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Vaginismus (animated) picture unconsummated marriage

Female Sexologist in India | Samadhan Health Studio | Center of Excellence

vaginismus leading to unconsummated marriage/sex

vaginismus leading to unconsummated marriage/sex ®

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vaginismus picture unconsummated marriage

What is vaginismus?

word meaning
Etymology: L, vagina + spasmus, spasm [1]

Below you will find the dictionary meanings [5] of vaginismus, titled WHAT IS VAGINISMUS,

VAGINISMUS: Definition
Muscles around the outer third of the vagina have involuntary spasms in response to attempts at vaginal penetration, not allowing for penetration[2]

vag·i·nis·mus/ (vaj″ĭ-niz´mus) painful spasm of the vagina due to involuntary muscular contraction, usually severe enough to prevent intercourse; the cause may be organic or psychogenic.[3]

Vaginismus Picture Unconsummated Marriage

Unconsummated marriage – definition

Psychiatry A sexual dysfunction characterized by ‘…recurrent or persistent involuntary contraction of the perineal muscles surrounding the outer third of the vagina when penetration with penis, finger, tampon, or speculum is attempted…(This causes)…marked distress or interpersonal difficulty…(and) is not better accounted for by another…disorder.’ [4]

Vaginismus Picture Unconsummated Marriage

vaginismus: Meaning

A psycho-physiological genital reaction of women, characterized by intense contraction of the perineal and paravaginal musculature, tightly closing the vaginal introitus. It occurs in response to fear of painful intercourse before coitus or of pelvic examination. Vaginismus is considered abnormal if it occurs in the absence of genital lesions and if it conflicts with a woman’s desire to participate in sexual intercourse or to permit examination, but it may be a normal or physiologic response if painful genital conditions exist or if forcible or premature intromission is anticipated.

vaginismus picture unconsummated marriage treatment

Sexual adjustment often can be achieved through educative and supportive measures that lead to improved sexual self-awareness and response.
Dr. Ashok Koparday’s graded pscyho sexual therapy is extremely effective. Finger exercise and Relationship management are important.

Abnormal vaginismus is uncommon. In rare cases the condition is a manifestation of serious mental illness and requires formal psychiatric evaluation and treatment. Gender identity conflict, a history of trauma from rape or incest, or an intense suppression of sexuality in childhood and adolescence are factors that often are associated with vaginismus.[1]

Vaginismus Picture Unconsummated Marriage

Female Sexologist in India | Samadhan Health Studio | Center of Excellence

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What happens?

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What is the treatment?

How to succeed?


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Vaginismus Picture Unconsummated Marriage

Female Sexologist in India | Samadhan Health Studio | Center of Excellence
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Vaginismus Picture Unconsummated Marriage

Female Sexologist in India | Samadhan Health Studio | Center of Excellence

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