example, sex two days before menses will surely not result in pregnancy.
  • Most fertile days can be found by calendar method or ovulation/ period/ fertility calculator only if periods are regular.
  • Ovulation prediction kits using urine are 99% accurate.
  • Sex is advised on the day ovulation kit test shows positive and subsequent three days.
  • It is easy to get pregnant even without using/knowing any method. The proof is the population of India. So be relaxed. Being relaxed facilitates conception.
  • If sexual intercourse is not possible for any reason, putting the semen by a finger (or dropper or 2 ml syringe without the needle) in the vagina is equally effective.

How to check fertility?

Ovulation prediction kit to get pregnant
Fertility calculator,Calendar MethodMost Fertile Days can be found easily without any expense at home using calendar method. To see how click here. Period calculator, Ovulation calculator, Ovulation calendar are available free online.
My Ovulation Calculator

2. Ovulation Calculator: SureBaby


image showing ovulation fertile period calendar method calculator free download

ovulation fertile period calculator free download

The sure way to check ovulation is used to be ultrasonography.
The sure way to check ovulation now is ovulation prediction kit (i sure©).
Ovulation test kit is used at home in privacy. The ovulation prediction kit is easy to use, does not require doctor’s prescription (only requires few drops of urine) and is not expensive or troublesome as ultrasonography.

Ovulation prediction kit to get pregnant
Ovulation detection kit in India is launched by Piramal under the brand name “i-sure ©”.

Comparison between Calendar Method and Ovulation Prediction Kit test – i sure©

Calendar Method
Fertility, Ovulation Period Menstrual Calculators, Ovulation Calendar is free, requires a wall calendar at home and regular periods. Free ovulation period calculators are available online as well as free apps are available on mobile.

i sure © Free i sure © Calendar Method Calculator Free online i sure © best days to get pregnant most fertile period can be found using calendar method given here. Ovulation app can be downloaded here.

Ovulation prediction kit to get pregnant


Ovulation prediction kit – i sure©

When you want to find whether ovulation is happening or not?
When the husband is often traveling it is useful to know which days are important so that he can choose to be home on those days.
Due to busy work life of both husband and wife frequent sexual intercourse may not be possible. In such circumstances, it is useful to know the best time to get pregnant.
Ovulation prediction kit to get pregnant
For getting pregnant ovum and sperms are required.
To check if ovulation is happening use Ovulation Prediction kit or and Ultrasonography.
To check if sperms are present do Semen Analysis test. To detect male problem only semen analysis test is enough. Healthy sperms actively motile swimming swiftly in single straight line is produced by sexual intercourse every 3 to 4 days. Note: To get pregnant in the normal way doctors recommend regular (does not mean daily) sexual intercourse throughout the menstrual cycle and not just on the most fertile days.
Healthy actively motile sperms more than 20 million/ml of semen is required for fertilization. The single and only test to detect male fertility is semen analysis report done at Pathology laboratory where blood and urine tests are done.

What is ovulation test kit – i sure©?

Ovulation prediction kit using saliva is not yet marketed in India.
The ovulation test kit, i sure, uses 5 drops of urine.

Are ovulation prediction kits accurate?

Ovulation prediction kit to get pregnant
i-sure detects these 2 days of maximum fertility with 99% accuracy.

How to check fertility using ovulation detection kit – i sure©?


How to use ovulation prediction kit to get pregnant?
The amount increases by about two to five times. The 12 to 36 hours between the beginning of the LH surge and the moment when your egg is released is the most fertile part of your cycle and the most likely time for conception.

Test around noon time (12 noon) or later because LH is synthesized in the morning, making it much more likely to show up in afternoon urine.
So for best results, fix up a time around 12 noon or later & collect the urine at the same time each day.


How does ovulation prediction kit work?

Ovulation prediction kit to get pregnant

  • Urine-based Ovulation Prediction Kits detect Luteinizing Hormone.
    (Recently available in India – i sure©) Ovulation Prediction kits test detect the presence of Luteinizing Hormone in Urine.
    Luteinizing hormone (LH) suddenly increases (called as the L H surge) mid-cycle. 24 to 48 hours after this steep increase in the level of Luteinizing Hormone causes ovum to pop out of one of the ovaries.
  • (Not yet available in India) Saliva-based OPKs test for rising oestrogen levels as you near ovulation, not the hormone which triggers it.
    As oestrogen levels rise, the salt content of your saliva increases too and when the salt dries it crystallizes into a fern-like pattern.
    A saliva-based OPK is basically a pocket-sized portable microscope, which you use to see if “salivary ferning” has occurred as your saliva has dried.
    The idea is that ferning is more likely to occur in the
    few days leading up to ovulation, helping you to identify your fertile window.

How to interpret Ovulation Kit Test – i sure© – result?

If you get a positive result, it means that there is peak in Luteinizing Hormone (LH) level which indicates that you may ovulate within the next 24-48 hours. A negative result means that the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) release has not been detected.
Ovulation prediction kit to get pregnant

Can it happen that Ovulation Kit – i sure© – Test result is wrongly positive?

Yes. This is called as false positive test. It can happen when you are taking certain fertility medicines.

Where can I get ovulation test kit in India?

At the chemist’s shop, ovulation prediction kit is available with the brand name i sure©.
Ovulation prediction kit to get pregnant

What is the ovulation kit -i sure© – price in India?

i sure© ovulation kit Piramal cost in India is _ _ _.

Ovulation prediction kit price in India is going to be cheaper and cheaper as more companies begin selling it.

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Ovulation prediction kit to get pregnant
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Roger W. Harms, M.D.

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How will you know you are pregnant?

You miss your period

You feel sick to your stomach or throw up.

Your breasts are big and sore

The area around your nipples gets darker

You crave certain foods or you really dislike certain foods.

You feel tired all the time

Home Pregnancy Test shows you are pregnant

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How to get pregnant? ovulation test kit.

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How to get pregnant? ovulation test kit.

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