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  • Nightfall is uncontrolled ejaculation of semen during sleep.
  • It is absolutely normal and physiological for males during teenage and early adult years.
  • It is the most innocent way of the body making its orgasmic call.
  • It may or may not be associated with sexual arousal or erotic dreams. 

Nightfall is also called Nocturnal Emission or WetDreams. 

Nightfall is popularly called as swapna dosh (fault in a dream). But, there is no dosh (fault) in semen that passes during sleep.

Swapnadosh is as prevalent and as harmless as masturbation.

It is usually pronounced when a male has not masturbated or not had sexual intercourse for quite some time, the pent up sexual drive causes semen to come out in sleep with or without erotic dreams. Semen is manufactured 24 hours continuously. Semen made is meant to come out through the urethral opening of the penis. 

There are only three processes by which it can come out of the body.
1) Sex
2) Masturbation
3) Nightfall 

So, in nightfall, whatever is in excess is released from the penis in the form of ejaculation. Thus nightfall is a natural mechanism and does not cause any harm. Almost every man experiences nightfall. Nightfall in boys/men is a type of normal sexual process of the human body.

Masturbation is hastmaithun – Hasta (hands) maithun (sex)
So, MASTURBATION is sex with the help of hands.

Nightfall is swapna maithun – Swapna (dream) maithun (sex)
So, NIGHTFALL is sex in sleep.

As it is considered as a ‘Taboo’,there is a lot of guilt and misunderstandings about it. The guy cannot ask his teacher or a parent about it and keeps in mind. They usually hide out of shame.


Nightfall causes weakness in the body

Weakness is never caused by excess nightfall or loss of semen. 
Weakness is caused by guilt, tension, worry, and hopelessness. 
It is caused by the wrong belief that loss of semen/dhatu/virya causes loss of energy.
What you believe becomes true for you.
If you believe excess nightfall causes weakness you will experience weakness even when all blood tests and other investigations are normal.

Nightfall makes the body lean and thin

In teens and twenties, boys look lanky and thin. This is because of the growth spurt during puberty were the long bones of the body are growing longer. This makes the boy look tall and slim, but the boy is not weak.

Nightfall makes a man impotent

Nightfall does not cause impotence. It does not affect your sexual desire nor your capacity to perform sex is reduced. Man can have a healthy sexual life.

Nightfall will make man infertile

Nightfall does not cause failure in making children. It does not affect the quality nor the quantity of sperms.

Nightfall leads to power loss in man

There is a strong misbelief that semen has power (virya). Any loss of semen out of the body means loss of manliness, hence semen must be conserved and not to be allowed to lose in sleep.


The boy or the man usually complains of

  1. Weakness
  2. Weight loss
  3. Tiredness
  4. Back pains
  5. Loss of energy/virya
  6. Excess sleep

These boys are not lying. They are really suffering. ‘The suffering is not because of nightfall or masturbation, but because of stress, frustration developed due to WRONG beliefs. These types of aches and pains are called Psychosomatic illnesses’. It results from excessive worry and extreme mental tensions.

Ex: If hemoglobin is low a person feels weak. If the hemoglobin is normal and yet the person feels weak then the weakness is because of excess worry.


The best treatment to stop nightfall is correct medical knowledge about nightfall.

It is vital to realize that excess nightfall, excess masturbation, excess loss of dhat does not cause weakness.

Meet your doctor and get your CBC count done. Mostly they prescribe the following medicines which will make the guy feel healthy.

Anti Helminthiasis Medicine for deworming.

3 R program

It will help the man to develop a strong smart personality.

1. Regular exercise will raise endorphins which are stress busters.
2. Regular diet. 
3. Right knowledge. Right thoughts will help a teenager or a man to build positive self-esteem.

There is no yoga, herbal or ayurvedic remedies, natural therapy treatment to cure swapnadosh, as there is no dosh.


Is swapnadosh/wet dream a sex problem?

No. Swapnadosh is not a problem. People don’t know the true medical facts. Hence, they believe swapnadosh / wet dreams is a problem. Children of these people, in the next generation, will be surprised and mock at this false belief.

What is the permanent cure for nightfall?

Cure for the discharge of semen in night/swapnadosh/wet dreams is masturbation or sexual intercourse. There has to be a way for the dhat to go out of the body.

To stop the release of dhat/swapnadosh there are NO MEDICINES. People have spent years taking all sorts of medicines Ayurvedic/Jadibutti/Hakim. Yet when it does not stop, these people become more distressed and frustrated. The medical fact is nightfall is not a disease. NIGHTFALL IS TOTALLY HARMLESS.

So, why to take treatment for something which is Normal.

Is there nightfall in girls the way there is nightfall in boys/men/males?

Girls sometimes complain of excessive discharge due to hormonal changes.

Why is nightfall /swapnadosh a problem for people?

Swapnadosh/Wet dreams is a problem because there is a wrong belief that it is harmful and causes ill effects. Quacks (Bogus doctors) have kept this myth alive because they earn money from people who carry the misconception that swapnadosh/wet dreams is damaging.


How to cure nightfall disease?

Nightfall is not a disease. So there is no need to cure swapna dosh wet dreams.

JUST AS EXAMPLE: What is the cure for sweating? Sweating is not a disease. There is no cure for sweating.

Why do I have Swapnadosh/Wet Dreams?

Night fall is a good sign. This tells you, you are normal and semen is being constantly produced. If you pour more water in a cup the water will overflow. Similarly, if you are not having regular sex semen flows out. Dhat/semen is made by the body to come out not to preserve.

Does everybody have nightfall?

All those who don’t masturbate or don’t have sexual intercourse will have nightfall. So nightfall is extremely common before marriage. After marriage it is rare.

How to stop nightfall?

Why stop it? Why to stop wet dreams/swapnadosh?

You don’t have to stop wet dreams/swapnadosh. You cannot stop passing urine or stools. You cannot stop passing dhat (semen), which is made to come out. It can stop if you have regular sex or frequent masturbation.

Wet dreams/swapna dosh does not cause any harm whatsoever no matter how often it happens or for how long it has been happening.