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Nightfall Hindi Ilaj Astonishing Fact नाईट फॉल

नाइटफॅाल आश्चर्यकारक माहिती संपूर्ण उपचार Nightfall Astonishing Fact Complete Cure by Ashok Koparday

नाइटफॅाल आश्चर्यकारक माहिती संपूर्ण उपचार

Aap yanha kis liye aaye ho?
Aapko sirf dawa chahiye ya sahi jankari say hamesha kay liye pareshani say mukti chahiye?


  • What is the best medicine for nightfall नाईटफ़ॉल
  1. What is the cure for my weakness and other problems
  2. What is nightfall नाईटफ़ॉल
  3. Why do I have nightfall नाईटफ़ॉल
  4. Why is nightfall normal
  5. Does everybody have nightfall
  6. Why do I get weakness, pimples and pain after nightfall?
  7. Will I have problem in sex/getting children later on
  8. How to stop nightfall
  9. मुझे नाईटफ़ॉल हिंदी में पड़ना है nightall in hindi
  10. I want to know more medical facts about नाईटफ़ॉल nightfall धात dhat

क्या मै शादी के बाद अच्छा सेक्स कर पाउंगा?
पुरा समाधान दे पाउंगा?
मुझे किसी कि जिंदगी बरबाद नही करनी है|


Hindi may padne kay liye


Swapnadosh [hindi click]


INCREASE WEIGHT TREATMENT कमजोरी का 100% इलाज (click)

How to stop Nightfall

Best Treatment Cure Nightfall

FREE DOWNLOAD best medicine to stop nightfallMedical Facts NightfallGalat dharana Wrong belief about nightfall and Medical facts

Doctor, I want treatment to cure Nightfall. Tell me best medicine.

What is the best treatment? Tell me good medicine to stop this.

Best medicine = BURN WRONG beliefs about nightfall NOW

BEST MEDICINE TO PERMANENTLY CURE NIGHTFALL WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS IS CORRECT KNOWLEDGE. People have taken natural, ayurvedic, charak, patanjali, homeopathy home remedy and various therapy treatments yet nightfall नाईटफ़ॉल does not stop. People waste money on ayurvedic treatment. Ayurvedic remedy does not work because नाईटफ़ॉल swapnadosh is not a disease.

Night fall is not an illness. It is normal, physiological process. It does not require treatment.

नाईटफ़ॉल से कोई नुक्सान नहीं होता

Nightfall is also called as Nocturnal Emission, Wet Dreams, Swapnadosh
Best treatment to stop nightfall is correct medical knowledge about nightfall.

Nightfall is not an illness

What is the treatment for my weakness?

मेरी कमजोरी दूर करने के लिए सही ट्रीटमेंट इलाज बताइए

No side effects ka treatment
घरेलू उपाय click karna

Net par kanhi aur nahi milega

1. ***Correct scientific medical understanding is definite method of treating weakness. What you believe becomes true for you.
If you believe excess nightfall causes weakness you will experience weakness even when all blood tests and other investigations are normal.
It is vital to realize that excess nightfall, excess masturbation, excess loss of dhat does not cause weakness.

2. In teens and twenties boys look lanky and thin. This is because the long bones of the body are growing longer. Height increases and the boy looks slim, but is not weak. Click to see picture graphic and

3. Weakness could be due to causes other than nightfall.
So for treatment of weakness and all the other problems you have please
go to M.B.B.S. doctor nearby and take proper treatment from the doctor.
The doctor may do blood test called C.B.C.
कम्प्लीट ब्लड काउंट Complete Blood Count=Hemoglobin, Red blood cells, White blood cells and ESR खुन की जांच

This shows blood levels of Hemoglobin.

Very good medicines are available to treat weakness.
Usually M.B.B.S. doctor gives course of medicines containing

  1. Iron,
  2. Calcium,
  3. Multi vitamins
  4. and also medicine for
IMPORTANT FOOD TO EAT (see pictures):
Sex Power Food Food Pictures Pictures of food that will give any person HUGE power and remove weakness click to see pictures of foot that give tremendous power and are best natural treatment of weakness due to any cause.
The diet given above and 3 R given below brings fantastic results.

Click to read Dr. Koparday’s 3 R program:
How to develop powerful attractive personality?

Why do I have weakness and pain and many problems after nightfall?

मुझे विकनेस अौर अन्य तकलिफ क्यों है ?

***Weakness is caused by guilt, tension, worry, hopelessness. After knowing correct medical facts young person starts feeling better. It is advisable to download this and read again and again.

