New Frontiers to puberty

A book by the doctors for the youth of tomorrow.

About The Book

Sex Education is not merely a discussion on how babies are born, but provides a background in which a child develops into a healthy responsible adult capable of using the sex instinct to the maximum without being obsessed about it. The questions are not fiction, they are bonafide narratives. We sometimes feel our qualification is insignificant if it cannot reach the masses, hence we resolved.

We sincerely hope that

‘New Frontiers to Puberty’

fulfils India’s dire need for

sex education.

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Changes in Puberty


Puberty in Boys


Puberty in Girls



Chapter 1

Remember when you hid your hands inside your jacket and pretended as though you had no hands? When you wrote your name in the mist on the windows? Or when you lit a match stick, and tried to hold it till it burnt completely? Did you try to balance the switch of the tubelight, half on, half off and failed each time? Remember when you tried to push out all the four refills in the four-coloured pen; never succeeded but kept on trying again and again.

That’s the unstoppable curiosity we humans are born with. But, suddenly, after a certain age you aren’t intrigued by such things. Why? What happens? The things you loved to do, the things which excited you and made you smile, the same things now bore you and you find them to be childish! Something has changed, right? Because if you notice, the same doesn’t happen with the food items you love to eat. If you loved ‘vada pav’, the Mumbai staple when you were in primary school, mark the following words, you’ll love it when your kids are in primary school and beyond. But, the things mentioned above and more like these, feel childish to you now. Do you ever ponder over this? At one stage you must have noticed some change in you, something abnormal, something absurd, but it isn’t. It is very normal and it happens to everyone. 

So, let’s discuss what changed. Let us begin from your birth rather from your real birth-day, the day when your creation started in the universe up to the days when you began experiencing change in you.

You started as a featureless single cell sprung from love of your father’s sperm and mother’s ovum by sexual intercourse. Your formation in the womb is meticulously designed in a way that  nobody shares your retina, fingerprints and voice-box. Each child thus born is a unique individual.

How did you differentiate between genders when you were in primary school or for that matter in preschool? By the length of the hair? A simple definition was common for all. Girls have long hair and boys have short hair. Clear and crisp. The different uniforms you wore? Anything else? But that’s not all? There is something more and you know that, but don’t know what it is! We feel the curiosity in you. Hence we discuss.

Every child differentiates itself as male and female by their genitals; penis and vagina respectively.

Suddenly after 8 to 10 years of age; hormones from endocrine glands start dancing in the body and fast visible changes internally and externally take place which are natural and automatic.

Puberty is like an
auto-start (pre-puberty) &
auto-stop (end of puberty)
mechanism governed by genetic material.


And you, being a small child, start to blossom in nature by developing a smart personality, emotionally mature and love to take self-decisions.

Understood why you started disliking those kiddish acts?



When parents speak on these awkward matters the kids develop deep trust in them and a special bond is fostered. Whatever you answer is of great value to them as you are their ideals. Hence, here we help you to speak to your child through this book. Always remember that they are your offspring, obviously smarter and more intelligent than you.

About the authors.

Dr. Ashok Koparday

Dr. Ashok Koparday completed his M.B.B.S. in 1986 from Seth G. S. Medical College affiliated to K.E.M. Hospital, University of Mumbai. He went on to teach at KEM and JJ Hospital and impart his knowledge and experiences to aspiring doctors. He has been practising sexology for more than three decades and is also a Fellow of CSEPI.

Dr. Hetal Gosalia

Dr.Hetal Gosalia achieved her B.M.H.S. in 1999 from CMPH, University of Mumbai and is also a Member of CSEPI.
She practiced as a general physician for several years. During her homeopathy practice, she came across many general patients who asked questions about sex and wanted guidance on how to answer their childrens’ queries. These simple questions and concerns inspired this book.

Dr. Ashok & Dr. Hetal is a team of experienced sexologists in Mumbai. The stronghold they have in the medical field has not only drawn in patients from in and around the city but from across the country as well. Their determination stems from sheer passion to offer patients healthier living options. They possess an impressive amount of knowledge which is dedicated to the newest advancements and keep up-to-date with the latest healthcare technologies. They are known to take care of patients with an immense amount of sensitivity not just for their concerns but that of their family too.
Their mission is to eradicate the sex taboo in India. Through this book, they hope to educate children and parents on this highly stigmatized subject.