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Penis Size Fact

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Increase Penis Size Fact: Top Sexologist Ashok Koparday

Know Scientific Facts About Penis Size

image scientific method of measuring size of penis - lenght and girth (circumference(
Measuring Tape How to measure length and girth (circumference) of erect penis
Increase Penis Size Fact Top Sexologist Ashok Koparday

1. What is the normal size of penis?
2. How to measure penis size?
3. What women think about men’s penis?
4. What men think about their penis size?
5. Best method to increase penis size?

Increase Penis Size Fact Top Sexologist Ashok Koparday

What is the size of normal penis?

When erect on average penis
length is between 4.5 to 6 inches,
circumference/girth is 4.5 inches
diameter is 1.5 inches

There is variation even among reputed scientific measurements.
The size of erect penis measured after giving medicines to cause full erection.
[1] Average length 12.9 cm (5.1 in).
[2] Average penis circumference 4.8 inches (12.3 cm)
Source and [1][2]

What is small size penis?

If it was possible to increase size of penis and if it really gave more sex satisfaction all sex specialists would have had long penises.

An adult penis with an erect length of less than 7 cm or just under 3 inches, but otherwise formed normally, is referred to in medicine as a micropenis.
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  • Sir, can I get bigger penis, thicker penis by penis massage?
  • Is there any natural way to grow penis and make it bigger?
  • On the net I saw penis enlargement methods being sold? Should I buy penile enlargement method? Is penile enhancement is really effective? Give me tips to increase penis size. Is there natural way to enlarge penis size?
  • I wanting to increase dick size. I am 18 years old. How to grow your penis?
  • Is it true pornstars have larger penis because of penile implant? I want to increase penile size naturally.
  • Tell me medicines to increase penis size. My penis is very small size. I took homeopathic remedies to make penis bigger for about six months. This did not increase my penis size.
  • Doc what is normal penis size? Is indian penis size smaller than standard penis size? I have seen largest penis size in porn XXX movies. How to get ideal penis size?
  • I have less than avg penis size. I want best penis size sir.
    how to increase penis size naturally?
  • Muze 3 inch aur bada ling chahiye. Dawa batao.
  • Tell me exercise to increase penis size. I am tense. I am going to get married soon. I think she will laugh at me. I am depressed. Please help me doctor.

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Increase Penis Size Fact Top Sexologist Ashok Koparday
Erect Penis

At least one Brazilian doctor resorted to injecting penises with drugs to induce erection, which gave more consistent results.
Some clinicians measure the penis by stretching the flaccid penis as far as comfortably possible.

Increase Penis Size Fact Top Sexologist Ashok Koparday

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[2] Lifestyles condom

A study conducted by LifeStyles Condoms found an average of 14.9 cm (5.9 in) with a standard deviation of 2.1 cm (0.8 in) (measured by staff).
The purpose of this study was to ensure properly sized condoms were available.
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[3] BJU Wylie study

A review published in 2007 issue of BJU International, have shown that average erect penis length is 14–16 cm (5.5-6.3 in) and its
girth is 12–13 cm (4.7-5.1 in).

This paper compares results of twelve studies conducted on different populations in several countries.

Flaccid length

One study found the mean flaccid penis length to be 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) (measured by staff). A review of several studies have shown average flaccid length to be 9–10 cm. Length of the flaccid penis does not necessarily correspond to length of the erect penis; some smaller flaccid penises can grow much larger, and some larger flaccid penises cannot grow much larger.

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Stretched length

Flaccid penis length is a poor estimate of erect length, a better estimate is stretched length, that is 12–13 cm, as shown in review by Wylie and Erdley.

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Increase Penis Size Fact Top Sexologist Ashok Koparday

How to measure penis size?

