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Sex Position Pictures
Date last updated: January 14, 2018

By TOP SEXOLOGIST in Mumbai Dr. Ashok Koparday

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Sex Positions Pictures

Contributed by Nikhil Panchal
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Many a times we have been asked about sex positions which will help in conceiving faster. The truth is, medical science has yet to pinpoint on these sexual positions and there is no hard evidence about the effectiveness of the positions recommended by several doctors. Although, taking some insights from the book of Love – Kamautra, we can help you to narrow your search and try the optimum sexual positions which have better chances of delivering the results you want. If you are having sex with the aim of conceiving, the first thing you need to know is which days are the most fertile days to conceive. After you determine that, you need to know the sex positions which can help you penetrate deeper and hence help conceive. One should always opt for sex positions which allow deeper penetration. Also, positions which ensure orgasms are better because the contractions in the women’s reproductive tract helps the sperms reach their destination faster. And don’t forget to have more frequent sex. It helps! So let’s get started with the positions, shall we?



The woman lies on her back, with the man is on top. The fact that her pelvis is not tilted to face downwards helps the sperm move closer to the cervix, helping in conception and the man has a great leeway to achieve better penetration. Though there is no evidence, but, it is believed that placing a pillow under your hips helps the sperms to travel faster.


Doggy Style


The doggy style position is great for conceiving. It helps in increasing the level of penetration and opens up the cervix more compared to other positions.

Glowing Triangle

This position is similar to the missionary, the difference being that the man is on all fours with his legs extended out. The woman’s pelvis is raised (use a pillow for that added lift) and wrapped around the man. This position helps in increasing the depth of the penetration and helps tilt the woman’s pelvis upwards.

glowing traingle


Something like the missionary, this position ensures that you penetrate deep, hit her G spot and help with conception. In this position the woman is on her back and the man is on top. The woman then raises her legs such that they are above her head and the man penetrates.


Magic Mountain

magic mountain

With the man positioned behind the woman as they lie down, this position ensures that the sperms reach the cervix as the woman’s pelvis is tilted at the right position. You can try variants of this pose where the woman’s legs are spread open and rest on the outer surface of the man’s thighs. It will spicen up your act.



In this position the woman lies on her back on a table. The man steps in between her feet and raises her hips with his hands or by using pillows. The position raises the raunchy quotient of your sex life, ensuring better penetration and helps the sperms stay in the vagina.

Do remember, If you are not seeing success even after trying all these, don’t worry, keep trying and make a point to consult a sexologist.
Contributed by Nikhil Panchal

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