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suhagrat first sex honeymoon

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This article has been revised and re-written several times since its
very first creation in 2008, to keep the information current.
The most recent revision was done by Dr. Ashok Koparday डॅाक्टर अशोक कोपर्डे
Date last updated: April 08, 2020 

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Contributed by Nikhil Panchal

All Your Wedding Night Worries Answered

So let’s talk about the first night. We are pressing forward through the details where you have performed every ritual that the pandit has to offer, have given constant smile to at least 500 relatives, bent down to receive so many ashirwads that you are blessed for entire life and have taken so many photos that hearing ‘cheese’ just scares you. But now, you are in the room with the person; with whom you are going to share your entire life. That’s a big thing and though it takes time to build chemistry; lot of trust and understanding to make relation successfully work, but now your entire focus is on ‘ how to initiate the consummation’. In simple language, both of you wish to have sex, but awkwardness and preconceived notions about ‘suhag raat’ are creating a delay in the act. Suhag raat is a topic which generally no one talks about but has various opinions on how it should be. Hence all the confusion and most of the times first time couples end up feeling utterly disappointed.


Based on years of experience and tons of questions received, we have compiled the most common problems newlywed face on the first night or Suhag raat. So let’s start digging, shall we?

1) Is having intercourse a must?

Wedding night worries answered
scared gif

The big final act, isn’t it? It may seem easy, but definitely is not. Due to our cultural values and background, sex is something that most people have seen, but actually perform only after marriage. We have seen questions like ‘how to insert penis’ ‘can’t get an erection’ and ‘I’m scared. What to do?’. Remember good people, it isn’t necessary to have intercourse on the first night itself. Talk to each other, find what makes you both comfortable and wait for the right moment. Sex will be awkward at first, but once given time and understanding, it’s the most pleasurable act in the world.

2) What are the other options for intimacy?

suhagrat first sex honeymoon
Wedding night worries answered
इस वेबसाइट पर पडना
इश्क विवाह के पहले सुहागरात सुखी वैवाहिक जिवन ११ प्रम सुत्र

When initiating intercourse seems difficult or awkward, one can try the alternative and satisfy each other through good oral sex. Most couples end up cuddling on their first night. And do remember, oral sex is natural and there is nothing ‘eeky’ about it.

3) Is it going to be painful or bloody?

Wedding night worries answered
suhagrat first sex honeymoon

There are two reasons which can cause bleeding and pain. The first being, your wife is a virgin and during intercourse her hymen breaks which leads to pain and bleeding. The other reason is more of a psychological fear. As a newlywed, the wife might be afraid and too nervous to get into sexual activities. This mental block causes the vaginal opening to clamp down also known as vaginimus and can cause extreme pain during penetration. During such events, the best thing to do is talking and understanding her. If she is not ready than give her some time.

4) Is being a virgin important?

Wedding night worries answered
suhagrat first sex honeymoon

Doesn’t matter and don’t let such a petty reason to ruin your marriage. A girl can lose virginity because of multiple reasons, one of them is pre-marital sex, but others are outdoor sports, exercise, cycling and many more. Don’t be a prick and judgmental on her being a virgin or not. There’s more to her than a small tissue.

5) Anxiety to do everything and achieving nothing

Wedding night worries answered
suhagrat first sex honeymoon

Hold your horses. This is not your last ticket to having sex. Your entire life is waiting for it. Most couples are excited and at the same time nervous about getting into the act. Frequently it leads to premature ejaculation, not able to get an erection and failing to achieve orgasm. Give it some time, understand your comfort and relax. There’s no golden rule saying you have to and must consummate marriage on the first night itself. Enjoy each other’s company, know more about your better half and in the end you’ll have a healthy sexual relationship.

Important: Take home message

Wedding night worries answered
suhagrat first sex honeymoon

Folks, a marriage is a commitment of both mind and body. Suhag Raat is given unnecessary importance in our society. Frankly, most couples end up sleeping through the night due to the sheer exhaustion of the wedding day. Be patient, be compassionate and most importantly, love each other. Other things will happen naturally and if any problem arises, we are always there to help you.
Before marriage if you are afraid you may not be able to satisfy your partner MEET DOCTOR immediately.
If you have problem in sex soon after wedding meet doctor immediately. DON’T waste time.

————–TO KNOW MORE ———


Will I be able to do my first sex normally?
If you are doubtful of suhagarat or first sex or honeymoon you are looking for guidance at the right place.

