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Transsexual TransgenderRead about transgender people and Organizations that support them. Sexual Reassignment Sex Change Surgery.Transgender F to M Soldier

image of Albert Cashier who fought as a soldier in the US army. He was trans man.

Albert Cashier trans gender man

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Surgical modification of body, especially the genitalia, is called sexual reassignment surgery.
It is also called sex-change operation, genital reconstruction surgery GRS, or SRS Sex reassignment surgery.
Gender identity disorder/dysphoria is the medical word for transgender, which is preferred over the word transsexual people. .
Feminizing genitoplasty or vaginoplasty for trans women.
Masculinizing genitoplasty or phalloplasty is for trans men.

"Crisalide Azione trans" transsexual...

“Crisalide Azione trans” transsexual organisation at the Gay Pride march in Milano, 2004. Picture by Giovanni Dall’Orto (User:G.dallorto). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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