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Vaginismus Treatment

By Senior Sexologist of India, Dr. Ashok Koparday
Top Female Sexologist Counselor Dr. Hetal Gosalia

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Vaginismus meaning

Vaginismus is involuntary contraction of the pubococcygeus muscles at the time of insertion of penis. Forcible insertion of penis, as a result, gives rise to pain (Dyspareunia). The consequence: There is no insertion of penis in vagina during coitus. This is called unconsummated sex or unconsummated marriage. Some couples only turn up for treatment because they want pregnancy.

Vaginismus 3 pictures

Click to download 1. SMALL and 2. BIG picture, both animated, depicting vaginismus in action. Pictures show you EXACTLY what is happening.
This 3. picture gives analogy of railway going inside a tunnel

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Vaginismus symptoms

1. Pain at attempt of insertion of penis (Dyspareunia). The pain ranges from mild as discomfort at insertion to severe tearing pain.
2. Bleeding during First Sex. Often forcible sex in the presence of vaginismus causes results in bleeding.
2. Anxiety related to sex in the female.
3. Surprisingly, in India, vaginismus presents as Erectile Dysfunction and/or Premature Ejaculation in the male.
I have discussed this here http://mydoctortells.com/wrong-diagnosis-erectile-dysfunction-newly-wed/

This may appear paradoxical, but in India, especially when the groom has self doubt he concludes that the penis is not going in because of premature ejaculation or because of erectile dysfunction. Self doubt is often present in innumerable boys before marriage.
Self doubt occurs due to
inexperience or
bad sexual experience in the past or because of
feeling of inadequacy about the size of his penis or
inadequacy arising due to rapid discharge.
or myths related to masturbation, nightfall, loss of vital semen virya
Here, the male partner wrongly believes HE HAS PROBLEM.
It never occurs to him that there could be problem in the entrance of the vagina.

wrong diagnosis erectile dysfunction newlywed

4. Pregnancy gets delayed
5. Misunderstandings – Relationship Discords – Divorce
Often due to sex taboo, neither the boy nor the girl go for treatment. Worse. They may land up in the hands of quack.
Misunderstandings multiply in response to avoidance of sex.
Feeling of defeat and depression.

May lead to divorce.

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Dyspareunia and Vaginismus

Dyspareunia is a medical term for difficulty and painful sexual intercourse. One of the causes of dyspareunia in newlywed is vaginismus.

Vaginismus causes

Unfortunately, vaginismus is not uncommon in India.
Most girls who experience vaginismus have fear about penetration of penis.
The fear of pain and bleeding is ubiquitous. Often this girl has heard from her friend or relative, “Initially, it is painful. Then later on it becomes okay.”
When a girl it told sex is painful and when she anticipates pain, will there not be reflex contraction as a means of protection?
In India where there is orthodox socio-cultural upbringing even touching “private” part is shunned. Talking about “naughty” things is taboo for good girls.
Good girls are defined as those who do not talk about sex or do “those kind of things”.
Insertion of finger, tampon, or any object and per speculum or per vaginal examination by doctor can be difficult, painful or impossible due to vaginismus.

Vaginismus Treatment at Home

Rohan is married to Smita, who is a corporate executive.

Vaginismus Self Treatment

If a girl learns to use tampons for periods (menses) instead of sanitary napkins it will act as an effective preventive measure for vaginismus.
Unfortunately, tampons do not do well in the market in India and several countries where even touching private parts is shunned.

Vaginismus is curable

Thanks Acknowledgement Health Education Tips Foreplay Video

There are definite methods by which this anxiety leading to vaginismus can be cured.
The results are excellent with the guidance of competent experienced Sex Therapist.
If urologist, gynecologist, sexologist or some doctor incompetently handles the treatment of vaginismus, as they very often do, the situation becomes complicated and frustrating. In spite of this, an experienced sex therapist can do wonders.
Cooperation and commitment of both partners makes all the difference in treatment outcome.

How to get Pregnant with Vaginismus

Often the couple is married for over 3 years when they visit me. There desire for pregnancy has reached zenith. Attempts at overcoming vaginismus has left them frustrated.
When the frustrated couple is more eager to get pregnant than solve the issue of vaginismus or unconsummated sex there is still a SOLUTION.
Please know that PREGNANCY IS POSSIBLE in spite of vaginismus even when the marriage is unconsummated.
The semen has to come in contact with vagina. This is all that is required. Penis acts as a dropper to deposit semen in vagina. The same can be done by simple means at home. Use a finger, an ink dropper, a spoon or an empty syringe (without needle) to scoop semen and bring it at the opening of vagina.


Surgery, Dilator, Kit & Kegel Exercises for Vaginismus

I have not required dilator any kit or Kegel Exercise for the treatment of Vaginismus.
A surgical procedure called Fenton’s operation was previously advocated to broaden the vaginal introitus.
This is unnecessary.

