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Sir mujhe white safed gada liquid pani jaise prob ho rhi h..age 23..haath pair bhut garm rehte h…fvr chada rehta h..sar me v bahut dard hota h…weakness Bhut ho gai h .nikal ne ja trika btaye.


Safed Paani Ilaj

Medicines used in the treatment of white discharge leukorrhea
Safed pani khujli kay ilaj kay liye di janewali dawaiyon kay naam

  • Treatment of White Discharge

    1. White Discharge that DOES NOT REQUIRE TREATMENT

    When is the white discharge normal?

    Does not require treatment other than reassurance

    1. A. Only reassurance

    Discharge of colorless liquid, whitish liquid is often normal, yet it is misunderstood as causing weakness. This is normal discharge.

    80% of women who complain of excessive white discharge require no medical treatment. Especially when the discharge is before menses and mid cycle (ovulation day of menstrual cycle).

    1 B. If she has associated complaints treat the cause not the discharge
    The following are complaints reported by 80% of

    women attending out patient department in the

    Department of Gynecology in a typical hospital

    like K.E.M. Hospital, Parel, Mumbai.

    None of these are actually caused by white discharge,

    but it is a deep rooted WRONG BELIEF that white discharge causes this.

    The cause is psycho-somatic.

    That is the WRONG BELIEF causes worry and worry causes other symptoms.
    This is also called as culture bound dhat syndrome in women.

    loss of energy


    body ache

    back ache

    can’t concentrate



    Hair fall

    feeling sad, depressed

    For all the above no treatment is required to stop white discharge.

    Treatment may be necessary for anemia, mineral and vitamin deficiencies,

    helminthiasis (worm infestation), psychiatric problems.

    Specific medicines can be given to correct the above.

    Choose treatment with Herbal Therapy, Home remedies,

    Reiki healing, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, psychotherapy or
    placebo as is appropriate for the patient.

    2. White Discharge Cure:TREATMENT OF INFECTION

    The discharge is fishy or bad odor, yellowish, frothy.
    Itching of genital areas. Superficial pain during intercourse. Pain and or burning sensation while passing urine.
    The discharge may not be of offensive odor, but is curdy (cottage cheese like) in fungal infection.
    Treat both partners, female and male


    Trichomonas vaginalis,

    Bacterial vaginitis,

    Vulvo vaginitis,


    Pruritis vulvae

  • Safed Paani Ilaj

    1. Kab safed pani aana rog nahi hai?

    Bahot ladkiya yeh samajti hai ki yoni marg say jabhi bhi

    safed paani jata hai voh bimari hai aur kamjori ka karan hai.

    safedpanni (white water)
    sharer dhovay
    स्त्रीया यह मानती है सफेद पानी (ल्युकोरीया) कि वजह से वह

    बहुत क्षीण तथा दुर्बल हो जाती है। महिलाओं में श्वेत प्रदर

    आम बात है। ये गुप्तांगों से पानी जैसा बहने वाला स्त्राव होता है।

    यह श्वेत स्राव मासीक / महावरा आनेके पहले आता है।

    स्त्री का स्त्री -बिज जब निकलता है उस दिन ज्यादा सफेद पानी निकलता है।

    पेटसे (प्रेगनन्सी) के समय सफेद पानी ज्यादा जाना कुदरती है।

    जब सेक्स कि उत्तेजना ज्यादा होती है तब चिप चिपा पानी निकलना

    स्वाभावीक और आवश्यक है।

    2. Kab safed pani rog hai jiska uchit ilaj jaruri hai?

    जबजब पानी बदबुदार हो,

    खुजली भी साथ हो,

    हरे रंग का हो

    तब स्त्री स्पेशॅलिस्ट (Gynecologist) को मिलकर ट्रीटमेन्ट लेना उचित है।

    यह खुद कोई रोग नहीं होता परंतु अन्य कई रोगों के कारण होता है।

    अन्यथा श्वेत प्रदर वास्तव में एक बीमारी नहीं है|

    सफेद पानी के इलाज रुप आयुर्वेद, युनानी दवा से श्वेत पानी का निकलना बंद होता है यह मेरा अनुभव नही है|

    वैज्ञ्यानीक जांच पर खरी उतरी दुनीयाभर मे ली जानेवाली गुणकारी दवा

    का उपयोग होता है यह मेरा अनुभव है|

    Kaunsi dawa Medicines Treatment kay liye upyukt hai?

    व्ही.डी.एम्. -कीट

    इस दवा के अंतरगत

    व्ही.डी.एम्. -कीट इस दवा के अंतरगत [see picture above/upar chitr dekna]

    १. फ्लुकाॅनॅजाॅल १५०mg 1 tablet +

    अॅझीथ्रोमायसीन १००mg 1 tablet +

    सेकनीडॅझाॅल 1gm २ tablest समाविष्ट है|

    सारी गोलिया १ दिन में ही लेनी है|

    पुरुष तथा महिला दोनों को लेना उचित है

image white discharge cure CANDIDIASIS clotrimazole cansten candid v6 Dr. Ashok Koparday Top Sexologist in India Samadhan Health Studio | Center of Excellence

White Discharge Cure Clotrimazole Canesten vaginal pessary 500 mg Treatment of Vaginal Thrush White Discharge Yeast Fungal Infection Candidiasis Vulvo vaginitis Samadhan Health Studio Female Sexologist in India

