image showing precum with names of male external genitals


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image showing precum with names of male external genitals

CLICK TO SEE BIGGER PICTURE PRECUMOn sexual excitement a watery liquid called precum oozes from penis. See in the picture PRECUM. Picture of Precum also shows Cowper’s glands. Precum is normal and healthy.

The above picture shows precum as well as Cowper’s glands or Bulbourethral glands. The parts of the male reproductive system are labeled. परिकम बलबो यूरेथ्रल ग्रंथि से निकलने वाला चिपचिपा द्रव्य है। परिकम ज्यादा निलकने से भी कोई हानि नहीं होती।
Itni baat samaj may aaye to aage padne ki jarurat nahi

कब Questions about Precum

मैं ४ घंटे तक गर्ल फ्रेंड से बात करता था। बहोत चिपचिपा धात निकला। फिर बाएं अंडकोष में बहोत दर्द हुआ। फिर कमर दर्द होने लगा। मैं देसी दवा कर रहा हूँ। मेरा नुक्सान नहीं होगा ना? मैं सेक्स कर सकूंगा ना? कमजोरी कब तक रहेगी? मैं बहोत डर गया हूँ। प्लीज़ हेल्प करना। कौनसी दवा लेनी चाहिए नाम बताना।

माय डॉक्टर टेल्स: जवाब

परिकम निकलना यह बतलाता है की आप में सेक्स की भावना बहोत है। परिकम निकलना अच्छा लक्षण है।
जब उत्तेजना आती है तो चिपचिपा पानी जैसा द्रव्य निकलना शुरू होता है। यह धात नहीं है। यह बीमारी नहीं है। इसका इलाज दो लोग ही करते है।
१. जो बेवकूफ है।
२. जो बेवकूफ बना के दवा बेचते है
जैसे ३ दिन से भूका लड़का चिकन बिरयानी ३ घंटे से देख रहा है। उस भूके लड़के के मुंह में पानी आता है। आता है की नहीं?
उसी तरह सेक्स की भूक लगने पर लड़का और लड़की दोनों में पानी छूटता है। यह कुदरत की कृपा है। अभी सेक्स होगा तो लुब्रिकेशन के लिए दोनों में यह पानी छूटना जरुरी है। यदि ऐसा पानी ना छूटा तो डॉक्टर से चेक उप और दवा लेनी पड़ेगी।
अंडकोष में दर्द इस लिए होता है की सेक्स की तीव्र भावना होने पर भी धात हस्तमैथुन या सेक्स से निकलता नहीं।
सही जानकारी ना होने से जो डरता है उसे कमर दर्द, पैर दर्द, कमजोरी यह सब मन में घबराहट, गिल्ट, अपराध की भावना और चिंता होने से होता है। प्रकिम निकल ने से कभी भी किसी को भी कोई भी नुक्सान नहीं होता।
आप यदि यह पड़ रहे हो तो बेवकूफ नहीं, समझदार बनोगे। कमर दर्द और सब नाटक अपने आप बंद हो जायेगा।
आप को जानकारी पढ़कर लाभ हुआ हो तो व्हाट्सप्प पर यह भेजो जिस से बहोत सारे लड़कों का डर निकल जायेगा। आप को दवा मिलेगी।
थैंक यु

sir my problem is when i talk naughty chat with girls or talk on phone naughty and give kiss then from my penis sperms come out and when i watch porns then also sperms come out so please doctor i want to stop this what should i do please help me sir rply sir

mydoctortells reply: See picture of precum

क्या What is precum

प्रिकम बलबो यूरेथ्रल ग्रंथि से निकलने वाला चिपचिपा द्रव्य है।
Precum (Pre ejaculatory fluid) can be compared to watering of the mouth that happens when hungry person smells aroma of delicious food being cooked and is about to be served. Watering of mouth is compared to precum because as in the hungry person on seeing his favorite sweets or candies there is watering in mouth so too on seeing erotic pictures or talking naughty sex talk or during foreplay.

