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Paraphimosis is a condition where the foreskin when pulled behind, stays back like a constricting band, and even on pushing towards the tip of the penis, it does not cover the glans of the penis. In other words, paraphimosis is when the foreskin or prepuce of the penis is stuck behind and the front (glans) of the penis gets exposed, swollen, and painful.

Paraphimosis happens in men who have some amount of phimosis. That is, the foreskin in these individuals does not go back (retract) easily completely.


Whenever the foreskin comes behind, immediately take it forward and reposition it to cover the front tip of the penis.

The foreskin may come back during vigorous masturbation or during rocking sexual intercourse.

Immediately pulling the skin forward is the best way to prevent paraphimosis.


1. Without surgery

Manually at home, you can pull the foreskin ahead in its place.

    • Get Lignox 2% from chemists shop.
    • Take a cold water bath or clean genitals with cold water and soap as cold water helps the penis to further shrink in size. Soap cleans any infection-causing microbes. It is prudent to avoid antiseptics like Dettol or alcohol-containing antiseptics like hand wash as it can damage the penis skin. If at all Dettol is used, it must be diluted two times more than the proportion (1:20) mentioned on the bottle. Avoid using antimicrobial or antifungal steroidal creams.
    • Pain and bleeding in case of frenulum tear may scare you. But do not panic. As bleeding will stop in some time. After cleaning, press the bleeding site with a clean cotton cloth. Do not check frequently whether the blood has stopped or not.  
    • Apply Lignox 2% on affected parts.
      After 5 to 10 minutes, the penis skin will be painless.
      Now manually bring foreskin back in position.

2. Surgery
In an emergency, the Surgeon may have to operate and perform circumcision. Go to a qualified General Surgeon or Uro surgeon. 

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