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Newlywed No Sex – Experts tell how to enjoy honeymoon sex with full confidence.
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By TOP SEXOLOGIST in Mumbai Dr. Ashok Koparday

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Newlywed No Sex

How to penetrate first sex?

If you are unable to penetrate during your first sex you become greatly disturbed.
Sexologists Dr. Ashok Koparday and Dr. Hetal Gosalia tell how to penetrate, what is the treatment of problems during the honeymoon. Find out how to enjoy sex with full confidence.
If you have come searching for these type of sex problem you have come to the right place.

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Treatment: Not able to penetrate newlywed

Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions
My husband is not able to penetrate.

Is it Erectile Dysfunction?

Is it due to Premature Ejaculation?


These are actual sex problems asked my real people

(names have been changed to respect privacy) and the replies are those given by Dr. Ashok Koparday, Consultant Sex Therapist, Marriage Counselor.

Newlywed No Sex

Sex Problems in Newly Married

How to enjoy great sex during honey moon/suhagarat with total confidence?

Hi Doc,
I am 29 years old and married recently.
Tip of my penis is bending when I get erection and try to penetrate. My foreskin pulls back of Penis head completely without any problem but facing difficulty in penetrating due to bend. As I see the connection between the foreskin and penis tip is in tact (below the penis head) and it is one which is pulling the tip down and making a bend. I earlier had Erection (Stiffness) and premature ejaculation issue and I am taking ayurvedic medicine for the same. Those are normal medicines and have shown improvements. Recently I am not able to penetrate and this is causing tension in my marriage in the beginning itself.
Is there any cure for this without surgery?
If I force penetrate even though the tip is bent, will there be any damage done to penis or her vagina?

my doctor tells newly wed

How to enjoy great sex during honey moon/suhagarat with total confidence

Hi Nath,

Please see the topic of “NEWLYWED”. Such difficulty of insertion is not uncommon. Read about “unconsummated” and “vaginismus”.

Please read carefully the details given in https://mydoctortells.com.
If still you have doubts or questions feel free to ask me.

Dr. Ashok Koparday
Medical Director
Samadhan India: Center for Therapy, Education, Research in Sex, Marriage, Relationships.

Ex Teaching Faculty
Seth G. S. Medical College and K. E. M. Hospital
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I’m 29 years old married before 2 weeks. I am not able to have intercourse. I lose my erection whenever I try to penetrate. However, the erection is fine and good for masturbation. My wife herself help me to masturbate and the erection and ejaculation are good and satisfactory. Also she feels pain in her vagina even on inserting a single finger of mine. Please advise as this has caused a lot of frustration for both of us.

my doctor tells newly wed

how to enjoy great sex during honey moon/suhagarat with total confidence

What you are describing is called unconsummated marriage. This is almost invariably due to ‘vaginismus’. It is not uncommon.

I have specially gathered these links for you. You will find the required details here along with the animated picture (small) and (large) that I have done myself.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions or issues.

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my doctor tells newly wed

how to enjoy great sex during honey moon/suhagarat with total confidence


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Erectile dysfunction newly wed Difficulty in First Sex by Best Sexologist Mumbai Ashok Koparday

Newlywed No Sex

Unable to Penetrate First Sex

Correct Treatment

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December 2, 2016 at 6:45 am

Kya period k 4th day par sex karne se pregnant hone k chances hai

    Top Sexologist in Mumbai Ashok Koparday | Samadhan Health Studio: Sexual Health Best Treatment Clinic in Mumbai

    December 2, 2016 at 7:00 am

    Namaste ji,

    Aap ka agala mahina jis tarikh ko aayega uske 14 din pahele ek stree beej nikalta hai.
    Jis din masik srav (bleeding) shuru hota hai us din ko lekar pahele 7 din baccha hona sambhav nahi. Masik aane kay pahele kay 7 din bhi baccha hona (pregnancy) sambhav nahi. Pure ek mahine may ek hi stree beej nikalta hai.
    Us din ya us kay pahele kuch din sex karne par preganancy ho sakti hai.

    To abhi aap kay sawaal ka jawab yeh hai, “Period k 4th day par sex karne se pregnant hone k chances NAHI hai”.

    Adhik jankari calendar pictures kay saath

    yanha di hai.
    Har ladki ko malum hona chahiye ki kis din sex karne say pregnancy ho sakti hai aur kis din sex karne say pregnancy NAHI ho sakti.

    Aapka shubhakankshi,
    Dr. Ashok Koparday


December 2, 2016 at 6:30 am

मेरे सादी को 6महीने हो गये मुझे 20दिन से मुझे परेसानी हो रही है सेक्स करने का बहूत ज्यादा मन करता है और जब करने जाता हु तो मेरा लिंग लूज हो जाता है मन करता है फिर भी कर नही पाता हू 24घंटे एक बार अच्छे से हो जाता है अगर उससे पहले मन करता लेकीन हो नही पाता है प्लीज बताइये मै क्या करु

    Top Sexologist in Mumbai Ashok Koparday | Samadhan Health Studio: Sexual Health Best Treatment Clinic in Mumbai

    December 2, 2016 at 6:43 am

    Namaste ji,
    Vivah purv ek tarah ka nervous hona, “tension” hona, “kya mai sex kar paunga?” aisi shanka hone say kaam bighadta hai.
    Aap nischint rehna. Samay par aap thik say sex kar paoge.
    Atma vishwas badega to aap nischit hi sex thik say kar sakoge. Ekhad baar shuru may thik tightness nahi ana, ityadi shuru may ho sakta hai. Jaise cycle chalate samay turant aap ko nahi chalana ata. Girne kay baad koshish karne say fir aa hi jata hai aur aap fir cycle ko market ki bheed may bhi chala sakte ho.
    LEKIN EKHAD BAAR SEX THIK NAHI HUA aap is tarah say chinta karne lago to fir ling may tanav aney may mushkil hogi.
    Kyon ki aap ko abhi anubhav nahi thoda tension hona ladke may swabhavik hai. Kya aap ko pata hai aap kay hone wale patni ko aap say teen guna jyada tension hai.
    Aap ki dawa hai BINDAS rehna. Yadi akele may hastamaithun kay samay tanav thik say ata hai to patni kay saath bhi ATMA VISHWAS hone par ling may tanav aayega. Yeh baat aur acchi tarah say

    samjhayee hai video kay saath

    Dhyan say sambandhit sabhi jankari pad lena.
    Ashok Koparday

amit kumar

April 5, 2016 at 10:30 pm

Hame night fail ka tablet ka name chahiye

    Ashok Koparday, Sexologist and Marriage Counselor, Sex Therapist, Accredited

    October 3, 2016 at 9:21 am

    Namaste ji,
    Aap ko BINA DAWA ka hamesha kay liye musibat say chukara chahiye to Hindi may yeh padna. https://mydoctortells.com/swapnadosh/

    Jo thik ho chukey hai unka anubhav is audio may sun na.https://mydoctortells.com/nightfall-audio/
    Aap ki life hamesha kay liye badal jayegi aur hame duva dete rahoge.
    Happiness doctor
    अशोक कोपर्डे

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