Hindi may padnay kay liye yanha click karna.

suhagrat first sex honeymoon


Know that not knowing how to do first sex intercourse is true with most gentlemen.

suhagrat first sex honeymoon


For a guy knowledge of female genital geography is beneficial.
The diagrams, or blue films are representative and the actual search for
location of insertion of penis can be formidable. It is like seeing a map
or a documentary and actually being on the battlefield. Just as in
battlefield example so too in actual first time sexual meet anxiety is
difficult to manage. (On special request the doctor can give you correct pictures of genitals and the sex process for sex education. Send the request to ask[at]mydoctortells[dot]com. We have explicit sex pictures locked in privacy on google server.)

suhagrat first sex honeymoon


Tension hai yaar First know that it is not
essential that you do penis in vagina [peno-vaginal] insertion in the
first sexual intercourse. Will that not be embarrassing? No. It proves
that you are virgin/inexperienced person. This does not mean you shun sex
play or feel defeated.

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suhagrat first sex honeymoon


intercourse requires

[1] privacy, [2] time and [3] protection against
important undesirable consequences.

Note about PROTECTION is given at the end.

Suhagrat or First Wedding Night is the wrong time to attempt first
sexual intercourse.

suhagrat first night sex honeymoon


HOW TO BEGIN first sexual intercourse?


the requirements in mind begin with making love or Foreplay. Foreplay
includes talking(naughty), listening, touching, kissing, caressing,
embracing all that gives sexual pleasure. Use your finger, hand, tongue,
mouth as you both feel enjoyable. Nothing is forbidden. Just hold on to
the ‘ANAND’ [JOY] as the mantra. This helps learn actual female sexual
geography, removes inhibitions and increases sexual pleasure many folds.

suhagrat first sex honeymoon



I presume girlfriend is virgin. Please
OBSERVE whether she is afraid or in pain at the moment of attempting
insertion. Noticing this is important. Most girls during first sex are
afraid as they have wrong notion that sex is painful and (or) there is
bleeding during first sex. IMPORTANT In the situation mentioned above,
which is applicable to over 50% of couples who are doing sexual
intercourse for first (or initial few times) the result is inability to
insert penis in vagina. This is called ‘unconsummated sex’. 100% of boys
believe they are the cause of it. Boys believe inability to insert is
because of their poor erection or quicker ejaculation. Though there is no
sexual inadequacy in boys doing sexual intercourse for the first time
they believe they have failed and are sexually inadequate. Fear



First use the finger
to locate the vaginal opening. The girl knows this opening because this
is the place from where menses flow during her period. On the touch of
finger or attempting to insert finger if she experiences pain DO NOT EVEN
ATTEMPT TO insert penis.
Reason one: Both come to think there is
something wrong with them. It becomes a setback that causes heightened
fear during next attempt at sexual intercourse. The inability to do
insertion of penis in vagina during first sexual intercourse is like a
certificate that says both are inexperienced -that is – virgins. When a
finger can go inside smoothly without pain, you may attempt insertion of
penis. In the missionary position where he is on top of her body, he
cannot see where the penis is going. When you feel there is partial
insertion it means there is no insertion. The penis just goes between thighs or thick folds of labia majora (external part of vulva/female genital).
Reason two: If a finger cannot go in the vagina how will the penis, which is bigger diameter than finger go in?
Reason three: Pain caused by forceful insertion of penis may make her think life long that sex = pain.


Do not feel bad if insertion does not happen for it is not uncommon.

Key to having Most Exciting Sex?
suhagrat first sex honeymoon




[A] Protection to avoid unwanted pregnancy, Safe Period Sex Know the days when is it SAFE to do sex so that there won’t be pregnancy

[B] Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and

[C] Social-moral embarrassment, more important emotional hurt when one of the two decide to separate. Feeling of being used for example. First impression often leaves women embittered about men kind if man wants casual sex and girl is in committed relationship with him.

Men give love for the sake of Sex. Women give Sex for the sake of Love.

गलत धारणा को दिमाग से निकल फेको

मेडिकल जानकारी से
गलत फैमि दूर भगाना
WRONG Beliefs

For diagrams, detailed information on ‘suhagraat’ ‘First Sex’, ‘Unconsummated sex’, ‘Difficulty in inserting penis during first sex’ and other questions you can see well written articles illustrated with animated diagrams on many of the Doctor’s websites. Additional facility to ASK DOCTOR in detail is available for FREE.

suhagrat first sex honeymoon

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suhagrat first sex honeymoon

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