Leucorrhea: Tablets by mouth and Cream for affected genital parts
Combine any one type of Oral Tablet with one cream for local application
Consult Your Doctor before beginning any medicine
How Brand Name Company Medicine
1. By mouth VDM-KIT Combi-kit DWD
  • Fluconazole (1 tab) 150 mg,
  • azithromycin (1 tab) 1 g,
  • secnidazole (2 tabs) 1 g.
Use: VDM-KIT is the treatment of choice. One single kit to both partners only once
2. By mouth Secnil forte Nicholas Piramal Secnidazole(1gm)
Use: 2gms as single dose
3.Intravaginal Betadine Vaginal Win-Medicare Povidone Iodine 200mg
Use:Insert 2 pessaries in night for 2 weeks or 1 pessary twice a day for 2 weeks
4. By mouth Candistat Merck Itraconazole 100mg
Use: 2 capsules twice daily for one day
5. By mouth Flagyl Nicholas Piramal Metronidazole 200/400mg
Use: 800mg at night for two days
6.By mouth Syscan Torrent Fluconozole 150mg
Or By mouth Forcan Cipla Fluconazole 150mg
Use: 150mg single oral dose
7.Intravaginal Gyno-Daktarin Ethnor Miconazole 2%
Use: 5gm intravaginal cream with additional cream smeared on affected part.
Ovule: One ovule to be inserted intravaginally as high as possible for 3 nights
8.Intravaginal Canesten vaginal Bayer Clotrimazole 500mg
or Intravaginal Candid V3 Glenmark Clotrimazole 200mg
Use: Pessary inserted in vagina

White Discharge Cure Medicines

Female Sexologist in India Samadhan Health Studio
Treatment of (vaginal) white discarge/safed paani
White Discharge Cure


1 A. Normal discharge


If the discharge is not mal odorous and occurs before menses or mid cycle or the discharge is watery on sexual arousal then medicines are not necessary.
Explanation and reassurance is required.
If the discharge is normal – no treatment is required other than reassuring her repeatedly that it is okay to have discharge. Click to see vaginal discharge.

1 B. Dhat syndrome in women
Discharge causing Weakness & body pains

White Discharge Cure Dhat Syndrome in Women [1]
If she complains of discharge causing backache, tiredness, fatigue, irritability then address the underlying cause.
This is being labeled as culture based dhat syndrome in women. [2]

Holistic approach that may include any of these:
Psychotherapy, treatment of anemia, nutritious diet, Herbal or Home remedies, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Placebo.
To ascertain the severity of depression check yourself with healthmeter©
White Discharge Cure




Treatment consists of antifungal agents in the form of tablets, vaginal creams or suppositories. Doctor’s prescription is not necessary to get medicines/pessaries in some countries. Partners are usually treated in India even though they are not displaying symptoms such as itching or irritation in the genital area. Treatment for male partners consists of the use of fungicidal cream on the penis and oral tablets.


Anti bacterial pessaries/creams/medicines
Example: Combination of Metronidazole and Tinidazole tablets/suppositories


Often combination of anti microbial medicines are given
White Discharge Cure


Stay healthy

eat well

get enough sleep

drink enough fluids.

Keep vaginal area clean and dry.

Wear cotton underwear.

Wipe from front to back after urination or bowel movement.

Avoid using deodorant pads or tampons.

Don’t use petroleum jelly or other oils and lubricants

Don’t douche.

Use medication as long as directed.

Avoid sexual intercourse until treatment is completed and you are symptom free.

Don’t scratch infected or inflamed areas; it can cause further irritation.

If using medication inside the vagina, use it during the menstrual period.

During an infection, use pads rather than tampons if menstruation occurs.

Avoid vulvo/vaginal irritants, including perfumed or deodorant soaps/body washes.

If you have sex with multiple partners use condom because sexually transmitted infection is an important cause of white discharge.

If symptoms persist consult a doctor, MBBS or Gynecologist.

REMINDER: Consult your doctor before using any of the information given on this website. To see legal disclaimer click here.
Please use nothing in the vagina for 48 hours prior to visit to doctor for your exam.


White Discharge Cure Medicines

Female Sexologist in India Samadhan Health Studio

[1] Pubmed
Indian J Psychiatry. 2016 Jan-Mar;58(1):61-9. doi: 10.4103/0019-5545.174376.
Do female patients with nonpathological vaginal discharge need the same evaluation as for Dhat syndrome in males?
Grover S1, Avasthi A1, Gupta S1, Hazari N1, Malhotra N1.
Author information

Department of Psychiatry, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, India.


Grover, S., Kate, N., Avasthi, A., Rajpal, N., & Umamaheswari, V. (2014). Females too suffer from Dhat syndrome: A case series and revisit of the concept. Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 56(4), 388–392.

VDM -Kit (Azithromycin) from DWD Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Combination of Generics – Azithromycin, Fluconazole,Secnidazole
VDM Kit Combi kit
Image Canesten

White Discharge Cure Medicines

Female Sexologist in India Samadhan Health Studio
Dr. Hetal Gosalia

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K. E. M. Hospital

Grant Medical College
Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals ,
University of Mumbai
Dr. Ashok Koparday is practicing over 20 years as
Consultant in Psycho-Sexual Medicine &
Marriage counselor
Member: Indian Medical Association
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