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You Asked

“Is sex safe in pregnancy?
I am pregnant in second trimester.
Is penis size in pregnency does creat any problem?

Yes, sex is safe during 2nd trimester, in 3 rd trimester too.
Sex is safe until the time baby is about to come.

Sex is a natural function. The husband usually longs for sex and he need not be deprived of it. In high risk pregnancy, the gynecologist themselves mention not to have sex, and other do’s and don’ts.

In normal pregnancy the position that is most comfortable to you has to be chosen. Woman on top is preferred by women or woman lying with her buttocks at the edge of the bed. The guy is standing and is able to guide his penis inside the vagina.

Uterus, or the womb, is a tough structure. It is so tough that it does not allow abortion nor harm to the mother or the fetus. Had it not been muscular and tough, we may have not required legalization of abortion in the Medical Termination of Pregnancy MTP Act 1971.

Penis goes only in the vagina, the outer passage.

I have not found proof, but my study tells me sex during pregnancy is beneficial to the woman, the man, and for the bonding of the couple.

You asked
Is penis size in pregnency does creat any problem?

If the Obstetrician has not explicitly prohibited sexual intercourse and has declared this particular pregnancy as high risk, peno – vaginal sexual intercourse is totally safe.
Neither the penis size nor the thrusting during intercourse a problem.

Dopamine and other neurotransmitters are liberated with satisfactory sex. These are called happy hormones and are conducive to well being and help withstand stress*.


according to study by
Stuart Brody, a psychologist at the University of Paisley in Scotland
“The effects are not attributable simply to the short-term relief afforded by orgasm but rather, endure for at least a week,” he told New Scientist magazine.
He believes the release of the so-called “pair bonding” hormone oxytocin might explain the calming effect.
_ reports from Reuters

I have quoted this study to emphasize that sex is nature’s basic function and is beneficial to the human body and mind in pregnancy as well as other times. If you do not enjoy sex than the ‘why’ of it needs to be found.

Dr. Ashok Koparday practices as

  • Consultant in Sexual Medicine
  • Counselor for Pregnancy, Relationships
  • Member of Family Planning Association of India
  • Fellow to the Council of Sex Education and Parenthood (International).
  • He has been teaching faculty at

  • Seth G. S. Medical College affiliated to K.E.M. Hospital and
  • Grant Medical College affiliated to
    Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals,
  • University of Mumbai