Vaginismus PDF

Download and give this to your spouse.
Click here to download PDF file of Vaginismus Treatment.

Vaginismus Doctor

Diagnosis, Investigations and Medicines

There are no investigative tools or diagnostic laboratory tests for vaginismus.
Attentive history taking by an expert is enough to give conclusive diagnosis of vaginismus.
I have never ever had to do per vaginal examination.
The only medicines that may be required are lubricant and PDE5 inhibitor tablet (like Viagra ©).


Vaginismus Treatment

Vaginismus Cure: Doctor’s Role is Crucial

  • 1.
    Psycho Sexual Therapeutic Counseling is of paramount importance in the treatment of Vaginismus.
  • 2.
    If necessary KY Lubricating jelly or Lignox 2% cream can be used.
  • 3.
    She can practice inserting finger in vagina in privacy either when alone or with partner.
  • 3.
    As a part of therapy there has to be NO attempt at insertion of penis in the vagina. (have you noticed I use the word ‘insertion’, not ‘penetration’.)
    Reason: Every single unsuccessful attempt at insertion brings the couple several steps back in the treatment procedure.
  • 4.
    Sex Joy Therapy is advised. The couple engages in wholesome, full fledged, ecstatic sexual intimacy. The focus is on her pleasure.
    Shamelessly, they indulge in any form of erotic sexual pleasuring (except insertion of penis in vagina).
    (See the four chapters on Female Satisfaction.)
    She can use her pet masturbatory method and indulge in her private sexual fantasy that arouses her.
  • 5.
    She is enabled to orgasm.
  • 6.
    At the height of sexual excitement she inserts a finger in vaginal introitus or asks him to gently insert a finger.
    At the peak of sexual arousal there is flood of endorphins because of which body’s ‘pain’ threshold, ‘hate’, and ‘disgust’ threshold rises.
  • 7.
    When one finger insertion happens with ease, then two finger insertion is attempted.
  • 8.
    After series of such sex play she becomes confident of insertion of penis.
  • 9.
    In a sex position that is advised by the doctor or preferred by her the next step is begun.
    She hold the erect penis and directs it at the entrance of vagina.
  • 10.
    The insertion of penis in vagina is accomplished.
    To arrive at 10. several attempts may be required before the penis is able to glide in smoothly.

CONCLUSION: Vaginismus Treatment

Vaginismus is curable. Vaginismus treatment becomes quicker and easier with expert medical guidance from a competent Sex Therapist.


Unable to insert penis in vagina

By Dr. Ashok Koparday & Dr. Hetal Gosalia

QUESTION: You asked

Dear Sir/ Madam, I am 26 yrs unmarried girl, I am in relation with my boyfriend for last 5 yrs. we had oral sex but i feel fear when ever my boy friend try to insert his penis into my vegina Please help me out I cannot tel anybody for the same. this thing is being hurdle in my relation. as i am about to get married with him soon & he thinks that i will not be able to let him do after marriage also. please reply me ASAP. Thanks.


Reply: (sent in email) (Name – “Sorry. Our privacy policy is very strict”.)
Be comfortable with your own private parts.
Touch the vulva often, as during bath or in the privacy of your bedroom.
If you are accustomed to masturbation I encourage you to do clitoral self-stimulation.

During self-pleasuring when you are about to climax you can attempt to insert one finger inside the vagina.
If you can already do this use two fingers.

During sexual arousal, if your finger can glide in the vagina you will realize the wetness and ease.

Do the same steps with your partner. Or have him stimulate you.
Once you are comfortable with your own or his finger gliding in you will have ease in penis insertion.

When with partner spend time touching, caressing his private parts.
Learn the geography.

Your inhibitions ought to melt away.

The greatest way to rule over a man is by pleasing his tool

Women may be turned off by the sight of penis.

However, man’s ego and pleasure is heavily connected with penis.

He likes the female partner to love and like the penis.

Pleasuring by stimulating penis with hand or mouth is what most men prefer.

Once you are uninhibited and shameless in the heights of sexual arousal you will likely enjoy the pens gliding in vagina.

For more details  see chapters on female satisfaction at http://mydoctortells.com/

If you have additional queries you may ask by hitting on reply on the same email.

You can also thank us.
Dr Hetal Gosalia
Female Sexologist India
Happiness doctor,
Dr Ashok Koparday
Ex Teaching Faculty
KEM & JJ Hospital
University of Mumbai
Samadhan Health Studio, India
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Unable to insert penis in vagina

By Dr. Ashok Koparday & Dr. Hetal Gosalia


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Vaginismus Treatment: Female Sexologist in Mumbai

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Unable to insert penis in vagina

By Dr. Ashok Koparday & Dr. Hetal Gosalia

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