Precum comes at the beginning of sex. Semen comes at the end of sex.

Precum is watery colorless slightly sticky fluid that oozes out of penis during sexual excitement. Precum is not semen. People often get scared due to the wrong belief that semen has come out.

Purpose of precum

Nature has designed the discharge of precum to act as lubricant. Pre-cum also acts as acid neutralizer. In both male and female watery discharge starts at the time of sexual arousal.

क्यों Why Precum

  • Sex means friction. What a smart way God has designed this lubricating fluid precum.
  • Acidity of urine is not suitable for sperms. Precum as though washes away and neutralizes this acidity. Precum also helps in neutralizing the acidity of vagina.
  • Precum has a role in coagulation of semen.

नाम Names of precum

Precum is also called as pre ejaculatory fluid or pre ejaculate or pre seminal fluid or Cowper’s fluid.

कंहा से Source of precum

Cowper’s gland (see in the picture above) secrete watery fluid. Bulbo urethral glands (Cowper’s glands), glands of littre release this watery fluid. Precum is lubricant as well as acid neutralizer. Preejaculatory fluid is also called precum or pre ejaculate. This is not semen.

Amount of Precum

Some men may not produce precum. Some men may produce up to 5 ml of precum. Typically the underwear gets a wet patch because of precum.

प्रेगनेंसी हो सकती है क्या? Pre-cum, HIV/STI and pregnancy

It was believed that precum also may contain sperms. Hence, it was said that contact of precum with vagina or nearby may cause pregnancy. However, there are some studies that show that precum does not contain sperms. Not only that, but the studies also show that withdrawal method or coitus interruptus of family planning is as effective as condom in preventing pregnancy.

एच आय व्ही एड्स HIV AIDS

Precum has been found to contain HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus that causes AIDS Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome.

If you have questions you can ask doctor.


Jones, R.K., Fennell, J., Higgins, J.A. and Blanchard, K. (2009). “Better than nothing or savvy risk-reduction practice? The importance of withdrawal”Contraception 79 (6): 407–410.doi:10.1016/j.contraception.2008.12.008PMID 19442773.


Picture precum

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Dr. Ashok Koparday, Sexologist and Marriage Counselor, Accredited Sex Therapist, Medical Director: Sex Therapy, Education, Research Center, Samadhan, Mumbai, India

September 9, 2012 at 3:56 pm

QUESTION by Anil (name changed)
Respected Sir,

I m going to marry but problem is, i get ejaculate in very short time,

Aur ye baat mujhe andar hi andar tension de rahi hai,

why i ejaculate glue/water like material even on touching a female or seeing a pornographic clip.

But i m still addicted to sex..MUJHE LAGTA HAI JAISE MUJH MAE SEX BAHOOT HAI,

Please give ur suggestions

Hi Anil,
The glue like thing that comes out on sexual arousal is called ‘precum’. This is normal and a good sign that you are sexually aroused.
You are not yet married and you do not have sex regularly. When you occasionally have sex your sexual excitement is very high and you discharge quickly. When you have sex regularly it is like having the same food daily. Excitement level is lesser and you will be able to have satisfactory sexual life. In case of high excitement here is a useful tip for you. After the first discharge chat with her for a while or doze and take small nap. After some time begin teasing foreplay. Now you can do sexual intercourse again. In 2nd or 3rd consecutive sexual intercourse ejaculation is delayed. You can alternatively masturbate and then go for sexual intercourse.
Read the useful treatment methods for Premature Ejaculation on https://mydoctortells.com.

Sex is not a bad thing. Don’t call it addiction. Sex is natural.

To find solution to your problem please read the valuable information already given at https://www.mydoctortells.com. I repeat, before you ASK DOCTOR please read https://www.mydoctortells.com.

If you still have doubts or questions feel free to ASK DOCTOR.
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