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picture vaginismus unconsummated marriage treatment Top Sexologist in India Dr. Ashok Koparday Samadhan Health Studio Mumbai Navi Mumbai Thane Pune India

image of external female genitals with names of anatomy parts

image sex positions The woman lies on her back, with the man is on top. The fact that her pelvis is not tilted to face downwards helps the sperm move closer to the cervix, helping in conception and the man has a great leeway to achieve better penetration.

image MY DOCTOR TELLS MYTH: First sex is associated with pain and bleeding. COMMONEST WRONG BELIEF: There is pain initially. Pain subsides later on. Almost always you bleed during first sex.

image How to insert penis in vagina hindi sexologist tells how to insert penis in vagina. MY DOCTOR TELLS handbook users manual of how to excel in bed ;

imagefirst sex suhagrat honeymoon sexual intercourse suhagarat honey moon first sex. Kaunsi mushkiley ati hai. Kya aap ko shanka hai, dar hai ki aap sex nahi kar payenge. Please read what sexologist tells

Erectile Dysfunction Premature Ejaculation Sex Problem First Sex Newlywed Honeymoon Suhagarat wrong diagnosis useful tips by Best Sexologist Mumbai Ashok Koparday

image unconsummated sex during sex newly married premature ejaculation newly married first intercourse first time sexual intercourse how do you have sex

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