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unconsummated marriage treatment

What is unconsummated first sex?

Unconsummated FIRST SEX no penetration Cure by Female Sexologist Dr. Hetal Gosalia and senior Dr. Ashok Koparday. No Insertion of Penis in Vagina. Even months after marriage when there is no sexual intercourse with penis entering the vagina it is disturbing to the couple, more so to the guy.
This condition is called unconsummated marriage or unconsummated sex.

unconsummated marriage treatment

Is it due to

    1. Erectile Dysfunction or
    2. Premature Ejaculation or
    3. Vaginismus?

If you are reading this it is either to avoid unconsummated sex or to find solution to your problem of unconsummated sex.

unconsummated marriage treatment

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Unconsummated Marriage: MISTAKEN BELIEF – (MYTH)

Unconsummated first sex no penetration

Unconsummated first sex no penetration

The common complaints coming to us are expressed as follows.

– Usually the boy and therefore the girl thinks that he has
    1. poor erection (erectile dysfunction). The erection does not last long enough, hence he is not able to have sex.
      The newly wed wife may call it as
    2. impotence.
      The guy may believe he has
    3. premature ejaculation hence he is not able to do insertion during sex after marriage.
    4. Penis size is small
    5. Foreskin cannot be pulled back completely
    6. lost power due to excess masturbation
    7. gay


Unconsummated first sex no penetration

What happens

    • 1The boy is ashamed, crestfallen believing that he failed to do sex. He may avoid sexual activity, with the excuse that he is tired at night and work till late at night. Even if a normal male has this amount of misery and self abnegation he will not be able to achieve good hard on or erection present during foreplay may wane just as he is about to attempt insertion.
    • 2I have had cases who shunned going to wife resulting in infamy and ultimately separation.
    • 3I have had friends bringing in the guy because they found him attempting suicide by jump over the bridge into deep waters. He exhibits signs of depression. See HEALTHMETER®
    • 4More commonly, he is so guilt ridden that he avoids going to Therapist for help since it is humiliating to have to go to a Sexologist. Wife coaxes repeatedly for 2 years, he promises he will go to doctor, but keeps postponing, wife threatens to leave him, he reaches the Sex Therapist’s Office.
    • 5The guy goes to Sex Therapist/Counselor to seek treatment for Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation, whatever he believes to be the fault with him.
    • 6Rarely, the Newly Wed girl goes to a Gynecologist who prescribes Local Anesthetic Gel, sometimes Sildenafil too, with the words, “Don’t worry.”
    • 7

      It is true that most health care professionals/Family Physicians don’t go beyond placating, “It can happen due to inexperience,” “Don’t worry,” “Keep trying.”

      (A client told me that in his mind he replied to the Doctor, “I would certainly not worry if it had happened to you. Damn it, I am worried, it is has screwed up my sex life. Do something about it.”)

Unconsummated Sex: CAUSE (MYTH)

Unconsummated first sex no penetration

In the words of the newly wed guy:
“It is because of weakness that has resulted from excess masturbation, which I began very early in childhood.”
“Bachpan ki galti”
“Hath say karne ki buri adat”

Masturbation is implicated as the cause. This (mistaken) belief may be reinforced by friends, quacks or advertisements by quacks.

Newly wed have not been able to do sex, meaning, not been able to do penetrative sexual intercourse, the penis has not gone in vagina during sex. This is called unconsummated sex, or unconsummated marriage.

unconsummated marriage treatment

Hardly any one knows the word ‘unconsummated’. Hence I have chosen some key words below to help those who are looking for help with the condition called ‘unconsummated’ , ‘unconsummated marriage’, or ‘unconsummated sex’.

The Marriage Bed
Newlywed but still no penetration
Me and my wife are trying to have intercourse but unable to. Please help.
My husband is not able to penetrate me fully. I want to have a
m 25 years old and have been married for two years
We are a newly-married couple, trying to have sex for a month now, but haven’t … I try to penetrate her vagina with full force, but cannot enter
I cannot penetrate my wife due to erectile dysfunction.
Despite being married for 8 months,
I am unable to have sex with my wife. What should I do?
This gave him a great shock and he now found himself unable to get an erection with her. … depressed because his newly married wife had fi led for divorce. Why couples fail on the first night
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unable to penetrate due to pain
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