FREE DOWNLOAD best medicine to stop nightfallMedical Facts NightfallGalat dharana Wrong belief about nightfall and Medical facts

Weakness is never caused by excess nightfall or loss of semen. It is caused by the wrong belief that loss of semen/dhatu/virya causes loss of energy.

If nightfall is not harmful then why do I have weakness?

If hemoglobin is low a person feels weak. If the hemoglobin is normal and yet the person feels weak then the weakness is because of excess worry.
***Psychosomatic illness
“जो लडके कमजोरी, दर्द, परेशानी है,” कहते है वह झुठ नही बोलते|
These boys are not lying. They are really suffering. The suffering is not because of nightfall or masturbation, but because of stress, frustration developed due to WRONG beliefs. These types of aches and pains are called as psychosomatic illnesses.” excessive worry and extreme mental tensions.



There is no yoga, herbal or ayurvedic remedies, natural therapy treatments
to cure swapnadosh.

Is swapnadosh/wet dream sex problem?

No. Swapnadosh is not a problem. People don’t know true medical fact. Hence, they believe swapnadosh / wet dreams is a problem. Children of these people in next generation will be surprised and mock at this false belief.

What is the permanent cure for nightfall?

Cure for discharge of semen in night/swapnadosh/wet dreams is masturbation or sexual intercourse. There has to be a way for the dhat to go out of body.
To stop release of dhat/swapnadosh there are NO MEDICINES. People have spent years taking all sort of medicines Ayurvedic/Jadi butti/Hakim. Natural therapy treatments, ayurvedic treatment,
ayurvedic remedies does not stop it. Instead these people become more distressed and frustrated. Medical fact is night fall is not a disease. NIGHTFALL IS TOTALLY HARMLESS.

Is there nightfall in girls the way there is nightfall in boys/men/males?

What are the causes of nightfall?

Semen is manufactured 24 hours continuously. Semen is made for and meant to come out. There are only three ways it can come out of the body.
1) Sex
2) Masturbation
3) Nightfall Wet dreams

Why is nightfalls/swapnadosh problem for so many people?

Swapnadosh/Wet dreams is a problem because there is a wrong belief that it is harmful and causes ill effects. Quacks (Bogus doctors) have kept this myth alive because they earn money from people who carry the misconception that swapnadosh/wet dreams is damaging.

Wow to cure nightfall disease?

Nightfall is not a disease. So there is no need to cure swapna dosh wet dreams.
JUST AS EXAMPLE: What is the cure for sweating? Sweating is not a disease. There is no cure for sweating.

Tell me best nightfall treatment?

Best treatment for नाईटफ़ॉल is correct scientific knowledge about harmlessness of nightfall. Distress, trouble, worry, anxiety is caused not by release of semen/swapnadosh, but by the false belief that losing semen in swapnadosh/wet dreams or masturbation causes harm to the body.

Search for treatment of nightfall ends on this website.
Click here for treatment in Hindi

Questions Answers mydoctortells

Excess Nightfall

does not cause:




kuch khata hu to pachta nahi

ankeh andar gayi. ankhon ke niche kala

der baad fressh ho ata hu

aswagandha or shilajeet capsul or youvan churn khaya koi frk nahi pd rha

padai may dhyan nahi lagta

mar jaun aisa lagta hai

sir penis ekdm small ho gaya hai…..

sir mai nightfall se bahut paresan hu mai sex ke
bare me sochta rahta hu ,age 30 yrs bahut medicine liya par …?

नाईटफ़ॉल से आप परेशान हो तो आप को नाईटफ़ॉल / स्वप्नदोष के बारे में जानकारी लेनी जरूरी है। यह जानकारी आप के नाईटफ़ॉल की समस्या को हमेशा के लिए ठीक करती है।
आप को शंका हो या अन्य सवाल पूछना हो तो डॉक्टर अशोक कोपर्ड़े को पूछ सकते हो। माय डॉक्टर टेल्स डॉट कॉम पे सवाल पूछने के लिए कोई फी या पैसे नहीं देने पड़ते। नाईटफ़ॉल की सही मेडिकल साइंस द्वारा प्रमाणित जानकारी अभी पड्लिजिये।
Hi Sir,
I get night fall every week twice.
This has made me very unconfident and dont let my gf touch me.
I never faced such problems before.
Can please help me with this?

mydoctortells REPLY

What is नाईटफ़ॉल night fall?

