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The man’s psyche is penis centered, whether he is in his 20’s or in the 70’s. He may feel the penis is small or has reduced in size.

It is the key element of a man’s self-esteem. They may be proud of it, ashamed of it, anxious about it, or have mixed feelings about it.

Medical Facts

  • The penis is the only visible external organ of the human body which changes its shape and size.
  • The penis is composed of spongy erectile tissue.
  • The penis does not have a bone inside it.
  • The penis looks different for every person. It may be little curved like a banana or straight on erection.
  • Penis size and shape which you have is Absolutely Perfect for you.
  • Penis size is NOT the way it is shown in pornography.
  • Penis size and shape cannot be altered by any medicine or treatment.

Penis size is not related to sexual pleasure.

Penis size has no connection to female satisfaction.

Man can fully satisfy a woman with whatever size he has.

Size of man’s erection is not related to its ability to please a partner or enjoy sex 

The art and science of lovemaking is the key to satisfy the woman.

States of Penis

  1. Flaccid state
  2. It is also called a non-erect penis. The penis is soft, spongy, and small. This animated picture shows how a normal, not erect, not aroused, flaccid penis keeps changing its size all the time in the same individual.

  3. Erect state
  4. The penis is hard and increases to its full length.
    An erection is triggered by the nerve centers in the lower spinal cord. 
    The stimulus comes from the brain with erotic thoughts, imagination, or actual contact.
    It occurs due to the rush of blood into the penile arteries.
    Simultaneously, muscles near its base contract, preventing the blood from leaving the penis through veins.
    With orgasmic feelings, ejaculation occurs and the penis again becomes small.

Size of Penis

The average length of a penis varies from 2.5 to 4 inches (approx 6 to 10 cm) in placid state and from 4.5 to 6.5 inches(approx11 to 16 cm) when erect, with a diameter of 1 inch (approx 2.5 cm) when limp and 1.5 inches(approx 3.8 cm) when erect.


  1. Bigger the size Greater is the woman’s satisfaction.
  2. This is not true. Rather if it’s too big, it can be overwhelming and painful.
    The woman is more satisfied with your love and foreplay.
    Read the chapter on ‘Female satisfaction’

  3. Masturbation makes the penis small.
  4. Masturbation is a normal and physiological process of the human body. It does not affect the shape and size of the penis.

  5. Nightfall makes the penis small.
  6. Nightfall is nature’s way of taking its own orgasmic call. It in no way causes any changes in the penis.


Many people suffer for many years because of the wrong belief that their penis is small and they are therefore sexually inadequate. Money, time, and energy are wasted in an attempt to enlarge the penis. It is VERY important to get examined by the best Sex Therapist and learn techniques and methods to have a roaring great sex life with the same penis. It is possible to give full satisfaction in sex and take full sexual satisfaction even if today you believe your penis is small.