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Best treatment: Excess masturbation

_ _ Dr. I am masturbation addict. help me _ _”
” _ _ I have done excess masturbation I am weakness _ _

What is masturbation addiction?
My Doctor Tells best treatment for masturbation addiction.
अपना हाथ जगन्नाथ

हस्तमैथुन Masturbation

By Best Sexologist Mumbai Dr. Ashok Koparday, Samadhan Health Studio

Best Tips Excess Masturbation


हस्तमैथुन से कभी भी किसी को भी किसी भी तरह की हानि नहीं होती।

Mai nay bahot jyada hastamaithun kiya hai
Bahot jyada hastamaithun karne say aadmi ko kamjori ati hai
eh galat faimi hai.
गलत फैमि की वजह से चिंता होती है।
चिंता से कमजोरी होती है
हस्तमैथुन से कभी भी किसी को भी कोई
भी हानि नहीं होती|
Hindi may padne kay liye click karna.






What people wrongly believe:
People wrongly believe masturbation/hastamaithun causes:

  1. Weakness Ashakta pana ahe
  2. Tiredness Kamjori ahi
  3. Feel debilitated Thakwa yeto
  4. Body ache Anga dukta
  5. Problem in penis or sex or bearing child (Now or in future)
    Ling/Sex/Bachey honey mein taklif abhi ya badmein (Apkay bacche padenge to aap ki aisi bewakufi galat faimiyon par hasenge)

These and several other ill effects are feared to be caused by masturbation or due to excess or early age onset of masturbation.

Please note once for all (because I am tired of repeating it) that masturbation does not cause any harmful effect whatsoever. Even if you think you have done excess masturbation or begun from early age.


Masturbation helps prevent sexually transmitted infection.
Masturbation is a 100% safe sexual expression.
Please know that masturbation is similar to ‘sexual intercourse’.
Therefore, masturbation has the same health benefits that ‘sexual intercourse’ has without the risk of infection, unwanted pregnancy, complications of affair.


Do you think you do/did excessNot PossibleYou cannot do excess masturbation. Your body has auto stop. Click to see how. masturbation? Click to find

हस्तमैथुन से कभी भी किसी को भी किसी भी तरह की हानि नहीं होती।


Masturbation in excess/Masturbation addiction

Masturbation even in excess does not cause any harm.

If masturbation never causes harm why should anyone have weakness, backache, hair fall and other troubles. You are not lying. Outdated WRONG beliefs about masturbation causes incessant worry and mental fatigue. This worry along with guilt results in psychosomatic illnesses. See Tip no. 5 for TREATMENT at the end

Patient’s PROBLEM
I have masturbated in excess.
No one can masturbate in excess.
Aap jaada bar hasta maithun kabhi kar hi nahi sakte.

Aaj ka Medical Science
Kab tak purane jamane ki galat faimi may chipak kay baithoge?

The following analogy explains the above sentence beautifully:
If you are hungry for two days, and are invited to a party where gulab jams (Indian sweet dish) are being served. People are still chatting and no one has even started eating. However, you have finished eating three plates even before others in the party have started. While eating people notice that you have taken twenty one servings of the sweet dish. Now you are teasingly goaded to eat more and create a record. You eat three additional dishes and say, “Now I am done. That’s enough”. A person coaxes you to eat just one more dish and offers a reward of five thousand rupees/dollars/pounds/whatever. “No way, not a single more”, you say. A doctor offers you a tablet and says you will be able to eat more if you take the pill. You reply, “There is no place even for the pill”. Even if one of the party guys threatens with a gun on your head, you don’t eat more.
Body has auto mechanism to stop excess food intake. We say my stomach is full. I am done. Mazhe pot bharale.

In a similar way the sexual excitement and arousal keeps increasing every day. One fine day you have the privacy, so you get a chance to masturbate. You have some Sexually Stimulating Material [SSM = pornography] to read or see. So, having masturbated once you are aroused again and you repeat masturbation. For example, you masturbate three more times. After that, it is enough and you fall off to sleep. You feel it is over. You are done. Your body has an auto stop mechanism where by you don’t go on ! masturbating repeatedly hundreds of time in a day. Body takes care. Body has an auto control mechanism whereby you cannot exceed your body limits.

This analogy was to prove that a person cannot masturbate in excess.


Is masturbation normal?

Masturbation mimics sexual intercourse and is therefore safe.