Nightfall is nocturnal emission. It is involuntary discharge of semen during sleep.
This is as prevalent and as harmless as masturbation.
Swapnadosh/wet dreams is usually pronounced when male has not masturbated or not had sexual intercourse for quite some time. The pent up sexual drive causes semen to come out in sleep with or without erotic dreams.

Why do I have Swapnadosh/Wet Dreams?

Night fall is a good sign. This tells you, you are normal and semen is being constantly produced. If you pour more water in a cup the water will overflow. Similarly, if you are not having regular sex semen flows out. Dhat/semen is made by the body to come out not to preserve.

Chai k cup may paani dalte rahoge to paani bahar nikal k girega. Usi tarah say dhat, jo hamesha bante rahta hai, woh aap regular sex nahi karte to raat ko bahar ata hai. Dhat baher nikal nay k li a hi banta hai. Andar rakhne k li a nahi.चाय के कप में पानी डालते रहोगे तो बह जायेगा। इसी तरह धात बह जाता है। धात हमेशा निर्माण होते रहता है।

Why is nightfall normal?

Nightfall in boys/men is a type of normal sexual process of human body.

Masturbation is hasta maithun. Hasta(hands) maithun (sex) is sex with help of hands.
Nightfall is swapna maithun. Swapna (dream) maithun (sex) is sex in sleep, which may or may not be associated with erotic dreams.

What is swapna dosh?

Night fall is popularly called as swapna dosh (fault in dream). There is no dosh (fault) in semen that passes during sleep.

Does everybody have nightfall?

All those who don’t masturbate or don’t have sexual intercourse will have nightfall. So nightfall is extremely common before marriage. After marriage it stops.

Does nightfall cause impotence?
Does nightfall destroy capacity to produce children?

I need pimple cure treatment. How to cure hair loss because of swapnadosh?

No. Night fall does not cause impotence. Nightfall does not cause failure of getting children. Nightfall does not cause hair loss or pimples.

You can take pimple cure treatment from Dermatologist/Skin specialist.
Ask Skin specialist how to cure hair loss. Swapnadosh does not cause these things.


How to stop nightfall?

Why stop it? Why to stop wet dreams/swanadosh?
You don’t have to stop wet dreams/swapnadosh. You cannot stop passing urine. You cannot stop passing dhat (semen), which is made to come out. It can stop if you have regular sex or frequent masturbation.

Wet dreams/swapna dosh does not cause any harm whatsoever no matter how often it happens or for how long it has been happening.

Wet dreams, nightfall, swapnadosh kabhi bhi koi nuksan nahi karta.

Then why do I feel weakness?

Will I not lose dhat, which is full of energy? Will I not feel weak? I get backache and feel dull. I cannot concentrate. I am worried. I have taken many medicines. Spent lot of money. I fear now.


Dhat does not contain energy. It is old myth. Wake up.
You have feeling of weakness, aches and pains not because of dhat flowing out, but because you believe like thousands of other people that it is very very bad. Some people think swapnadosh/wetdreams/fall in night causes mental illness, sexual or pregnancy problem later in life. Some think night fall causes paralysis. Many such fears are in the mind due to WRONG BELIEF.
If somebody tells you, “You have cancer”, will you not feel depressed.
Your wrong belief about loss of dhat is equal to loss of energy causes you problem.
Then you get more frustrated because even when you want to stop wet dreams it doesn’t stop. You have gone to hakim and quacks, taken medicines, yet swapnadosh/wet dreams has not stopped. Will this not make you frustrated, worried?


Nightfall does not cause any harm whatsoever no matter how often it happens or for how long it has been happening.
Wet dreams swapnadosh kabhi bhi koi nuksan nahi karta.

I want to know more about धात dhat, नाईटफ़ॉल nightfall
इलाज – हिंदी में नाईटफ़ॉल – स्वप्नदोष धात की बीमारी – बेस्ट मेडिसिन
रात को धात निकलना – नाईटफॅाल का सही ट्रिटमेंट
नाईटफ़ॉल हिंदी इलाज photogallery
Dhat rog ka gharelu ilaj video
स्वप्नदोष -आयुर्वेदिक दवा Hindi may padna
रात को धात निकलना Sperm semen dhat release in sleep video dekho
नाईटफ़ॉल – वेट ड्रीम्स – नोक्टरनल एमिशन VIDEO English
Nightfall disease? How to control night fall?

To get completely cured

Throw away outdated, WRONG beliefs about nightfall

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Nightfall disease? How to control night fall?

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