Increase Penis Size Fact Top Sexologist Ashok Koparday


  1. 99.9999% of people who believe there penis is small ACTUALLY have normal size penis.
  2. There are no medicines to increase size of penis.
  3. Penis size DOES NOT matter as far as sexual satisfaction of female partner is concerned.
  4. WHAT MATTERS is the art of making love.
  5. MANY young males are obsessed with increasing penis size because they wrongly believe that their penis is small and they will not be able to satisfy a woman. Quacks advertise medicines and techniques to incesase penis size and these people fall prey to it.
  6. The wrong belief that “My Penis Is Small” comes from watching XXX porn movies and believing that what is shown in pornography is true penis size.
  7. Moreover, the penis in the same person changes in size. In unaroused state PENIS IS SMALL, SOFT, SPONGY tissue. In flaccid state it’s purpose is to pass urine. Same penis on sexual arousal becomes engorged with blood resulting in ERECTION or tumescence. After ejaculation the erection wanes away and penis returns to its flaccid state. It takes some time to get subsequent erection.

i) The penis has to be erect.
ii) Measure from the base where penis touches the body.
Push a little deeper because if there is belly fat it may give wrong reading. Instead of a ruler you can take a thread and measure the upper (dorsal) side same way as with the ruler.
iii)The penis girth is measured by a flexible tailor’s tape at the widest part of penis. You can use a thread. Loop the thread around penis at its widest part. Then measure the length of the thread.
The penis width or diameter is obtained by dividing penis circumference with 3.14.

There is no standardized measuring meter or calculator with sexologists

Common Errors in measuring the size of penis
There is variation between self measured penis size and the penis size measured by scientists/doctors.
Penis size should be measured at different times. Penis size naturally varies with arousal level, time of day, room temperature, frequency of sexual activity, and reliability of measurement.

Increase Penis Size Fact Top Sexologist Ashok Koparday

What women think about men’s penis?

Although men believe that woman are impressed and get more satisfaction if their penis is longer and broader the MEDICAL FACTWhat women likeDo women really like a longer dick? There is surprise for you. Click to read more. is different. Women are not attracted by or impressed with longer broader penis. In fact the size of the penis does not play important role in female sexual satisfaction.
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Increase Penis Size Fact Top Sexologist Ashok Koparday

What men thinkP – Cock Syndrome Boys and men are obsessed by desire to have longer, broader penis due to the wrong belief that longer penis gives more sexual and visual satisfaction to a woman. about their penis size?

Men think that longer the penis the greater is the female sexual satisfaction. Men even believe that women are impressed on seeing large big penis. This is not true. Click here to know more about P-Cock Syndrome.

Increase Penis Size Fact Top Sexologist Ashok Koparday

How to increase Increase Penis SizeBest method to increase penis size penis size?

Penis size can increase to the maximum when there is heightened sexual arousal.
Medicines like PDE 5 inhibitors (Viagra Group) and Injections of vasoactive drug in penis increases the penis size for short period as long as the effect lasts. There is no permanent method to increase size of penis.
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Increase Penis Size Fact Top Sexologist Ashok Koparday


[1] Bruce King wikipedia

An average sized unstimulated penis is about 3.75 inches in length and 1.2 inches in diameter.
When erect on average, men are most
between 4.5 to 6 inches in length and
1.5 inches in diameter;
4.5 inches in circumference.

“Human Sexuality Today”
by Bruce M. King (ISBN# 978-0-13-604245-7)

Increase Penis Size Fact Top Sexologist Ashok Koparday

PENIS MYTHWrong Beliefs What are the common wrong beliefs about penis size and what are the true medical facts


P-Cock Syndrome:

The obsession of men centered around their penis and their obsessive belief that the longer is the size of penis, the longer DURATION sex is done, the MORE number of repeated sex done at a time one after another continuously means it is more macho and thereby women get more satisfaction is WRONG.
This MISTAKEN BELIEF is called the P-cock syndrome. See this to know more about P-COCK Syndrome
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Human Penis Size
Humam Sexuality – Wikipedia

Increase Penis Size Fact Top Sexologist Ashok Koparday


a b c d Wessells, H.; Lue, T. F.; McAninch, J. W. (1996). “Penile length in the flaccid and erect states: guidelines for penile augmentation”. The Journal of Urology 156 (3): 995–997. doi:10.1016/S0022-5347(01)65682-9. PMID 8709382.

Dillon, B.E.; Chama, N.B., Honig, S.C. (2008). “Penile size and penile enlargement surgery: a review”. Int J Impot Res. 20(5): 519–529.

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Increase Penis Size Fact Top Sexologist Ashok Koparday

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