Masturbation videos
by Sexologist Dr. Ashok Koparday

Masturbation Video
1. in English

Masturbation Video
2 in Hindi

Patient’s QUESTION
You are still not satisfied? The disturbed person says that masturbation and sexual intercourse are different. One may think that masturbation is unnatural whereas sex is natural.
The argument they give is:
Penis is not meant to be rubbed in hand but is made for softer vaginal passage. Hence, because of mishandling, you are afraid that your hand practice, (colloquial for masturbation) has harmed your penis. You believe masturbation has caused damage to the blood vessels or nerves in the penis.
Therefore, he says, Doctor, “Sex mein alag hota hai. Haath se kiya isliye nuksan to hoga he”.
That is, rubbing is not done in the vagina but is done using one’s hand. This is unnatural, whereas rubbing in the vagina is natural. Hence damage to penis or nerves or vessels [naas] ought to happen.

The reply is simple:
One’s own body part cannot, does not harm or hurt another part. Your hand cannot and does not keep pinching your ear because it pains. Even while shaving you do not allow to get cuts or wounds. Similarly your hand cannot harm your penis.
Masturbation even when done in prone position by rubbing on the bed. In this method of rubbing as well there is no harm done to the penis.


How does masturbation cause weakness?

Patient’s QUESTION
Does masturbation cause weakness?

Masturbation does never cause weakness or loss of energy.

There is a ‘relaxed’ feeling after orgasm in both male and female. This is not ‘tiredness’.

Still the fact that masturbation is harmless is difficult to digest for the majority. Over 80% of people, even educated people, even those who know that masturbation is healthy and harmless continue to fear that masturbation is not good; it is preferable to avoid it. This feeling is because wrong knowledge has been imprinted on their sensitive mind during early childhood. This stays for several years. There is mental programming of guilt and sin that needs to be changed with correct scientific knowledge. It needs to be reiterated that masturbation is healthy and harmless.

Ignorant patient often say, “Semen is lost, thus valuable energy is lost”. Some people even believe that semen is limited and has to be rationed, not wasted. Some believe that one drop of semen is equivalent to one hundred drops of blood. He says, “Veerya/Dhat chala jata hai, takat chali jati hai”.
Translated: He says that on ejaculation of semen energy is lost.

That semen is energy or calorie rich is blatantly false. If you give the sample of your semen in a laboratory, the same place where blood and urine tests are done, you will find that semen has negligible energy if any. So even those who believe they have done excessive masturbation will not suffer from loss of energy.
Semen is not energy reservoir. Nor making of semen or “refilling” requires energy.

Loss of semen either during masturbation or during sexual intercourse does not cause loss of energy.

Does loss of one ml of saliva lead to depletion of energy? Dhat or Veerya or Semen is something that is meant to come out of the body and not to be preserved.
A powerful logic is presented below:
When a patient is very weak and feeble you have heard the doctor saying that the patient requires blood infusion to restore strength. Therefore, you call friends and relatives to donate blood. Have you ever heard the doctor saying, “The patient is weak so arrange for semen to infuse strength in him”? You’ve never heard that because seminal fluid has no strength in it. If there was vital energy in semen we would have used it to build strength either by ! swallowing it or by using semen in some other form semenvita, semen pills to restore or build power, strength, vigor for the weak as well as for the healthy.
If there was vital energy in semen we would have used it to build strength. Either by swallowing or by using semen in some other form like semenvita the energy would have been used. I imagine there would be semen pills to restore or build power, strength, and vigor for the weak as well as for the healthy.


Is there nothing wrong if I continue masturbation?

हस्तमैथुन से नुकसान तो नही होगा ना?

Patient’s QUESTION
Does it mean that there is nothing wrong if one masturbates?
Does it mean one can masturbate?

Definitely true that masturbation is normal and there is nothing wrong if one masturbates. (Do it in privacy, the way you bathe in privacy.)
If a young man comes to me before marriage and says he has never masturbated, I would say,

  • Either he is lying or
  • he needs to be investigated for presence of masculinity.

Masturbation is rubbing the penis with the palm हस्तमैथुन .
Sexual intercourse is rubbing the penis with the vagina मैथुन.
Both are similar.
Blowjob (Fellatio) is rubbing the penis in mouth मुखमैथुन.
As Dr. Prakash Kothari would say to a young one who is going to get married, “If one knows Marathi (masturbation) it is easier to read and write Hindi (sex), because both the languages are similar”.

