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How to maximize female sexual satisfaction

*** Most women do not orgasm in penis vagina penetrative sexual intercourse.

So you can use Oral Sex Multiply Excitement Best method to ensure orgasm in female. Click here. in your sexual intimacy to guarantee orgasm.

What men do not know about female sexual satisfaction?

3 Things Men Must Know To Satisfy Woman

[1] ORGASM: Female Sexual Satisfaction.

There is no rule that she must get orgasm and that too before a man gets. Often women (one third women) do not have orgasm Tips For Female Orgasm How women get orgasm? Find the tips from World’s Sex0logists [click here] during penis vagina penetration, even if you do best of thrusting for long time. Even without orgasm a woman can be satisfied, unlike man.
Reason: The nerve endings in vagina are less. The sensation inside is far less then the sensation outside.
Like men it is not essential for women to get orgasm. This is the difference between woman’s and man’s orgasm.
If you ejaculate too soon the TRICK is, play with her some more time. You will get another erection. Then you can repeat sex (for your satisfaction). If you get dejected, feel ashamed and bad and if you keep trying to get erection, you WILL NOT GET ERECTION.

[2] My penis-My penis-For Penis Crazy Men:

Not your penis. Your personality matters.

PERSONALITY. NOT PENIS: Female Sexual Satisfaction.

The size of your dick, how long you keep thrusting, how many times you do sex may impress men. These things are IN FACT LEAST IMPORTANT for a woman. She does not love your penis. She loves the man. She wants the man to love her. not use her for sex.

Your personality and confidence are 1000 times more sexy than your penis. If you sit with dejected face because according to you (according to men) you did not do long enough she gives negative marks for that sorry, dejected, disappointed face. Her mood rises and she enjoys when you are cheerful.

[3] ROMANCE: Female Sexual Satisfaction.

Men focus on making sex, but what a woman really wants is making love. This is much more than sex. This can even begin a day or two days before sexual intercourse. Romance, titillating talk, excitement from teasing. She should feel she is loved. not just used for sex.

Actually I don’t have any issues like pre-mature ejaculation. In any normal
or slow pace of intercourse, I manage to do 10-15 minutes with rests in
between. But my wife is crazy about very hard (or very fast) fucking. She
only achieves orgasm (I presumes she achieves!) when I fuck her hard and
she demands for it. When I am having a fast intercourse, I can only last
for 1-2 minutes. I want to prolong this and want to give more pleasure to
my wife. ( in fact I have a feeling this 1-2 minutes of hard fucking is not
enough for her an she needs more)

This is the reason I felt, using delay gel/spray may help. Please advise me
Doctor…would this help? Also, is there any side effect to it?


You will get valuable information – don’t miss it here FAQ PREMATURE EJACULATION PE

Ravi you asked:
“Is there any side effect in using “delay ejaculation spray/gel”

Is there any side effect if you take diabetes medicine before going to gourmet party?

Why use spray/gel that causes loss of sensation when sex is all about maximizing sexual sensation, giving and getting maximum sexual satisfaction? Lignocaine is an anesthetic medicine (medicine used to give anesthesia). Anesthetic is defined in dictionary as a substance used in surgery, etc for causing loss of sensation to body part or unconsciousness.

Read my article on role of woman in treatment of male sexual dysfunction. There are ways in which woman can get more stimulus. ‘To give pleasure is responsibility of man,’ is outdated concept. It causes performance anxiety and consequent problems. Read about the tips tricks to enhance sexual pleasure for woman.


FIRST – Building Sexual Arousal

Building sexual arousal – make sure she is already highly aroused. This requires love making skills. It’s your personality that she falls in love with and not your penis or penis performance. You won’t get more marks if you thrust for longer time. Know how a lover arouses a woman. Titilating talk, teasing are all to be used do develop romance. This happens much before you reach bedroom. BRAIN is an important sex organ. Know how to be sexciting.

SECOND – special time – special romantic atmosphere


Special Romantic Time – when with her engage in love talk. Humour called “pick up lines” (search internet for it) is sexually exciting. To LISTEN to her is also important. Learn about foreplay by clicking here

THIRD – Erotic Touch.


Erotic Touch – Use not only penis for sex, but use fingers, tongue, mouth.

Which part of the woman’s body is erotic?
Know that the entire skin is a sexual organ.

You can be sensuous from top to toe. Use your finger, your tongue to go down on her. She will go into raptures of moaning ecstasy.

FOURTH – When to insert – When to take out penis

FOURTH – When to insert – When to take out penis


Insert penis in vagina only when she is primed and indicates, “Now, now”.
Many people are afraid that they may discharge during foreplay and skip foreplay. Foreplay is highly erotic and if a guy does it well see then woman can get orgasm even with foreplay.
For maximum female satisfaction know
When to remove penis

When you are thrusting back and forth and you ejaculate then do not uncouple. Stay in the same position and do sliding movements. She raises her vulva and gets stimulation by rubbing on the man’s pubic bone. If you (uncouple) get out immediately after ejaculation then she will not be able to get stimulation. This may leave her incomplete. More nerve endings are present in her vulva than in vagina. This rubbing gives her enough opportunity to get full satisfaction.
After you come out, then too you can stimulate if she wants it. This is after play. Use your finger, tongue or sex toy, whatever appeals to both of you.

FIVE – shamelessly tell each other


Shamelessness – Tell what gives you heightened sexual pleasure.
She must shamelessly tell what she is arousing and erotic for her.
Why Dr. Ashok Koparday won’t write a book on 69 ways to make love? This is because every one has different tastes. Also the tastes differ in same individual at different times. Some may like vada pav, some may like idli dosa, others may like pav bhaji. Similarly he and she will have special erotic stimulus.

Best is that both be SHAMELESS and tell other person what drives you sexually mad.

Note: It may not be sexually stimulating to the one who is doing/providing sensuous stimuli, but giving ecstatic joy to the partner doubles sexual satisfaction of the one who gives pleasure.

There are five other tips for taking your female partner to the moaning height of sexual ecstasy.

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***Basson, R. (2000). The female sexual response: A different model. Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy 26, 51–65