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Self-pleasuring takes you in an internal journey


What is masturbation?

Masturbation is an authentic expression of life with self, where one loves their own body accepting its sexuality. It’s like diving in an ocean of self-love where the sexual energies rise to give an orgasmic response and in this, each compassionate cell is enlightened with peace and bliss. There is an upsurge of the happy hormones, which takes one out of time and space momentarily. Everything in the universe becomes static and one reaches a state of thoughtlessness, a state of nothingness, a state of zero.

Thus, it leads to a feeling of divine ecstasy.

It is a Silent Exciting eXpression,

It is a Self Exploring eXpedition,

and a Soul Evolutionary eXperience.


  1. The belief that sexual pleasure can only be derived with a partner is false. You have a right to play with your own body parts and learn to have orgasms.
  2. The sexual climax occurs only during sexual intercourse. As an observed fact, more than 70% of women who are sexually active report, ‘They do not have vaginal orgasms during intercourse.’ Rather during masturbation, the woman is free of the partner’s judgment and is free to stimulate herself and throw her body as she wishes.
  3. Both partners climax at the same time.
    It is very commonly observed, the man ejaculates, and the female is not even turned on.
  4. The woman may assume that her masturbation habit may tomorrow cause a problem during intercourse with the partner. It rather will help her to have healthy sex with her partner.
  5. Self-stimulation is harmful. The female thinks she will lose her virginity and it may harm her genitals. One simply cannot hurt or damage self-body parts.
  6. Promiscuous…it can prevent having multiple exposures to fulfill the urge.
  7. If you don’t do you are not abnormal. It is normal if the woman doesn’t masturbate.

Spiritual benefits

The moment a girl reaches puberty, the hormonal changes take place, and sex curiosity and sexual desires develop. Some may start exploring their genitals and others may not like to touch. Both are okay. Nature has bestowed each of us with the ability to enjoy ecstatic pleasure. Sexual energy opens the door to cosmic connection leading to higher levels of self-worship.

1. It has immense healing power.

2. It will help to evolve and explore the self.

3. It clears held emotions and stagnant energies.

4. It evolves the hidden qualities of self.

5. It activates the inner voice and inner transformation takes place as an auto process.

6. It makes you more courageous and opens you in the field of self-expression.

Common Benifits

  1. It establishes a relationship with oneself making a woman comfortable and cognizant of her own sexuality. You would now know what turns you on.
  2. It relieves sexual tension. It is a safe, independent, and self-controlled outlet for heightened sexual desires.
  3. It increases physical and emotional satisfaction during partner sex. Masturbation will enable you to guide your partner to incorporate clitoral stimulation while having sex. This assures orgasmic pleasure during sexual intercourse. It also adds on to the harmony as it is useful when sexual needs do not match that of a partner. Once you know your body then you can transfer that knowledge to your partner and improve sexual intimacy and relationship, right?
  4. It makes you feel good because happy hormones oxytocin, dopamine and natural endorphins released during masturbation are beneficial for the body and the mind. You don’t need drugs to get high.
  5. It acts like a stress buster, antidepressant and a mood elevator and also prevents migraine
  6. Sex with self helps to fulfill the unsatisfied desire with the partner.
  7. It relieves menstrual cramps and regularizes the menstrual cycle by balancing the hormones regulated by the hypo-pituitary axis.
  8. It relaxes tissues from head to toe, thus improving sleep quality.
  9. It reduces urinary tract and cervical infections
  10. It tones the cardiovascular system, lowers blood pressure and risk of type II diabetes mellitus and also improves breathing
  11. Masturbation increases pelvic floor strength
  12. It helps in the prevention of psycho-social and moral stresses of affairs. Masturbating is anytime better than having multiple partners and thus preventing yourself from STDs i.e., sexually transmitted diseases

How to take solo sex to mind-blowing heights?

There are 3 ways mentioned below to create heavenly bliss for oneself. The method you personally like will be the sexiest method for you. Each woman has a personal method to pleasure herself. No method is good or bad nor is any right or wrong. Female masturbation does not have to culminate every time in orgasm to give satisfaction. One simply needs to flow in loving your private body parts, the breasts, vagina, and the clitoris the way you wish.

  1. Shameless Fantasy
    Feeling horny is nature’s prompting, ‘It’s time to love’. Read erotic stories. Watch titillating pictures. Pick your porn. Imagine an exciting man of your dream. Don’t feel guilty. It’s mere imagination and does not need to get translated into actual reality.
    Only fantasy my dear! Just imagination, seeing, smelling. Without stimulating any body part, sometimes just with lusty thoughts, you can go to dizzy heights. Fly to heavenly heights in your private turf. Just uncensored imagination may be enough at times. You can cross off your legs tightly and contract your thighs when you are lusty and feel the wetness down.
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  3. Secrecy
    Find the time and place that gives you privacy. No one knocks the door. It could be a bathroom or a bedroom. It could be when you snuggle under a sheet in bed before you sleep. Play unhurriedly under the shower or in the bathtub. Set the mood by choosing the ambient lighting, perfume, flowers, music, and lingerie, or nothing at all. You can be sheer naked in front of a mirror and adore yourself. Hold the mirror between your legs to see the vulva and worship the vagina.
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  5. Sensual Rub
    Below is the immense variety of touches and rubs that tell you how to get rocking pleasure.

    • Fondling with fingers and/or objects
      Playing with vulva, vagina and clitoris is magical. Gently move fingers near your genitals exploring your vulva. Massage the parts and insert your finger in a vagina or a fancy toy or anything that you can easily find at home. Just confirm it’s clean and the edges are blunt.
      For some women insertion of fingers or objects like dildos in the vagina arouses them fast. Stimulate all knots and spots inside the vagina. Go deep to fondle the cervix. Massaging the clit or around will give you crazy orgasms. The touch of massage is very specific, soft like a feather or hard amounting to pain, choose for yourself!
      Your finger is the handiest and safest. Sex toys, vibrators and dildos of erotic shapes, colors, and styles are available in the market. Lubrication if needed, you can have lubricant jelly, lube, oils. You may use any handy object for sensuous stimulation, like a hand shower. The water jets in the shower or even the jacuzzi gives a good kick. Humping with a pillow and rubbing clitoris on it gives great joy too.
      Don’t hesitate to get help for a sensuous back massage, calf massage, head massage gliding on the nape of your neck. Self-massage any other erotic body part that you have discovered.
    • Erotic zones of the body
      It’s time to discover selective erotic parts of your own body. Start exploring yourself and find out what excites you more. Say, for example, stimulating the armpit heightens sexual arousal whereas in some women massaging the breast and playing with nipples is great fun or some even like feet massage.
    • Different positions
      The position which is comfortable for you is best. It could be anything from lying on the stomach, back, side, face down, kneeling, standing, or squatting. Lying on your back with knees pulled up and outside in a diamond position is commonly practiced.


Masturbation is not at all harmful but rather pleasuresome or even necessary for some. Feel free to be yourself, love yourself. 

By now we come to an end of the discussion of ‘Masturbation’ If you have been facing this and reading this text helped you do fill our voids with your testimonial. For any further questions, feel free to contact Dr. Ashok Koparday and Dr. Hetal Gosalia at Samadhan Health Studio. We will be more than happy to help.