अपना हाथ जगन्नाथ
अपना हाथ कभी नहीं कर सकता घात
गलतफैमी का भुत
करता है लाइफ बरबाद।

I really have weakness. I look thin. I have body ache, hair fall, pimples. Please tell me the best treatment.


I really have weakness. Tell me BEST medicines

Patient’s QUESTION
“Doctor, I have become weak. What is the treatment?”
“मै बहोत कमजोर हुआ हूँ| कोई इलाज बताइए प्लीज़|”
The investigation and medicines mentioned below are really unnecessary. However, I find many boys who are in great distress.
The following may assure them that they have recouped.

1. Meet MBBS doctor
Do blood investigations on his advice.
Do C.B.C. [Complete Blood Count].

2. Medicines as advised by your MBBS doctor.
(1) Iron
(2) Calcium
(3) Multivitamins
each once a day for duration of 3 months.
Deworming medicines are useful in India as worms (helminths) is one of the commonest cause of low Hemoglobin.
Dose as advised by MBBS doctor.

Dr. Koparday’s
3 R for 3 years

(1) Regular Exercise
(2) Right Diet
(3) Right Thoughts by reading right books.

1. Meet MBBS doctor: 1. Investigation
Request MBBS doctor to do Blood test called C.B.C. (Complete Blood Count). It is a simple, inexpensive blood test.
You may also do semen test.
I have never asked anyone to do semen test, but if you are worried to the point of death then you may do semen test. This will help reassure you that your semen is of good quality and quantity.

2. Meet MBBS doctor: 2. Medicines
Please go to an MBBS doctor. Tell him you feel weak and want treatment for it.
It is NOT necessary to tell the doctor about sexual problem if you are shy.

Medicines for treatment of weakness related to excess masturbation or/and excess nightfall are the following.
The doctor will see the test report and can give you
(1) Iron containing medicines
(2) Calcium containing medicines
(3) Multi vitamins containing medicines
These three medicines are generally given for 3 months depending upon your Hemoglobin in C.B.C. (Complete Blood Count).
(4) De-worming medicine may be given.

These medicines are effective.

Along with these medicines, it is beneficial if you do

Dr Koparday’s formula 3 R x 3

3. 3. 3 R for 3 years
3 R
The famous three ‘R’s are as follows.
(1) Regular Exercise
(2) Right Diet Best Diet Click to see pictures of best diet to improves sexual health
(3) Right Thoughts by reading right books.

The sexual urge is biological and semen has only three outlets:
Sex with a partner
Sex with your own hand
Nocturnal emissions or wet dreams
It is not surprising that many people believe (even now) that masturbation is harmful to the body, in one way or the other.
Myths about masturbation abound and a list of all the supposed ‘harm’ that masturbation causes can fill a book.
Let us view evidence presented by Medical Science.

To be more precise let us use the term ‘orgasm’, which is the result of masturbation, as well as sexual intercourse. If masturbation is harmful sexual intercourse is harmful too. Both involve friction of penis, one in the palm of hand and the other in the vagina, and both result in climax or orgasm. Physiology is the same.

MY DOCTOR TELLS: Masturbation (definition)

Harmless manual stimulation or friction/rubbing with something (example rubbing on the bed) (usually) of one’s own or other’s genitals (not sexual intercourse) for sexual pleasure usually resulting in orgasm.

The best treatment is to have correct scientific knowledge about basic sexual function such as masturbation.
Know that masturbation is wrongly believed to be bad habit bachpan ki galti, buri adaat.
Masturbation is healthy and totally harmless.
Medicines are not necessary to stop masturbation.
Masturbation is very safe, beneficial method of sex for all unmarried boys “Apna haath Jagannath”.
हस्तमैथुन किसे कहते है?
हस्तमैथुन मतलब आनंद के लिए स्वयं के (कभी कभी औरों के) जननेद्रिय का घर्षण करना (सम्भोग नहीं)।

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हस्तमैथुन Hindi /Hastamaithun/hand job/hand practice best ilaj medicines aur treatment sexologist batate hai.


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Hastamaithun sambandhit kamjori ka sabse aacha ilaj
Best treatment for weakness related to excess hand practice excess or hand job or excess nightfall.

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How to know if the website is bogus and the sex doctor is a quack?


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