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This article has been revised and re-written several times since its very first creation in 2008, to keep the information current. The most recent revision was done by Dr. Ashok Koparday डॉक्टर अशोक कोपर्डे on April 08, 2020

युरीन प्रेगनन्सी टेस्ट

मै प्रेगनन्ट हूँ या नही? निश्चित पता करने का आसान तरीका। घर में कर सकते हो।

Urine Pegnancy Test

  1. Prega News Pregnancy Kit
  2. Velocit Pregnancy Kit
  3. Clear View Pregnancy Test Kit.
  4. I-Can Pregnancy Test Kit
  5. Pregcolor Test Card.
  6. Pregtest Card.
  7. Acutest by Cadila.
  8. Velocit Eazy.
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What does Urine Pregnancy Test Do?

To know whether pregnancy is present or not present Urine Pregnancy Test is done using Urine Pregnancy Test Kit. One brand name that is popular in India is VELOCIT © manufactured and marketed by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories. It is sensitive, reliable and confirmatory. It is reliable only after missed period. Urine Pregnancy Test is not sensitive before missed period.

Urine Pregnancy Test

Urine Pregnancy Test UPT

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Urine Pregnancy Test UPT



Carefully read procedure given in leaflet by the manufacturer.

Is Urine Pregnancy Test Reliable?

How early can it detect presence or absence of pregnancy?
Can it give false results?

Practically urine pregnancy test can be done not earlier than one week prior to expected date of next period. UPT is considered sensitive any time after missed period.

When a girl/woman misses her period she wants to know, “Am I pregnant?”
Urine Pregnancy Test UPT detects pregnancy. After missed peiod Urine Pregnancy Test UPT confirms ‘pregnancy present’ or confirms ‘no pregnancy’. If UPT test shows’no pregnancy’, then missed period is just a delayed period. There is surely no pregnancy. If you doubt (method of doing may not be perfect) then simply repeat test next day.

How does Urine Pregnancy Test UPTdetect pregnancy?

After an embroyo begins to grow, menses cease. She does not get her period on her expected date. Specifically there is surge in secretion of Human Chorionic Gonatotropin Hormone HCG. The Urine Pregnancy Test UPT detects presence or absence of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin in the urine.

Why Is Urine Pregnancy Test UPT Beneficial?

In case pregnancy is suspected and not wanted as after unprotected sex the couple gets highly strung and immensely worried about the possibility of pregnancy.
Urine Pregnancy Test UPT comes in handy to confirm whether Pregnancy is present.

Other important advantages of Urine Pregnancy Test UPT are it can be done in secrecy, is cheap, safe, can be carried in pocket or purse.

DETECTING Human Chorionic Gonatotropin Hormone HCGIN BLOOD

This is far more sensitive and detects pregnancy even before missed period.

In normal pregnancy, Human Chorionic Gonatotropin Hormone HCGcan be detected in serum as early as 7 days following

The concentration of hCG continues to rise rapidly, frequently exceeding 100 mIU/ml by the first missed menstrual period and peaking in the
30-200,000 mIU/ml range by 10-12 weeks into pregnancy

How accurate or sensitive is Urine Pregnancy Test UPT?

Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) kit is sensitive to detect 50 mIU/ml of hCG in urine.
(Some kits detect 25 mIU/ml).

One week before expected period hCG level in urine is between
5 to 50 mIU/ml.

Hence, practically Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) can be relied upon not earlier than one week prior to expected date of next period. Commonly Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) is considered sensitive soon after missed period.

Doctor, she is still worried as her periods have not come though Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) shows’no pregnancy’?

In case of doubt repeat the test 72 hours (3 days) later when the Human Chorionic Gonatotropin Hormone (HCG) further increases in urine. Human Chorionic Gonatotropin Hormone HCG levels double every 2 or 3 days.

We had unprotected sex. Can Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) tell me immediately if she is pregnanct or not?

The UPT certainly cannot detect pregnancy the day after sexual intercourse, meaning immediately on conception. It takes time for hCG level to rise enough to be able to be detected by urine pregnancy test kit.

For detecting earlier, blood levels of hCG may be done in Pathology Laboratory, which is equipped with the test. It is however not done commonly as it is expensive and does not have the secrecy and ease of doing test at home.

B.2 For ensuring that pregnancy should not happen immediately after intercourse
‘Emergency Contraception’ (i pill, morning after pill)is legally and medically approved.

Test Name Lowest hCG detected
AimStick Pregnancy Test Strip 20 mIU
AccuHome Midstream Pregnancy Test 25 mIU
Accuclear Pregnancy Test 25 mIU
Answer Early Result Pregnancy Test 25 mIU
Clearblue Easy +/- 25 mIU
Clearblue Easy Digital (1 piece, blue cap) 25 mIU
Clear Choice w/ Cup 25 mIU
Confirm 1-Step Pregnancy Test 25 mIU
CVS Early Result Pregnancy Test 25 mIU
Dollar Store Brand (mini-strip, cassette, & midstream) 25 mIU
Early Detect 25 mIU
e.p.t. +/- Test 25 mIU
e.p.t. 1-Step Digital Test 25 mIU
e.p.t. Certainty Digital Test 25 mIU
Equate +/- (Wal-mart) 25 mIU
Equate Pregnancy Test (Wal-mart) 25 mIU
Fact Plus Midstream Pregnancy Test 25 mIU
First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test 25 mIU
One Step Be Sure Pregnancy Test 25 mIU
Right Aid Pregnancy Test 25 mIU
Target Brand Pregnancy Test 25 mIU
Walgreen Midstream Pregnancy Test 25 mIU
Walgreen Digital 25 mIU
Fact Plus Cassette 40 mIU
Clearblue Digital 50 mIU
CVS “Early Result” Cassette Pregnancy Test 50 mIU
Drug Emporium Brand Pregnancy Test 50 mIU
early Pregnancy test 50 mIU
Walgreens Cassette Pregnancy Test 50 mIU

Pregnancy Test Sensitivity Chart
Sensitivities checked with manufacturers in July 2007
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