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Sex Education – Maximize Happiness

Last updated April 08, 2020

Why Sex Education?

I get number of sexual health questions each day. All queries (98 %)are sent by young people. They are studying in school, college or about to get married or just married.
Each query shows immense distress.
*The reason for this PREVENTABLE distress and depression is just one: Lack of sex education.
*The remedy is just one: Sex Education.

These young boys are fleeced of money by quacks, babas, swamis on line and on roads and the parents do not know about it.

This misery of our children is 100 % PREVENTABLE.

If you are a teacher, parent or social activist (or a web developer) who is committed to lessen the burden of human suffering please contact me.

India, Indians abroad and the neighboring nations constitute a great part of human beings living in this world today.
The miracle is just one helpline

Just one helpline is sufficient to help them all.

If you know any teenager then celebrate his/her birthday by telling him/her about

If your friend or relative is going to marry give them the good news of

It is a promise that the people whom you tell about will thank you for rest of their lives. Parents give everything to their kids, except sexual health education.

Sex Education Facts Benefits Picture

Training Medical Scientific Facts
Value based sex education for Sexual Health and Well being.

Benefits of Sex Education

Dr. Mahinder Watsa, eminent Sexuality Educator, Counselor & Therapist, who replies to thousands of questions asked in The Times Of India has answered this in previous chapter. Click here to read about Sexual Behavior and role of Sex Education in today’s time.

  1. Sex Education for whom
  2. Sex Education by whom
  3. Sex Education for what

List of Must Read Topics for those interested in Sex Education. Pick at least one today. Education empowers.

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  7. Why learn relationship skills?
  8. How to give Sex Education to my child?
  9. Council of Sex Education and Parenthood
  10. COPPA Child Online Privacy and Protection Act
  11. Not opposite sex – Complementary Sex
  12. Sex and Spirtuality
  13. 11 LOVE SUTRA
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  15. Useful websites for Sex Education
  16. Sex Education Books by Dr. Vithal Prabhu
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  18. Masturbation

  19. Movie – How to use condom

  20. How friends influence FIRST sexual intercourse?

  21. Urine Pregnancy Test
  22. Premarriage Meetings
  23. How to detect pregnancy?
  24. Birth Control Pills
  25. Sex Facts – Interesting
  26. Body Facts – Very interesting
  27. How to protect children from porn?

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