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Pre-marriage counseling helps the man, woman, or even the couple to achieve their aspirations and lead to healthy sexual relationships. The key to a happy married life is ‘Trustand ‘Respect. It is no more ‘I’ and ‘YOU’ in the relationship now it is all about ‘US’. So, both partners must keep an open mind and respect each other’s sexual concerns with a willingness to change for better.

  • Are you a man or a woman going to get married soon?
  • Or are you a person procrastinating your marriage?
  • Do you just turn down, whenever your parents ask you to get married?
  • Or are you just anxious about your sexual well-being?
  • Do you have several doubts about your or your partner’s sexuality?

If you find yourself as one of these persons, then you have arrived at the right place because a sexologist is whom you need; to help you through this. Here we have provided the complete guide to what help we doctors at Samadhan Health Studio provide in Pre-marriage Counselling.


Sex Counseling

Psycho-Sexual Therapeutic Counseling 

It helps to reframe sexual challenges for fulfilling life. It not only addresses the sexual concerns of couples but also creates a supportive and educational environment.

Talk Therapy

Difficulty in expressing and communicating with the partner can cause a lack of sexual intimacy. All the doubts and queries are corrected by talking to eradicate myths which eventually boosts their self-esteem.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Here the fear and anxiety are dealt. It focuses on changing the unhelpful cognitive distortions and behaviors and overcoming this helps to have a clear understanding of one’s sexuality.

Individual Therapy


  1. Misconceptions and Fear

Men have fears cropping up from misconceptions about their penis size, erection quality. They also presume that the masturbation activity they are indulged in is causing harm to them. Boys generally come up with questions like:

    • ‘Isn’t my penis small and thin?’
    • ‘Has masturbation addiction caused damage to my penis?’
    • ‘Is nightfall loss causing loss of energy?’
    • ‘Will I be able to have children?’

2. Performance Anxiety
Many times, boys are anxious since it is going to be their first time. There is a lot of anxiety with the thought of performing the sex act. This is known as performance anxiety. Boys are not confident. They may or may not have had a sexual experience before marriage. Or, they might have had a bitter experience which adds to the anxiety. We also address this with tender care. Before which we suggest you read on ‘Erectile Dysfunction’ and ‘Premature Ejaculation’. Also, you can know more about ‘How to Satisfy a Woman


1. Fear of Sex
Some women fear sex because they are told by their friends that ‘Sex is painful’ and ‘Hymen tear leads to bleeding’. This builds up fear of penetration, pain, and bleeding. We help the girl unlearn and relearn that sex is pleasuresome if done properly. Read more about the pain and bleeding associated with first sex on our blog post ‘First Sex: Pain & Blood’

2. Fear of pregnancy

It is obvious that sex can cause pregnancy. So, women sometimes avoid sex before or even after marriage with the risk of getting unwanted pregnancy. We brief the woman or the couple about safe days of having sex and preventing pregnancy naturally.


1. Awareness
Awareness about individual sexuality is also the point of focus here. Couples often do not communicate about their sexual desires and fantasies. Talking and understanding each other’s sexual needs makes the couple more compatible. Knowing about how to arouse and satisfy a partner is of paramount importance.

2. Pregnancy plans
Knowing the safe days for sex is not the job of the woman only. Both the man and the woman should know about the safe days to have sex. With pregnancy planning, we have been able to help couples prevent unwanted pregnancy, usage of contraceptives, i-pill, and abortions too. The couple can plan a pregnancy when they feel emotionally and financially prepared.

3. Sex Joy Therapy
Here we help the couple understand that sex is not just a mechanical activity of the penis in the vagina for a minute or two and you are done. Rather, it is a pleasuresome activity that helps the couple to develop a bond and explore each other.


Doubts are like seeds in the brain which grow with time. If you are unable to perform sex, you will start believing your doubts. This further worsens the situation. It can cause disharmony amongst the couple too. So visiting a sexologist will help you to have a healthy and intimate relationship with your partner.